An Universal Apologia for the Universal Church

With some reluctance, I surrender to a reader’s request to place, in one spot easily opened, my series of essays explaining my reasoning that compelled me to accept the Catholic Church as being one, true, apostolic and catholic in nature, and rejecting respectfully the claims of the others.

My reluctance is for the obvious reason that in this late hour of history, when the lamps of the faith are being extinguished one by one, and the whole is rotted and stinking with the open corruption of venal secularists and their perversions combining with heretical and apostate Mohammedans to form a single and insanely violent death cult bent on the destruction of the West and the enslavement of all her children, is the worse moment to stir up old wounds between brothers.

I wish enmity to none of my brethren in Christ, and, as I hope we will meet in heaven, we can lay to rest our petty and odious theological disputes there, when the light of truth shall abolish them. Whoever turns out to have been wrong will laugh and weep, and whoever turns out to be right will be ashamed at his lack of charity, if he failed to love the mislead brother all the more, as he ought to have done.

Nonetheless, truth has its own claim, and I must speak it as best I may, if I may do so without pride:

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