Not Tired of Winning Yet XI

First things first. Jack is Back:

Second, there is this:

Trump rescinds the Obama rule allowing perverts free entry into schoolgirl’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

The Leftwing, predictably, goes nuts, rolls on the ground in an epileptic fit, arms and legs jerking, frothing at the mouth, vomiting and rolling in the spew puddle.

Normally, I would advise clubbing a Leftist to death with a stout stick or truncheon, and burying the body at midnight in a landfill, but Christian charity reminds me that the merciful thing to do would be to stuff the lunatic into a strait jacket, and put him in a padded cell, where he can be no harm to himself or others.

I do not think there is a way to talk someone out of the belief that boys by fairy magic change into girls by donning a dress and wearing lipstick.

This is not a rational belief. It is an irrational belief.

My theory of Leftwing psychology is that this, and most (if not all) of their other dogmas including deliberately irrational belief.

I call this “the unreality principle.” It is a belief adopted in insolent defiance of reality, because and solely because it is unreal.

The lunatic cannot be shown the belief is wrong by directing his attention to facts. The reason, the sole reason, why he adores the belief is because he clings to it as a way of denying the power of facts over his brain.

Technically speaking, the Left is not insane. They are people who act insane, and adopt insane beliefs, because the act of adopting an insane belief makes them feel that they have godlike sovereign power to discard reality at will.

Denying an obvious reality makes them feel empowered. The more obvious the reality they deny, the more empowered they feel.

And they rely on their parents, on the taxpayers, on the working people, on the sane people, to save them from the consequences of their actions.

A method actor who does not break character is sincere. For all practical purposes, one must treat a method actor acting like an insane person as an insane person, until and unless, if ever, he breaks character, and returns to his first personality.

Technically speaking, the Left is not insane. But for all practical purposes, they are.

One can only restrain him until the fit passes.



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