The Last Crusade: Public Displays of Christianity by Jon del Aroz

Jonathan del Aroz has done us the honor of adding his own words to the Last Crusade:

Last week, I popped into a gas station’s mini-mart and had a short conversation with the employee there. He was a really friendly older gentleman with an accent I couldn’t place, and I didn’t ask where he hailed from. We talked family, work, life, and it came away a positive conversation despite what probably were vast differences between us.

What I thought on the way out of there was, when he asked what was up with me, why didn’t I tell him I was on my way to church?

It’s a subconscious thing, but our society via media, the government, schooling has drilled into us for now 2-3 generations that our faith is something that should not be touched in public, not to be discussed in public, not to be displayed in public. We’re told we will be shunned if we do so, and as a result of that, the culture has self-fulfilled that prophecy by becoming more and more hostile to the concept of faith. I feel like I’m doing something taboo even writing about it here, but after thought and prayer, I feel compelled that it’s more necessary than ever to be discussing the good news.

And it’s so necessary because it DOES feel taboo.

Read the whole thing: Public Displays of Christianity

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