Twitter Goes Full Big Brother

A friend and fellow science fiction author, one Brian Niemeier, has been shadowbanned from Twitter. This ban makes every other account on their service treat his as if it’s blocked.

Breitbart has the story:

There have been widespread reports that Brian Niemeier, a Hugo Award-nominated sci-fi author, has been “shadowbanned” on Twitter, with his tweets no longer appearing in peoples’ notifications or feeds.
According to Niemeier, his followers are reporting that “they aren’t getting notifications when I retweet or reply to them. People also aren’t being notified when I follow them.” One user also reported that “he can’t even follow conversations since my tweets don’t show up.”

In a private comment to me, Brian remarked: “The politically correct thought police aren’t just gunning for celebrities like Milo anymore. Now they’re coming for the rest of us.”

My comment: If you recall the smirking, sneering way Hillary Clinton reacted to the world when she was caught violating Federal law concerning the treatment and storage of classified, secret, and top secret documents, you must have realized from how blatant it was that the Left do not think they are fooling us.

The News is not lying because they think we believe their lies.

They are mocking us. They are double-dog daring us to do anything. They think we won’t. They are relying on our cowardice, our sloth, our laziness.

Likewise, here. Twitter expects the sheep to do nothing.

Aux armes, citoyens!

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