He is Done Being a Fan

Let’s hear from a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. “The PC crap is over. It poisons everything it touches.”

Here is a man of whom I know nothing, I have never met, and probably never will meet. But dang! I love this guy. I like the way he talks. A little rougher than I would say things, maybe, a little less grammatical. Who cares?  Truth is true, whether dressed in robes or dressed in rags.

Childless unpatriotic atheists are lonely people. When I became a father, I suddenly found that a special secret which can never be told to bachelors was imparted to me. When I became a patriot, I lost few friends among the libertarians and gained many among conservatives. When I became a Christian I suddenly found that I was brothers with the most unlikely people, men whom never would I have broken bread, and that I loved them.

Being Christian father is a lot more fun than being a childless atheist.

Not only do you meet unmet brothers-in-arms from all walks of life as a Christian, but, as a father, tending to children, wiping bottoms and cleaning up spew, grounds you in a realistic view of life, and cures one at once of self esteem as well as curing one of self doubt. Fatherhood, like all forms of love, does not make one think less of oneself, but one thinks of oneself less.

I don’t follow sports, and do not really care about the NFL, but I recognize the same thing here as I saw in Gamergate. I recognize which side the enemy is on.

The Democrats want this man to hate me for my skin color. The vocal leadership of the Alt Right want me to hate this man for his skin color.

But we both bleed red and we both salute the red, white and blue. We both stand for the flag and take a knee for the cross.

So those of you who want me to hate my brothers in Christ and my fellow citizens under the Constitution, those of you who want to put a hyphen between Americans and anything else, you can go to the devil, your father, from whom your lies come.

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