World of Warcraft Guild Seeks New Members

A reader who has done me  a good turn asked me to help the recruitment of his World of Warcraft guild:

The People’s Front wants YOU!

People’s Front is a casual, yet active, old school guild on the Alliance side of the Khadgar Server. They are mid-sized and have been around since vanilla. People’s Front is a collection of good friends having a great time with WoW. They are currently working on Mythic level 5 man groups and use LFR for raid content.

Who should apply? Good question!

They are mostly looking for active players who want other active players to have fun with; maybe some PvP, maybe some end game content. If you love WoW, aren’t a jerk, and want to be a part of a fun guild that actually still has players logging in, this will make a good home for you. There’s no need to stick with your guild with only 2 people ever logging in.

Come be a part of a fun group again!

To reach People’s Front: [email protected]

Or: is the Discord link they use for voice chat.


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