Dr. Who is Not

I read that the 13th Doctor is slated to be female.


Well, I have had enough. In the last few years, Thor is a girl, Wolverine is a girl, Hawkeye is a girl, Vision is a girl, Hulk is a girl, Iron Man is a girl, The Question is a girl, M from James Bond is a girl and the Ancient One from Dr Strange is a girl.

These are not merely female sidekicks or variations, as when Batgirl or Supergirl dons a costume to help out an established male character. These are replacements for the male meant to erase the masculinity from the name brand. These are heroines meant to erase the hero, and shove him down the memory hole. They are to literature what politically correct Newspeak is to vocabulary: a false-to-facts symbol or emblem.

The replacement of male with female is meant to erase femininity. In point of fact, and no matter what anyone thinks or wishes, readers and viewers have a different emotional relationship to female characters as male. This does not mean, obviously, that females cannot be protagonists or cannot be leaders. It means mothers cannot be fathers and queens cannot be kings.

It means if you want a female Norse warrior goddess, go get Lady Sif or Valkyrie, and leave Thor alone. It means if you want female Time Lady from Gallifrey, go make a spin off show starring Romana or Susan or The Rani, and leave The Doctor alone.

I have been a fan of Dr Who since age seven, when Tom Baker was the Doctor. I have tolerated years of public service announcements in favor of sexual deviance that pepper the show. But this is too much to tolerate.

The BBC has finally done what The Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen have failed to do. They killed off the Doctor.

Dr. Who is dead to me.

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