Not Tired of Winning Yet XXVIII

Several items of heartwarming victory are here.

People with the psychological condition known as sexual dysphoria, otherwise known as “transgendered” will no longer serve in the military. For the first time in modern history, the Long March through our institutions has been forced to take a step back.  Not reported correctly in the news.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was grotesquely railroaded by the Obama administration. He was ordered by a Judge how and when to enforce the law, despite that the judiciary is not supposed to enforce the law, only interpret it. The Judge told him not to check Mexicans when searching for Mexicans illegally crossing the border.  He obeyed but they claimed he disobeyed, and then charged with contempt of court for failing to obey.   President Trump has undone this disgusting and tyrannical abuse of our legal system by issuing a pardon. Not reported correctly in the news.

Also, the three percent growth to the economy which all the news claimed and screamed and yelled and frothed and yodeled and sneered could not possibly ever take place, on the grounds that slow growth and grinding poverty was the new normal, has, in fact been achieved this quarter. We have seen no such growth in the last eight or ten years or so. Not reported in the news.

Also, national debt decreased by $100 billion during the first few months in office of the Trump Administration. Not reported in the news at all.

The News is losing its deadly and pitiless fight against America.


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