Last Crusade: Christian Artists who Don’t Suck

I am pleased to present a column by a likeminded crusader:

Christian Artists Who Don’t Suck

Whenever I talk about artist blackballing in the entertainment industry, almost invariably the first argument I come across is “well there aren’t any…” or “there are a low percentage of…” leading to believe that it’s just too hard to find good artists who aren’t insane and/or profess to be Christian. That is a lie that the mainstream big-entertainment corrupt corporate media propagates at every turn.

Of course, there aren’t any who work for those big companies that do the blackballing. Those companies may not have an outright policy against shunning Christians, but they do it, as they want to tell stories that are allegorically about how great secular society and hedonism is. I rail on Disney quite a bit for this, but the facts are the facts, and they — especially their comics division — are very much guilty of this. 

But we have an opportunity like generations in the past didn’t have. We have social media. We have the internet. We have the ability to connect and organize just as other groups have done for the past for their causes. Our cause is a righteous one, an eternal one, and if we all band together we will affect much greater change than our enemies could ever keep up with.

He lists me as a Space Opera writer who does not suck. Aside from that lapse of judgment, his comments are well taken and worthy to read.

Even if the companies are not willfully and knowingly doing it, Christianity is and must be blackballed by the world, because we are not of this world.

Do not imagine the enmity between the Prince of the World and the Prince of Peace is a mistake, or an oversight, or a matter to be cured by negotiation or mutual tolerance.

The world cannot and must not tolerate us, because if it did, if the world admitted even the possibility that we are right and Christ is God, then all the world’s promises of worldly wealth and fame and happiness, and the religion of living for yourself, believing in yourself, self-helping yourself, fulfilling yourself, and finding true and lasting happiness in sex, drugs and rock and roll, are revealed not only to be shallow rubbish and childish trash, but to be illogical.

What is the logic is living for the day, if tomorrow you die? When tomorrow comes, won’t it then be today?

What is the logic of living for sex, if you and the harlot end up hating each other, stricken with loathsome disease, and you either kill your child or abandon him to bastardy? And you lose the ability to enjoy or find a normal and healthy love in another?

Did you live this way for fun? Well? Is it fun?

The world cannot tolerate us, or give us a hearing, or halt, even for a moment, the practice of covering their ears and shouting that they cannot hear us, because a single word from us overthrows all the promises of self-help, self-improvement, self-esteem, and self-centeredness which is all the world offers.

That word is love.

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