Red Pill Black Girl

A video on the question of what Blacks in America are right to fear:

Preach it, sister! Spread the word. The News is the enemy.

She says she is more afraid of the school system and the prison system than she is of the KKK. After all, who is keeping the Blacks down in a systematic way more expertly than are they?

Blacks are not the enemy. Whites are not the enemy. The News is the enemy. The devil does not care who hate whom, just so long as the hating gets done.

The logic of judging all human souls by insignificant surface appearances eludes me. The only color that matters here is the red of the red pill, the red of the red state, and a red MAGA hat that will fit on a head of any hue.

Here is the introductory video from the beautiful and witty Miss Owens:

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