What is the Alt Right

Mr. Michael Knowles sums up my own conclusions on the matter.


Let it be noted that I disagree with Mr Knowles on one point:

I submit that not all members of the Alt Right reject Christianity, but quite a few of them dismiss the idea that religion forms a bond between the brethren which outweighs the bonds of race.

It has been explained to me by many an Alt Right of my acquaintance that a Jew who converts to Christianity, or a Frenchman, Englishman, or an Irishman, Red Indian or a Chinaman, remains primarily loyal to his race, and his conversion changes nothing significant, that is, nothing that would or should upset this primary racial loyalty. Catholicism as practiced in China or Africa, I have been told, is not the same as White Catholicism and has little or nothing in common with it.

Catholicism is not catholic, in other words.

By this logic, Saint Paul has more in common with Karl Marx, Saint Louis has more in common with Sartre, Saint Thomas More has more in common with Bertrand Russell, Saint Patrick has more in common with Michael O’Riordan, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha has more in common with notorious red man Vox Day, and the martyred Saint Augustine Zhao Rong has more in common with Chairman Mao, than any of these saints have in common with each other.

I have been told by advocates of the Alt Right that in Christ, Greek and Jew cannot and must not be one. The story of Jesus refusing to heal a Samaritan woman’s daughter, saying his bread is not to be thrown to the dogs, has been repeatedly offered as proof that this is the correct interpretation of Christian doctrine.

One even told me, in no polite way, that Saint Mary was not Jewish. Puzzle over that one for a bit.

Another told me how God established that the nations shall and must be separate after the fall of the Tower of Babel, and so all attempts by missionaries to convert the black, red, and yellow man are against God’s law and will.

Converts of other races, so I was told, may be nominally Christian, but the Christianity as practiced in their native Jerusalem, Canterbury, Paris, Belfast, or Peking has little or nothing to do with White Christianity as practiced in White Euro-America.

It has been patiently explained to me by more than one Alt Righter that the common identity and common interests each member of a given race shares with each other overshadows any alleged interests or beliefs Catholic saints and martyrs have in common with each other.

So while I would say that Michael Knowles wildly overstates the case by calling the Alt Right anti-Christian, I would say that the reject the Christian notion that all men are sons of God, hence all brothers.

Most of the Alt Right I know personally are Christian. They simply do not think Christendom is based on Christianity, they think Christendom is based on European racial descent.

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