Lady Thor Exhibit A

At least one correspondent doubted my comments in a recent column about Lady Thor, and accused me not merely of exaggeration, and ignorance, but of practicing deceit.

Whatever the merit of such accusations, they are too wild and unfocused to merit sober rebuttal. No reader is interested in hairsplitting the meaning of phrases like “blot out” and “upstage”, nor is it ever worthwhile to pen rebuttals saying only that I did not say what I did not say.

I plead nolo contendere, since the nuances of the particulars are not needed for my main point.

Instead, I propose instead merely to offer Exhibit A: the duel with Absorbing Man and Titania.

The writing quality or lack thereof you may judge with your own eyes. Whether the dialog is witty and in-character, or breaks the fourth wall to allow the writer to spit venom on the loyal fans, the candid reader may draw his own conclusions.

The difference between this, and the comic opera, mock-Shakespearean nobility and grandeur of the real Thor will be immediately visible to all fans who have read the Kirby and Stan Lee originals, or the Walt Simonson run (Thor #337 to Thor #382).

Just for the purpose of reminding one and all, the young female character breaking jaws and cold-cocking unresistanting perps during surrender is allegedly the same person as this:


Alas, I cannot find an image of the panel where she says she only feels alive when in the midst of the bloodshed of battle, or words to that effect. But I did see it with my eyes. I am not making this up.


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