From the Pen of Brad Torgersen

Puppy-in-Chief Brad Torgersen asks the musical question:

Apparently the Dragon Awards are “bad” or at least invalid, because voters are not charged a fee for participation. Simply anyone can cast a vote.

Perhaps (gasp) more than once?

Mind you, this charge is leveled by the same camp that screams bloody murder over voter ID laws; for state and national elections. Because voter fraud NEVER happens, and making people have ID is both racist, and exclusionary.

No, I can’t figure out how the two concepts dwell in the same head. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug?

My comment: okay, so this was not a musical question,not technically. However, I do have a musical number performed by one of my younger fans who decided to dance the dance of happy-feet when she heard I had won the Dragon Award for best science fiction novel.

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