Not Tired of Winning Yet XIV

Gorsuch confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, despite every obstruction the opponents of lawful and Constitutional government could erect.

Peal the bells and fire the guns!

I saw only part of the confirmation hearings. This calm and brilliant legal giant was being asked by some plump she-pigmy of the mind whether he would dare utter such as blasphemy as originial support for the written law of so vile as document as the Constitution.

Pause and breathe in wonder for a moment at the sheer idiot audacity of such a question.

An elected representative of our constitutional republic was using loyalty to the literal Constitution as literally written as a DISQUALIFICATION for the office of a jurist.

To make the inquiry even more appallingly stupid, the she-pigmy’s grounds for dispensing with the Constitution was the fact that when the document referred to the President, the pronoun “he” was used.

She apparently interpreted this to mean that the Constitution forbade women from serving in high office; and that therefore, without amendment or other due process, it was not only lawful to ignore the Constitution, but unimaginable not to.

It is not her legal interpretation which was fallacious, but her knowledge of English grammar, which she should have learned in grammar school.

If she did not learn grammar in grammar school, why did she pass? If she did not pass, why did the voters raise a grammar school dropout to high office? Has she no staffers, no lawyers, no native English speakers in her employ to tell her how not to make a fool of herself when speaking with one of the most highly educated and qualified legal minds of our time?

See Strunk and White, ELEMENTS OF STYLE, section V ‘Misused Expressions’:

 THEY. A common inaccuracy is the use of the plural pronoun when the antecedent is a distributive expression such as each, each one, everybody, every one, many a man, which, though implying more than one person, requires the pronoun to be in the singular. Similar to this, but with even less justification, is the use of the plural pronoun with the antecedent anybody, any one, somebody, some one, the intention being either to avoid the awkward “he or she,” or to avoid committing oneself to either. Some bashful speakers even say, “A friend of mine told me that they, etc.”

Use he with all the above words, unless the antecedent is or must be feminine.

The disgraceful conduct of the Democrat party in their opposition will live in infamy.

The Dems in the Senate, when they had control, changed the rules of the Senate to prevent the minority party from filibustering their nominees for circuit and DC court positions because they needed to pack these courts with creatures of Obama to fend off lawsuits challenging Obama’s man unconstitutional acts; nor has any Supreme Court nominee ever been filibustered in the history of the Republic.

So now, when a candidate for the Supreme Court is not a henchman loyal to the Dem anti-democracy hardline, but instead thinks his role is to interpret the law, they go bat-guano crazy, and behave in public like fools.

The fact that they did the same thing when the shoe was on the other foot seems not to occur to them. The fact that you cannot run a democracy where one party holds it to be honorable and lawful to disobey and contravene any vote that goes against them also means nothing to them.

Their hatred of the law, of the very idea of law, can no longer be disguised. It is like their hatred of sex. They only like it outside of marriage, or inside unnatural acts.

They only like lawless laws, things like prohibitions against free speech, the free exercise of religion, and the private ownership of property.

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