On Charlottesville

Much emotion, many lies, and few facts surround this story, so it behooves the candid reader to look at the matter with dispassionate eyes, and reach conclusions other than what the mainstream media have ordained for you.

In recent news, when the town of Charlottesville announced the removal of a statue of Confederate general and war hero Robert E. Lee, from Lee Park, renamed Emancipation Park. An Obama supporter involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement named Jason Kessler organized a rally called ‘Unite the Right’ to protest the removal of the statue. Internet personalities, members of the Young Republicans and members of a 2016 white identity politics movement called the ‘Alt-Right’, were slated to be present and speak.

In January, the mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer (D), announced that his town would be “the capital of the Resistance” to the lawfully elected President. This was in retaliation to the administration announcement that Obama’s travel ban on persons attempting to enter the United States from a list of seven specific terrorist nations would be enforced.

In a speech at that time, Signer announced he would make Charlottesville a ‘sanctuary city’ that is, an area where the laws of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Virginia are not enforced, save those which please the whim of His Honor the Mayor.

Charlottesville denied ‘Unite the Right’ permission to meet in Lee Park, asking them to meet in another venue not where the statue was, but in a rare and correct operation of the courts, a federal judge granted a temporary injunction requiring Charlottesville to issue the permit for the assembly on First Amendment grounds. It is noteworthy that the ACLU, an organization not known for its fairmindedness, supported and represented Kessler in the lawsuit.

Then, on the fateful night, in addition to the announced protestors, five or maybe six cosplayers and trolls in Nazi uniforms showed up, waving the Nazi flag. Some marched and shouted “Blood and soil!” showing their reverence, apparently, for beautiful lands of  Prussia, the Cathedral at Worms, the Black Forest with its stories and legends, and the other aspects of life in Germany which Germans so revere. What it has to do with America and American politics, no one can guess. Nonetheless, the antics of this half dozen was widely reported in the press, as it fits the narrative of the Media-Democrat Complex.

Protestors protesting replacing native Caucasians with crowds of Third World immigrants, legal and otherwise, also got wide reporting.

What the rally actually stood for, and what the opinions of the speakers actually were, none can say with certainly at this point, since the speakers were never allowed to speak.

The reports that the KKK were present, at best current sources can tell, are false. We should wait and see until all the facts are in, but as best we know at the moment, this is a lie invented by the press.

The Mayor of Charlottesville had an estimated three hundred police and seven hundred other first responders standing by to manage the crowd. The rally itself held an estimated five hundred persons. These are estimates based on preliminary information. Not all the facts are known as yet.

The rally members were led by the police into a confined area in the park, and a mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matter members gathered around them, outnumbering them considerably. The cops were ordered to stand down and not to interfere. The police did nothing to protect the protestors, who were then attacked by the mob the Leftists had organized.

Antifa are a fascist-style communist organization whose purpose is to destroy free speech, and to use violence to intimidate the Right. Black Lives Matter is a racist and anarchist terrorist organization that assassinates policemen.

Charlottesville then declared the assembly unlawful, apparently on the grounds that it was under attack, and ordered the Unite the Right people to disperse. There are some reports that the police, instead of escorting people to safety, escorted them into the arms of the waiting Antifa. But, again, facts are still being uncovered, and it is difficult to say.

A car was surrounded, being mobbed and struck with baseballs bats, and the driver accelerated into the crowd, injuring many and killing one. This is the event being widely reported as a murder and as a terrorist attack. Again, the facts are not yet clear, nor has a motive been established.

Then, in a public statement, Donald Trump reported the known facts of the case, condemned the violence, and condemned the racism and bigotry on both sides in uncompressing terms. In a few, simple, bold and stirring words, he said that we are all equal in the eyes of the Creator, in the eyes of the law, and equal under the Constitution.

And the press pretended that his comments were controversial, lost their collective minds, started frothing at the mouth and screaming, and had an epileptic fit. The causes of the fit are unknown to me: apparently condemning bigotry, racism, and violence in uncompromising terms is insufficient.

In a press conference later, Donald Trump bitchslapped the whining liars of the press, and with a few simple words shot down their fake narrative and their fake news. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Immediately, and without a pause for breath, the eunuchs of the Quisling Right sided with the press, called Trump a racist pro-Nazi, called all the Trump voters racist pro-Nazis, and rolled into the foetal position, whimpering, begging the press not to criticize them.

The wave of self-revulsion of the entire GOP establishment flagellating themselves in a vain effort to avoid being scourged by their enemies the press reached such heights that every reporter of old media or new who interviewed those involved, attended the rally, or reported the facts, was denounced as a witch to the witchhunters.

