Why I am Not Alt Right

A reader with a wiser muse than mine has summed up hours of tedious argumentation with a quip, which I here repeat with relief:

  • The Alt-Right says: We must fight identity politics with identity politics.
  • I say: No, we must fight faith with faith.

I should add that I am not singling out the Alt-Right for this criticism. The mainstream Right makes the same error using different terms.

The Right apparently believe the fight with the Left is a political struggle, that is, a conflict of lobbyist groups edging for position within the context of an overall framework of laws and customs. It is not. The Left is a religious cult whose aim is to dismantle and destroy those laws and customs.

In both cases, the Cntrl-Left is bringing a gun. A Mainstream Right is bringing a polite knife and the Alt-Right is bringing a rude one, but neither of them see what the fight is really about.

More on this later.

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