A Grateful Thank You

Hey all, Jagi here.

For Thanksgiving, I wanted to take one more opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful generosity during our hour of need this fall. God has been incredibly gracious to us in His bestowal of kind and generous fans.

It is such a blessing to have light in the kitchen again–we used that when cooking our Thanksgiving dinner last night, and I am particularly grateful to you all every time I take a step…a non-painful step.

Last time I wrote a thank you here, two of you sent enough money for me to buy new shoes! Now, a woman buying shoes might sound frivolous, so perhaps I should explain.

Not counting winter boots and ballet slippers, I own four pairs of shoes. One is a $7 pair of black dancing pumps that I haven’t worn in years. One is my trusty pair of sandals that I wear from May to October. That left a pair of leather mocs (moccasin style shoes) and a pair of running shoes.

I have had the mocs since 2011. They are the wrong size. However, they were a present from my mom and my daughter. I was so touched that the two of them colluded together to buy me shoes that I have worn them, even though they really hurt.

The running shoes were also a present from my mom. I picked these myself. They feel amazing when you put them on, like walking on air. Unfortunately, I did not realize until I got them home that they are not appropriate for walking over the earth. They can only really be used reliably on a flat track.

About a month ago, we went out on a Boy Scout outing. None of my shoes were appropriate, but I wore the mocs, and limped around until they literally split open.

So, thanks to you all… I now have a really nice pair of new, Land’s End black suede mocs that fit my feet and don’t hurt, and I can actually walk around without thinking about every step…which is a true joy.

So, today: I am thankful for family. I am thankful for friends. I am thankful for loyal and generous readers, and…I am thankful for each un-painful step.

God bless!

Mrs. John C. Wright

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