Not Tired of Winning Yet XXIII

Supreme Court unanimously reaffirms: There is no ‘hate speech’ exception to the First Amendment.

In a firm 8-0 decision, the court slapped down the Patent and Trademark Office for denying a band federal trademark registration for the name “The Slants,” a derogatory term for orientals. The case involves a very small corner of federal law, but implicates the broader logic of political correctness, which is that speech should be silenced for the greater good if there is a chance that someone, somewhere might be offended by it.

My comment: I am simply not used to coming across so much good news. The last unanimous decision I recall was about the Obama administration demanding to see transcripts of a pastor’s homilies for acceptable content. Only the most outrageously unconstitutional case ever gets a unanimous verdict.

Even the Lefties are not sticking up for Political Correctness in Trump’s America. Lefties in my youth were staunchly pro-free-speech.  May those days come again.

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