Quote of the Day

Jordan Peterson has a trenchant observation:

“Well, I think it’s a particular kind of ideological game and I think the outcome is twofold, it’s to make the player feel morally superior and also to take rather serious ax swings at the foundation of society and so the game is, identify a domain of human endeavor, note that there’s a distribution of success, some people are doing comparatively better and some people are doing comparatively worse.

“Define those doing worse as victims. Define those doing better as perpetrators.

“Identify with the victims, have yourself a set of enemies handy to vent your resentment on, feel good about it even though it didn’t require any work on your part and then endlessly repeat…and that’s why I’ve seen that happening on campuses in particular for the last thirty years.”

from the video Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech at 7 minutes and 17 seconds.

My comment: This is part of the reason why the SJW Hugo awards only go to lousy and boring stories told by women or minorities, not to well-written works written by women or minorities.

Ursula K LeGuin, Andre Norton, Tanith Lee, or Leigh Brackett do not need your help, have not been oppressed, and do not have any reason to resent other successful authors.

Some successful authors sharing the PC deathcult belief system might join you as a jihadist trying to rescue the oppressed, but not being a bad writer herself, she cannot with honesty portray herself as oppressed by the system.

That requires the audacity and insolence of someone like Hillary Clinton, a woman born into such privilege as no princess of any prior years could even imagine, and can list having been First Lady, a Senator, and the Secretary of State, with bribes and book deals pouring in endlessly as part of her career, and having a fawning press worship her and kiss the hem of her robe like a she-messiah, can whine and bitch that if she does not get everything she wants, it is because she is oppressed by racist patriarchs.

Jordan Peterson’s explanation also explains why relatively humble and apolitical places that once were right wing safe spaces where polite people did not bring up politics, or, if they did, did not shove them down your nose, such as science fiction or comic books, must be invaded by the parasites and must be politicized,  and turned from a fun place into a battlefield torn by hatred without cure. It is for the same reason a vampire seeks the blood of the living. It is the innocent, not the guilty, the political correctionist seeks to accuse, shame, harass, and attack.

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