Not Tired of Winning Yet XXVII

Deregulation continues apace. Even I, who am a zealous deregulation fan, had no idea of the lopsided insanity of twenty and thirty year waiting periods from half a dozen agencies.

Below is a press conference that starts awesome, and then explodes into the yowling frenzy of newsmen eating their own entrails out of spite and hatred for all living things, while Mr. Trump tries to talk like a grown up to the maniacs having an emotional breakdown.

“You can say what you want, but that is the way it is.”

And please notice with what grace and ease the President of the United States handles his avowed enemies, the howler monkeys of the Fake News.

Note in particular how stupid are the questions being shouted at him: Why do Nazis like him? Is he in favor of the Confederacy?

Note how the press argues with the President, and does not even pretend to ask questions. He is concerned with the truth of the matter; they are supporting a narrative. The narrative says that each and every member of the Alt-Right is a neonazi, and that they neonazis started the riot.

The truth is both more complicated, and places a lot more blame on the Progressives.

The President is too cautious to place all the blame on the Progressives; but, if past experience is anything to judge by, that is the safe assumption here.

The Left want to tear down statues of Democrat heroes like General Lee for the same reason the Muslims dynamited the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan. The cult must destroy the symbols of the non-cultists.

The News created Black Lives Matter and Antifas. The News cried wolf about racism when there was no racism for so long that racists started to crop up out of the sewers of life to answer the call. The commies and the nazis are twin brothers, except that the commies are the darlings of the News. The nazis are kept in business for the same reason as the KKK: the News needs a convenient someone to claim is on the same side as the conservatives.

The source of the hostility is unclear to me. Apparently Mr. Trump’s reasonable and balanced statement about the Progressive mob attacking a lawful and peaceful protest march by the Alt-Right in Charlottesville, and his absolute condemnation of racism, because he did not vocally support the Progressive Fake News narrative blaming only one side, provoked the News to more wrath than ever before, and more fakery.

Just when you think they cannot go more insane, and be more detached from anything approaching any approximation of reality, they go.

I like the way Trump handles the frothing nutbags pretending to be news reporters here. I have no reason why he does not simply disband the White House press corps after this.

I have never been as ashamed and disgusted with the freakish lunatic liars in the news business as I have been this day, hearing these Morlocks yowl and gargle.

If the President had then and there asked the T-Men to whip out their phaser weapons and disintegrate the press corps in a sweep of gleaming lightrays, leaving not even a stain behind, I honestly would have been more pleased that phaser weapons are real than I would have been shocked by the egregious mass murder.

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