Tears for Terrorists

I would like all the protesters, newsmen, and Democrat politicians who are in such an overblown and hyperdramatic fervor of hysteria over the five score or so travelers inconvenienced for less than a day by Trump’s travel ban to answer a question for me.

Obama repudiated a longstanding policy concerning refugees from Cuba, allowing anyone who made it to shore, the “wet foot, dry foot” policy.

This forced hundreds of travelers who risked life and limb to escape from the hellish slave-island of Cuba not to spend an inconvenient day in an airport. It sent them back to their angry masters, where they were and never to be heard from again: beaten, tortured, killed, or worse.

Where were your tears then, O vipers? Do you only cry tears for terrorists? Shed you no tears for escaped slaves yearning to breathe free?

Elian Gonzalez and Jackbooted Thug

On what grounds is halting travelers from nations where it is known that enemy soldiers not in uniform are hidden among the civilians an act of despotic racism, whereas sending Cubans back to the slave camps of despotic racists is not?

Why does the US Constitution, in your mind, only protect fanatics coming to kill us, but never protect us?

When Obama did the exact same things Trump did, or worse, you did not object, because you are shallow hypocrites. Only the surface appearance of things matters to you, not reality. Only partisanship matters to you, not people. People are props to you.

My question is not Why so? Why do you act this way?

My question is How dare you? How dare you act this way?

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