Tick and Candice

Two short notes to show the influence of Political Correctness, the SJWs, and assorted brain-undead yammer-zombies on our nation.

First, not five minutes ago, I was watching a new Amazon.com series, a live action version of THE TICK. It had an odd and dark take on the zany comedy.

Instead of Arthur being the voice of sanity in the crazy world of the comedy superheroes, he is the survivor of seeing his father and all his young idols killed right before his eyes, and is on medication, because he is crazy.

Then in episode three, out of nowhere, and for no reason having anything to do with the plot, and which was not part of any running joke, a new and minor character is introduced, described as being someone everyone hates, and his one line is to complain about “liberal elites” “snowflakes” “fake news” and all the lies we are being told. An added dig at the end of the line dismissed the American public as ignorant and ill informed.

The assertion that liberal elites are a bunch of liars was being held up to mockery.

Yes, it was the liberal sucker punch inserted into many a show and movie, never funny, never needed, never part of the plot, always put in to allow the writer to show his bone fides to the ravening rabbits of the leftwing warren that he is loyal to them, and hates us.

They had been getting fewer of late. I had begun to nurse the hope that the entertainment was running low on money, or learning how the wind of public opinion had changed, and would slow or stop the tactic of endlessly insulting their customers.

My patience and humor for watching shows and patronizing films that go so far out of their way to express contempt for everything I hold dear, I am afraid, has dropped to zero. When I was young, I could enjoy a wider range of entertainment, and a little bit of message fiction peppered into the recipe did not cause an allergic reaction in me. Now it does. Every single one of my favorite characters or favorite series from my youth up, from Dr. Who to Star Trek to the X-Men to Supergirl, to practically every other franchise I can name, has been turned into a sockpuppet for the Alt-Left. So forgive me if my tolerance for the endless scorn, hate and intolerance of the intolerant Left has rusted entirely through.

Ironically, four minutes ago, as I turned to another form of divertissement, I came across this.

Here we see the beautiful and lucid Miss Candice Owens reporting that, as a black woman speaking a truth about the black experience in America (i.e., not so bad), she finds herself subject to censorship and bans by YouTube, Facebook, and other liberal-controlled social media. What did she say that was so horrible?

She said that Black Lives Matter does not speak for her; that these hate groups are attempting to divide a nation that should be unified.

See for yourself:

In other news, Dennis Prager, conservative talk show host, has made a series of videos explaining the ethical and historical significance of the Ten Commandments has run afoul of Google’s new and infinitely flexible guidelines banned extreme or hateful religious content.

YouTube put 21 of PragerU’s videos on “restricted mode.” This is typically reserved for material that is inappropriate for teenagers. PragerU videos are safe all ages: my teenaged boy watches them avidly.

While YouTube puts PragerU videos regarding the police, racism, Feminism and Muslim women on its restricted list, videos produced by left wing organizations on the same topics are not.

By the way, the liberals who love minorities are imposing an their own private brand of censorship on a black woman and a Jew. Meanwhile, the liberals who my whole life have told me of the sinister power of multinational companies to sway public opinion say nothing much about this subtle and indirect control of social media platforms to which, apparently, you and I and those who hold dear what we hold dear, we are not invited.

So someone explain to me why a clown in a comedy show merely saying that the news is fake and liberal elite tell lies somehow is supposed to be funny.

Ironic. Within the same minute, I came across a recent real world example of the very thing the writer of a comedy show that I shall never again watch was trying to convince me never happened, and was absurd to think happened.

On a related note, look up sometime the Ingrid Bergman movie which granted the word ‘gaslight’ a verb form, as in, to gaslight someone.

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