Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 01, The Hole in the Air

Let the drums roll and the trumpets peal! A new weekly serial to please, astound and amaze the reader has been commanded by the combined voice of fans of the serialized free-to-read fiction provided for your edification and amusement in this space. New action! New thrills! Reliable and Time-Tested Cliches! All yours for the asking!

With LOST ON THE LAST CONTINENT, or, In the Days of Pangaea Ultima, we say farewell to the raging cosmic battles of space opera, and delve into the action and romance of the far future.

Colonel Preston Lost, a big game hunter, is catapulted into the far, remote future of AD Two Hundred Fifty Million. The single remaining landmass above the waves is the supercontinent of Pangaea Ultima.

Mankind is nigh extinct, barbarism is rampant, and science is magic.

Dwarfish posthumans called Grays maintain an oasis of cruel and tyrannical civilization, its decadence upheld on the backs of slaves.

Among these slaves are true humans abducted from all the lost cities of man, thought drowned, abandoned, or buried: the populations of Ys,  Togenkyo, Catalhoyuk, Aztlan, Atlantis.

Preston Lost must fight his way from slave pits to sky pirates, past dinosaurs and dervishes, samurai and six-fingered giants to destroy the Time Tesseract and preserve every eon from the evil at the end of time!

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Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 01, A Hole in the Air, is now posted on Patreon.

Episode 01 The Hole in the Air

In this exciting episode, Colonel Preston Lost chases an unidentified flying object through an impossible, multi-dimensional midair maelstrom hidden in a thunderstorm over the Bermuda Triangle. His plane emerges into strange sky above a hellish volcanoscape, strikes a pterodactyl, and spins out of control.

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