Global Warming Hoax

Stefan Molyneux makes the best and briefest statement of the case for the skepticism regarding catastrophic manmade global warming.

Short answer: Independent and rigorous data do not support the predictions. The computer model run against past data also are not supported.

Also, if you have ever heard that 97% of scientists support the theory of catastrophic manmade global warming, please be aware that this figure has not even the slightest scintilla of reality about it.

It was invented by an environmental scaremonger in Australia based on counting the number of scientific papers in a batch of 12000 or 13000 that mentioned global warming in any context. When asked to produce the data, the scaremonger refused. A hacker broke into his computer to get the relevant figures.

The actual number of papers arguing in support of manmade global warming is less than 42 out of the 12000 or 13000.

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