One Small Question for Never Trumpeters

I have an honest question for any of my disgruntled brothers among the GOP who have decided for whatever reason that it is better to withhold your vote and throw the election to Hillary, rather than compromise your principles and vote for a man who promises an end to unconstitutional, imperial government; an end to Obamacare; a flat tax for business; a hardening of our power grid against EMP attacks; a reconstruction of the VA; a rebuilding of our depleted military; a revision to pro-China trade deals; a rational foreign policy that stops apologizing for American greatness; and the enforcement of current immigration laws.

How and why your conservative principles are against these rockribbed core conservative values when and only when Trump voices support for them is an argument for another day. (I am as in favor of free trade as any other student of Ludwig von Mises; I just do not consider buying the products of slave labor from a slave state to be free trade.)

Let us grant all your argument is true.

Let us grant that Trump is a Trojan Horse, a Democrat in sheep’s clothing, a mountebank, a huckster, a traitor to the the flag and a man who never saved anyone’s farm from bankruptcy or never aided in flood relief efforts while Obama golfed.

Let us pretend that he is as unwilling to name or to grapple the enemy with whom we are at war as Obama and Hillary.

Let us pretend he is not serious about the immigration issue, and that he will grant mass amnesty to 30 billion illegal foreigners and ensure a Democrat majority of English-illiterate voters for ever and ever, just as Hillary will.

Let us say all his campaign promises are false and he will appoint the same four Supreme Court Justice Hillary would have, who will bury the Second and the First Amendment forever.

Let us grant all your worst thoughts about him are true.

But, even granting all that….

… would it not be a heaven-sent relief NOT to have a president calling you a Racist bigot for the next eight years?

Aren’t you tired of being called deplorable by your leaders?

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