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A letter from an ally

Dear Mr. Wright;

You are surely aware of this year’s Hugo results at the time of this writing. Though small compared to the outrage committed against Dr. Pournelle, the Worldcon clique chose to insult the readers who nominated me for the Campbell by publicly contradicting their judgment that I am worthy of consideration for the award.

As you may also be aware, my book SOULDANCER has been nominated for Best Horror Novel at the inaugural Dragon Awards. I do not take insults against
my person from ageing pedophile apologists to heart. However. the cretins have made the grave error of mocking the readers who are my patrons and lords.

To avenge my sovereign readers’ honor upon the CHORFs, I intend to rise from last place in the Hugos to win the Dragon, and dedicate the victory to my slighted fans. Pursuant to this design, I am offering the Kindle version of SOULDANCER for free, ending this Saturday. I would greatly appreciate it if you would be willing to help spread word of this promotion.

here’s the Amazon link:

Brian Niemeier

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