Darker than You Think

This is Sargon, also known as Carl Benjamin, liberal political commentator highly critical of the socialist social justice warriors infecting the left. Because he is honest and decent, he finds himself aiding and comforting the Conservative right more often than not.

This is a particularly egregious example of an SJW inquisition at work.

A teacher who merely debated in an atmosphere of academic inquiry correct grammar and pronoun use, using a video clip of a debate to do so, was anonymously accused, presented with no evidence, confronted by no witnesses against her, and not even told how many students, if any, complained. The complaint was that honest discussion of a difference of opinion created an atmosphere too problematic, too toxic, and too unsafe for something something.

She is soon reduced to tears debating with the modern version of HAL 9000 from 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY after the calm-voiced machine goes utterly batguano moonbarking mad and starts calmly killing astronauts. “I am sorry, Dave, I find that the exercise of reason and the spirit of free academic inquiry creates an atmosphere that is toxic and problematical.”

The frustration of speaking reason to irrational subhuman monsters is one we in America do not yet have to prepare to get used to. The sadistic joy derrived from having arbitray power irrationally used is greatest when inflicted on young women who trusted you, and still reel in bewilderment at the betrayal.

The monsters get no joy from attacking hard targets like Peterson, who fight back. They like to see women struggling to keep everything pleasant.

And, yes, there a an element of sexual perversion behind all leftist thought. Look at the personal lives of men like Nietzsche and Rousseau, DeSade and Shelley and Sartre.

But first listen to the vid.

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