Patreon Tiers Unveiled!

Jagi, here.

Here is John’s suggestions for Patreon rewards.

Patreon Tiers

Each tier includes everything from the tiers before it.

First Tier: $1
Our most sincere gratitude!
A   copy of the ebook of the serialized work, once it is available.

Second Tier: $5
Four times a year, receive emails with behind the scenes material from Mr. Wright’s work. This might included any or all of: background notes, short stories, unpublished material, sneak peeks into upcoming works.

Third Tier:   $10
Access to listen to the podcasts of the Inner Circle chats available to Fourth Tier members.

Fourth Tier: $25
Ability to join the Inner Circle—monthly, hour-long, online impromptu chats with Mr. Wright’s characters or, if you insist, Mr. Wright himself. Participants are encouraged to ask any questions they wish on any topic of interest.

Fifth Tier: $50
Twice a year, participate in a private Inner Circle chat.

Sixth Tier: $75
Once each year, Mr. Wright will draw you a picture of any character of his you desire and send you a .JPG, or a print on quality paper, or both. These are one of a kind, commissioned drawings.

Seventh Tier: $150
Same, except you can also pick to have any illustration available shipped to you on piece of merchandise from the Wright Stuff Zazzle Store.


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