I saw one such interview: it consisted of the rally member saying that he had been planning to give a speech on the virtues of patriotism and putting America first. He was aware that there were ‘White Lives Matter’ types also attending, but he was surprised by the playactors in Nazi uniforms. He said there was no sign of the KKK. The interviewer was a rightwing internet personality with a growing following. Instead of asking the youth any questions, he merely browbeat him and criticized him for daring to show up at a rally at which Nazis flags were flown. Nothing was said about the Commie flags flown by the Antifa agitators, nothing was said about the racial supremacist ambitions of Black Lives Matter, and nothing was said to point out that one cannot blame the victim for the crimes of his attacker.

To my abiding shame and disgust even conservative commentators I otherwise greatly admire dismissed Trump’s masterful handling of the rabid curs and swine of the press as a blunder or a misstep. Hogwash. I would wager my eye teeth that Mr. Trump has lost not a single supporter among those who saw the conference, and perhaps has gained many.

Myself, I would not bother to denounce National Socialists because no one in his right mind honestly believes that small-government, pro-human-rights, pro-gun, pro-free-speech individualist free market types have anything in common with dreary totalitarian collectivists. Black Lives Matter is a dreary racial collectivist group assembled by the socialists to tear at the roots of American society.

The Alt-Right is a catch-all term for a number of associated groups, who are unified basically by their disgust of anti-White leftwing racial politics.

The Alt-Right are those who ask, with a logic both dreadful and inescapable, that if Black Lives Matter, racial preference quotas in hiring and college admissions, and blacks-only safe spaces on colleges and other public places are perfectly acceptable, if Negro identity politics is perfectly acceptable, why in hell’s name is White Lives Matter, pro-white quotas, or pro-white segregation not also perfectly acceptable?

The only answer given is a double standard answer: white lives do not matter and black lives do.

Blacks are the pets and puppies of the Left, a means to their power, and a way to flatter their self-esteem, and Whites are an obstacle. Ergo Blacks are angels without flaw and Whites are devils without excuse.

Well, even a man of balanced temper and logical mind hearing such nonsense stuffed in his ears for decade after decade by yammering zombies of the Left would feel the temptation to respond in kind.

They include anti-multiculturalists who see the West as threatened with drowning in immigration, and losing sovereignty to global financial interests. They include disaffected conservatives who think the melting pot concept has failed, and diversity is merely a dogwhistle term for anti-Whiteness. They include men tired of being portrayed in every movie and commercial as buffoons or sadists or losers. But the core of the Alt-Right are White Identity Politics cultists who dismiss and disparage the ideal that all men are created by God with equal rights equally worthy of protection at law.

Some of the Alt-Right do not openly admit that rejecting equality between the races of necessity mandates inequality among the races, which means, one race is superior or supreme. Others do.

Now, obviously, White Lives Matter is a collectivist racial collectivist idea not one iota less un-American and antichristian than Black Lives Matter. They share a contempt for law and order, for the US Constitution, for the Bible, and for the whole sweep of Western Civilization that they claim to want to defend.

The Alt-Right was created by two things: the identity politics of the Left, and the treasonous cowardice of the establishment Right. The Right failed the Right, sold their souls for a mess of pottage, and an alternative was needed.

When Trump was elected, and promised to clear the air of some part of this toxic phosgene gas of politically correctness we have been choking on for decades, the establishment conservatives declared themselves to be ‘Nevertrump’ and they voted for Hillary. The same group just broke their solemn promise of seven years running to repeal Obamacare.

They are traitors pure and simple: Quislings. Many an honest conservative no longer wishes the tainted word ‘conservative’ to be used to label him, and so he turned to the label ‘alt right’.

The sad thing is that the Alt Right did not select the real and honest principles of classical liberal politics, the identity of the West, the identity of Christ, the eternal principles of Christian humanist thought as the alternative to Quisling, but instead selected a parasitical form of Leftism.

The Alt-Right are a new type of Leftist who embrace all the Leftist ideas of identity politics, racial identity, and racial obsessions, but who are opposed to the anti-White Left. Alt-Right is basically pro-White Leftism, that is, pro-White racist collectivism.

The Alt-Right also shares a deep and irrational hatred of the Jews with the Left. Make of that what you will.

They also share the victim mentality. A typical Alt Righter often will whine about how unfair it is of the Jews to arrange the course of world history and American immigration policy to exterminate the white race in favor of inferior races like Spaniard and Irishmen (who are somehow not white, it seems?) with the same lack of dignity as a feminist whining about an imaginary wage gap.

Some characterize the Alt-Right as nationalist and the Left as Globalist. This is not quite accurate. The Left throws globalism under the bus in the name of fighting cultural appropriation at every opportunity. Indeed, the Left only favors globalism and internationalism when it hurts the West, hurts the United States, and hurts the Christian Church.

The secret is this: Leftism is not about politics per se. Leftism is a cult style primitive religion hostile to and aiming to replace Christianity. This religion has no way to confess and absolve the guilt men feel for their sins, and so what they do instead is blame others, capitalists, white men, heterosexuals, Jews and so on, for the unhappiness their unconfessed sins cause them.

