Secret Kings by Brian Niemeier

Today is the launch day! THE SECRET KINGS sequel to the Dragon Award-winning SOULDANCER is here. This is the third in the Soul Cycle by Campbell Award finalist Brian Niemeier.


From the editor’s description:

The god of the Void is free. Aided by a Night Gen fleet, Shaiel’s fanatical Lawbringers spread his Will throughout the Middle Stratum and beyond.

Teg Cross, whose mercenary career took him to hell and back, finds the old world replaced by a new order on the brink of total war. A fateful meeting with a friend from his past sets him on a crusade to defy Shaiel’s rule.

Meanwhile, Nakvin strives to muster a last-ditch resistance in Avalon. But can worldly kings and queens stand against divine wrath?

And from the reviews:

A fast paced action space opera, with some great knock down drag out fights that had me hungry for more after the dust had settled on the 400 pages. Like a white water rafting trip, it had it’s exhilarating moments, but also moments that allowed you the opportunity to lean back and enjoy the scenery

The Secret Kings is the phenomenal climax of the Soul Cycle series, and provides a pulse-pounding, imagination-stirring, and sometimes heart-breaking conclusion that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Secret Kings picks up from Souldancer and turns it up past 11.

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