Starving Artist Open to Suggestion

Of old, it was thought that poets were closer than other mortals to the gods, and heard the whispered echo of their revels on Olympos or Fensalir, or their clash of ethereal arms at Phlegra or Vidblain.

Myself, I think it is because men in my profession approach their beloved patrons in the same suppliant posture as pilgrims to a shrine. Poets know that no man lives without the charity of some superior power, because we have nothing else on which to rest but the good pleasure of our patrons.

This month, we at the Wright Household does not have enough to cover both groceries and mortgage, and so I thought I would beg my readers for tips.

I also thought, to add more incentive to my Patreon patronage, of offering something additional to those who pledged more, or to all, when certain goals were met.

I am a fair hand at cartooning, and can draw pictures of my characters, or could take an afternoon to write a personalized short story, or something else my readers might like. I’d like to throw the comments section open to suggestions of what that something else might be?

It is not unusual for Patreon artists to give out some token of thanks. Do you have a preference?

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