Escape from Atheism

A man not named Saint Maximilian Kolbe has been conducting a series of interviews with me about my departure from atheism.

His is not a pro-Christian YouTube Channel, nor is it Christian apologetics. Instead it is a rather more rare bird: a channel dedicated to exploring and exposing the intellectual and philosophical and human shortcomings and self contradictions of the atheist worldview.

Most atheist debates with Christians are in attack mode, with the atheist acting as prosecutor and the Christian treated as the accused on the witness stand.

But if atheism is sound, then it should be able to answer for itself the same kind of questions any other philosophy stands ready to answer: questions of philosophy, of ethics, of rational justification. If atheism is sound, it should be able to take the place of the accused and answer for itself.

This topic is fascinating to me, because I departed from atheism before I converted to theism, and did so without a single supernaturalist theory or thought entering my brain as being possible. I lost my faith in faithlessness months or years before I gained faith in faith.

Just in terms of merely secular logic, the same as would be used to test any theory of scientific, economic, legal or historical reasoning, in other words, just in terms of this world alone and what we know of this world, just in terms of what any atheist must admit is the case, I submit that the theory of atheism does not hang together logically.

Doubt me? You should. Listen and hear whether those doubts are satisfied.

Kolbe and I have agreed to make this a semi-regular discussion, an hour every week. Here are our first three so far:

He needs the audience, so please view, subscribe, comment, and hit notifications.  He has only gotten a few threats of destruction yet, so the Uncle Screwtape and his SJWs have not been sufficiently triggered with him.

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