Twins with Your Enemy

More from Sargon of Akkad. Swearing every other word, so not safe for work. But still amusing:

My comment: If your allegedly rightwing political party is indistinguishable from the Hard Left, you are doing something wrong, gentlemen.

Now, is Stormfront the same as the Far Right? I have my doubts. I have never bought the idea that Nazism or Racism or any form of collectivism has anything to do with the Right. The Left uses the term “Right” to refer to anyone, monarchist or imperialist or republican or libertarian, who is not firmly on the Left, but this nomenclature is ambiguous, and, in my opinion, deliberately so.

The only point of calling Nazis, National Socialists, ‘the Far Right’ is so that Leftists can smear, slander, and insult anyone who believes in a republican or democratic form of government, limited government, constitutional government, as if we were the same as Hitler.

But it is the same collectivist thinking as Left promote as their stock in trade.

In other words, Stormfront, and anyone who adopts racial purity, eugenics, racial separatism, is actually on the Left. They are proposing unlimited government in the name of collective rights. That is the defining characteristic of the Left. That is what makes the Left “the Left.”

For a Limitarchist (if I may coin the term) the government has no more business asking you to produce a family tree to prove your racial purity than it has any business asking you to produce income and expense records for tax purposes. If an income tax is unconstitutional and immoral (and it obviously is) then so is an Ahnenpass. Free men should tolerate neither.

The Social Marxists of the Left now use Identity Politics to attack the West because the economic class-war politics of the older strain of Marxism failed. SJWs are Social Marxists, that is, non-economic Marxists.

Identity politics is not based in eugenics or genetics or history or human nature or anything else. it is not even, honestly, based in identity. It is just a stick used by the Left to beat Western Civilization like a dog,  batter the balance scales of liberty to bits, and poke the Church in the eye. Like class warfare or holy war with Muslims against Christians, it is a stick that is dropped whenever not useful.

Likewise, there is among us now a revival of the European national socialists who fought the Communists. They are Social Fascists, if I may coin the term: National Socialists who do not care about socialism, only nationalism. They believe in one race per nation; one nation per race.

Call them racial nationalists.

These racial nationalists embrace identity politics under the theory that identity trumps ideology.

They embrace racism under the theory that equal protection of the rights of man under law is impossible and undesirable.

They scorn the idea that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; scorn the wording in the preamble of the Constitution, saying it applies only to whites and not to we, the people; scorn the wording on the base of the Statue of Liberty. They want to toss the tempest tossed back into the tempest.

If there is any symbol, ideal, or sacred truth about America they do not scorn, I have yet to hear of it.

When asked about equality under the law, they answer in terms of egalitarianism, which is the stark opposite of equality under the law. It is, in fact, the Leftist so-called definition of equality: state-enforced homogeneity.

In real life, the word equality means equal protection of your God given rights under the law. That is all it means and all it ever means. Equality means liberty. It is the liberty gained with your rights are protected by the watchman of the law.

These do not include the invented “rights” of the Left which all involve a right to the fruits of someone else’s labor, the right to be provided with food, clothing, housing, entertainment and comfort.

In real life, equal men end up rising or falling to whatever level their luck and talents take them. Men with equal rights end up with different amounts of property: but in an equal society, the rich man’s mansion is as safe from invasion by the police as the poor man’s hovel.

In Leftwing Newspeak, equality means everyone sleeps in the state-owned dormitory, and no one is taller, stronger, or smarter than anyone else. Equality to the Left means Blacks are incarcerated at the same rate as Whites even if Blacks commit ten or a hundred times the number of violent crimes. “Equal” to them means homogeneity.

They hate equality because equality means liberty, which means each man rises to the heights his talents take him. They love egalitarianism,which means the taller nails are hammered flat to be even with the lowest.

In the Newspeak of these racial nationalists, equality also means homogeneity. If there are more German brewers, more Jewish bankers, more Black athletes, this means the races are not equal, and cannot live together. If the Blacks have a higher crime rate after fifty years of Dem rule, and if the blacks before Dem rule had a crime rate equal to whites, the black crime rate ergo must be due to their race, not to the Dem rule that dissolves families, encourages crime, and preaches hate. Hmmmm….

So, like the Left, the racial nationalist rejects the view that men have rights and that governments are instituted among men to secure those rights. Their view is that Whites have rights.

However, please note that in real life identity never trumps ideology. Not for either group.

No Leftist supports Ann Coulter or votes for Sarah Palin because she is a woman, no Leftist support Thomas Sowell because he is black, and no Leftist supports Milo because he is gay.

Likewise the racial nationalists, or most of them, also embrace Vox Day, who is not white, and also despise William F Buckley, who is. Those folks do not put identity politics over ideology.

This fledgling rightwing identity politics movement, as far as I have seen, also embraces Milo Yiannopoulos, who is racially Jewish, culturally Catholic and as gay as Ganymede.

Why? Because identity politics, in their hands as well as in the hands of their enemies the SJWs, is only a stick to batter the enemy. Neither side sides with race over ideals.

To a racial nationalist, a white who does not embrace the ideology of Social Fascism is a quisling, a race-traitor.

In both cases, identity politics is merely a tool used to forward their ideology.

In both cases, the goal is the downfall of the West. The Social Marxists want to destroy the West to replace it with Utopia; the Social Fascists want to destroy the West in the name of preserving the West. You may inquire of them how that paradox plays itself out.

And, as we can see from the test given above, in both cases, they talk the same insane and paranoid way about the scapegoats onto whom they project blame for all the world’s ills.

Neither one is or can be called legitimately “Rightwing” which is a word that stands for limited government and the preservation of Western values, virtues and ideals.

At the present moment, the great enemy of the West is the press, which is one and the same with the globalist Leftwing party. The press has decided to protect and encourage the Muslim as their muscle.

Now please note that the Muslim is and always has been the enemy of the West. Individual Muslims who ignore the traditional teachings of their false Prophet can indeed live in peace with Westerners, but they are required to teach their children their poisonous doctrine, and at any point they might suffer a twinge of conscience and return to the more literal and strict version of the faith, which calls for ceaseless war by any means against all infidels.

But the Muslims are not a race and do not care about race. They are a religion and they care about religion. The current slow-burning worldwide terror war is a religious war and nothing else.

Now, the Racial Nationalists wants to erect Whitehood as the defense against the Jihad. This is about as stupid, if not more so, as the Left wanting to erect secular humanism. Even if you believe political beliefs are genetically determined by race, you cannot believe religion is genetic.

The reason why I am not of this party, even though it calls itself Right, and even thought the Left lump us together, and the reason why I reject their teachings with scorn, is because you do not being a knife to a gunfight, and you do not bring shopworn 1930s eugenics theories to a Crusade against the Paynim.

In any case, Donald Trump’s election is the death knell of identity politics. The Left tried their very damnest, and they racialized the election with as much race-baiting as they could. It failed.

The idea of racism is stupid, illogical, un-American and un-Christian. Time to throw it back into the dustbin of history.

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