Not Tired of Winning Yet XXII

Republican Secretary of State Handel defeated Democrat documentary film maker Jon Ossoff, despite absurd amounts of money flung into the race by Hollywood and New York.

The margin of victory was 6% but was reported as “a close race” by the mainstream press. Obama won in 2012 by a 4% margin and the mainstream press typically refer to this as a comfortable margin and a clear mandate.

The Democrats donors outspent the GOP by a margin of 7-to-1, with Ossoff dropping a staggering $22 million versus only $3 million for Handel.  Over ninety percent of Ossoff’s money came from out of state from donors who could not find Georgia on a map.

The reason for the vast expense (most expensive House race in history) was that Dems, trapped in their hermetically thought-tight and truth-proof echo chamer actually are, first, unaware of the improvement to the economy just caused by investment optimism, and second, no one outside the Cacoon gives a rat’s last brass rap about the Fake News stories about fired FBI directors, investigations by Hillary Donors and Obama lawyers into Fake News non crimes and whatever else the screaming ninnies in Fakenewsland are forever bellowing, shrieking and screaming about in unconvincing paroxysms of Fake Outrage.

At the moment, there is as much evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election as there is evidence that Hillary Clinton colluded with the lizardmen of Alpha Draconis to steal the secrets of Atlantis.

On the other hand, evidence of Hillary mishandling government documents, Clinton’s famous meeting on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch to meddle with an ongoing investigation and obstruct justice, James Comey violating the Espionage Act, Rice committing a felony by abusing information gathered via intelligence services and sharing it with the New York Times, the lies about Ben Ghazi and Fast and Furious, all these and many others do have evidence and do have an underlying crime.

The news is not investigating any of these stories. Those whom the gods destroy, they first drive mad.


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