Grounds for Impeachment

The mainstream media, hereafter called the Fake News, is currently promoting the idea that President Trump should be impeached.

The grounds given are somewhat difficult to pin down, as they change from week to week.

This week’s grounds are several: first, that Trump fired the FBI director James Comey, the selfsame FBI director the Fake News was calling to be fired the day before.

The real ground for the firing were not discussed, namely, that in the considered opinion of all former FBI directors of both parties, and the Attorney General, etc., Mr Comey has done more to bring the FBI into disrepute and distrust by the American public than anyone in history.

In handling the Clinton email scandal, he overstepped his bounds, made public recommendations about prosecutions (which is not his role) and in general politicized and ruined the Bureau.

However, even were this not the case, he serves at the pleasure of the President, who can fire him at any time for any reason or no reason.

A second ground alleged for impeachment is related to the first: allegations, so far unsubstantiated, that someone somewhere said or perhaps merely implied that the Russians somehow did something to influence the outcome of the election by revealing Hillary’s crooked dealings, crimes, and scandals to the American public.

The narrative (by which I mean the fake lies) pushed by the Fake News is that Trump fired Comey in order to prevent an ongoing criminal investigation proving that Trump is a sleeper agent of SPECTRE, of THRUSH and the KAOS, all enemy spy rings.

The unsupported and unsubstantiated accusation is that Trump has some sort of fiscal or financial interest with the Russians, and the Putin knew, thanks to magical super-esp fortune telling, that Trump would win the election, and so he helped him to get a favorable stooge in the White House.

The problem with this ‘narrative’ (lies) is that it is false from stem to stern. There is no criminal investigation and no accusation of a crime. Meeting with a Russian ambassador is not a crime. Trump has no known financial interests in Russia, and Hillary does. Trump has (so far) made no moves to cozy up to Russia, and Obama did.

And Putin did not see that Trump was going to win the election because no one saw that coming.

Even if all this were true, and Putin (rather than a disgrunted DNC staffer who was later assassinated, is the one who spilled all the dirt from the DNC emails to the American public) then Putin should be given a medal by Congress for outing a crook that otherwise would have taken control of our nation, and sunk our republic forever.

Merely having one more conservative on the bench of the Supreme Court, rebuilding our military, and building a wall on the Southern Boarder, would be enough for all patriots to thank Putin from the bottom of our collective heart. Had he done such a thing. Which he did not.

And, even if he had, how does outing the criminality of Hillary make even a single vote for Trump one iota less valid an expression of the will of the American People?

I cannot for the life of me imagine why the Fake News, who relentlessly and tirelessly shilled to have Hillary in the White House, and she openly sold her stooge-ship in return for cash from tinpot dictators and jihadists, could raise any objection to Trump being an agent of Putin even if he were.

The voters still put him in office.

If he is an agent of Putin, one would have to wait until he did something illegal or against the oath of office or the best interests of the United States for a bill of impeachment to be drawn up.

In any case, the real news story here is that Obama wiretapped all his political opponents, which is illegal, and had his operatives in the government feed the information to the press, which is a violation of the Espionage Act, and a Federal crime.

Meanwhile the murder of the DNC staffer who was feeding emails to Wikileaks is unreported or underreported.

The third grounds of impeachment offered is that Trump revealed to the Russians the name of the city in ISIS territory from which the intelligence comes giving the West an idea of the next round of planned terror bombings. However, this allegedly sensitive information was printed in the British News last year.

Even if it had not been, the President has the lawful and plenary power to declassify classified material at his will. He is the Commander in Chief.

Since we are currently fighting the same enemy as Russia is fighting in the same theaters of action, a failure of the President to cooperate with the Russians and coordinate some intelligence would be an act of negligence. So not only would this not be grounds for impeachment, his failure to do so arguably would be.

The remaining ground for impeachment repeated by the Fake News is that Trump’s White House is in chaos, he yells at the television, he is insane, he is forgetful, and Steve Bannon is antisemitic, and witches are blighting our cattle.

This is merely projection. The Fake News is the communications arm of the Democrat National Committee. Indeed, since the people in charge of the party change from time to time and the millionaires running our media complex do not, it is more apt to say the DNC is the political arm of the Empire of Lies, and the Fake News is the capital of the empire.

Since Trump’s election, the Empire of Lies has been in massive disarray, subject to screaming fits and violent outbursts, and come out openly against free speech, liberty, morality, and everything American.

Merely not watching the news is not enough. CNN gets funded by anyone who has this channel as part of his cable package, regardless of lack of viewers.

Unplug your cable. You can get all your news over Roku or the Internet. Starve the beast. Drain the swamp.

Let us gently put aside all talk of impeaching Trump. Let us being instead to speak of how to impeach the Fake News.

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