Unable to admit that they have sins to confess, and wracked with internal guilt expressed as hatred and envy, the Left by their very nature must try to change the past, to eliminate past evils by removing memory and monument to them.

To the Left, it is always Year Zero.

Since living memory cannot be removed simply by tearing down statues or burning churches or blowing up giant monuments to Buddha in Afghanistan, the Left, since the days of M. Guillotine, has attempted to abolish sin by abolishing people. That is why the theme of revolution, violent revolution, and radical obliteration of all current institutions, always recurred with ever-increasing insanity in Leftist words and deeds.

For the past fifty years and more, the white, heterosexual, hardworking and masculine male in this culture has been the scapegoat and pelting stock for all public scorn. These are men who have never kept a slave and never met even the ghost of anyone who did.

The Alt Right is a pro-White identity politics movement and the most vocal wing of them are certainly racial separatists. Technically, one is not a white supremacist unless one claims the white race is supreme. Merely claiming the white race is not guilty of all the past sins of all whites does not qualify.

So my advice to the gormless, quisling Rightwingers when asked to denounce the Alt-Right is to shut your traps. No one who is honest is asking you to denounce something you were never part of and which is opposed to your most deeply cherished fundamental ideals of equality and liberty and rule of law. No one who is Leftist will listen if you do denounce. No one cares about your denunciations.

As far as Charlottesville goes, Trump is correct and the Press are lying devils from the pit without an honest bone in their bodies. Some of the violence did come from the outnumbered Unite the Right types who were apparently lured into a trap.

That there are some honest folk on both sides is, again, beyond dispute. That is why the press not only disputes it, but condemns anyone who questions their narrative.

I am hardly a conspiracy theorist, but communists gain control of peoples by conspiracies, including orchestrated public events where their violence is blamed on others. Here we have an Occupy Wall Street guy organizing a rally, and the cops under the command of the Mayor of Resistance herding four or five hundred protestors into a violent clash with counterprotestors who outnumbered them and had gathered illegally.

The death that happened is regrettable and sad, and we should pray and mourn for the loss of an irreplaceable young soul, to be sure. But it is not somehow more regrettable than the deaths of the victims of leftwing political violence, as when, an anti-Trump fanatic gunned down a committeeman with two bullets to the head, while his wife was watching .( http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/08/anti-trump-fanatic-shoots-neighbor-twice-head-argument-history-unhinged-behavior/) To call it a murder, which implies premeditation, is premature, and, as best the facts we have so far show, is false. To call it terrorism is unhinged and unsightly rhetoric.

The Alt-Right are Leftwing identity politics guys who hate the other leftwing identity politics guys in much the same way that the National Socialists of Germany and Italy hated the other Socialists who took over Russia, both of whom hated and killed Jews and Catholics with zeal.

The devil always sends his errors to the earth in pairs, so that the unwary, fleeing from the one, will fall readily in the hands of the other. This is why Nestorians and Monophysites are opposite heresies, but both hate Catholic orthodoxy with a passion. The idolaters will fight each other, but when any Christian appears, they see him as the common foe. Shiite and Suny hate each other, but each hates non-Mohammedan more.

That is the same spirt that animates collectivists of all sorts. The collectivist pretends that all men of a given category (in the case of Antifa, the category is the Proletarians; in the case of the Alt Right, the category is the White Race) have a unity of interests, all work by the same plan, and all operate like ants, that is, like creatures utterly subordinated to their collective.

In reality, men are individuals with diverse interests and no common plan. So the collectivist is always reduced to using propaganda, pressure, threats and coercion to force the individuals to act against their individual interests. Collectivism is always ultimately a game of violent suppression of the individual.

So collectivists will fight each other in the name of their arbitrary categories, but when any individualist appears, they will each see him as the greater threat, because his mere existence undercuts the poor excuses the collectivist uses to be a collectivist.

One is reminded of the scene in Lord of the Rings where Sam and Frodo see two orcs quarreling.

The big orc, spear in hand, leapt after him. But the tracker, springing behind a stone, put an arrow in his eye as he ran up, and he fell with a crash. The other ran off across the valley and disappeared.

For a while the hobbits sat in silence. At length Sam stirred. ‘Well I call that neat as neat,’ he said. ‘If this nice friendliness would spread about in Mordor, half our trouble would be over.’

‘Quietly, Sam,’ Frodo whispered. ‘There may be others about. We have evidently had a very narrow escape, and the hunt was hotter on our tracks than we guessed. But that is the spirit of Mordor, Sam; and it has spread to every corner of it. Orcs have always behaved like that, or so all tales say, when they are on their own. But you can’t get much hope out of it. They hate us far more, altogether and all the time. If those two had seen us, they would have dropped all their quarrel until we were dead.’


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