Election Day In Virginia!

Remember to vote in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The main issue in this election is that the damn Yankee lying-ass pedo-loving Fake News Democrats want to tear down all the statues of our ancestral heroes, trample the cross, and burn the flag, put grown men into schoolgirl’s bathrooms, and call you a racist misogynist bigot, take away your firearms, and have you shot by a Bernie supporter, by a raging atheist, or have you run over by a suicidal murderous Muslim shouting praises of Allah.

After you are shot or run over,  you will get no medical care because the Dems wrecked the world’s best health care system, so you will die in a dirty corridor in a bankrupt hospital while waiting for a doctor who does not speak English. Then these corrupt rapists and rape supporters  among the Dems will assume an air of moral superiority and will mock your friends and neighbors for praying for your soul or for your surviving family.

Then they will return voting rights to felons, turn all schools into madhouses of conformity, and confiscate your land without any due process to give to their friends in the real estate industry to put up a shopping mall or an abortion clinic or a giant onyx statue to the demon Baphomet.

The Republicans want to lower your taxes.


UPDATE: Wail and sorrow, daughters of Virginia, most fair and great of commonwealths, for woe has come upon us. The damnyankee political machine prevails. Joy is expunged.

Let us mourn out sins in sackcloth and ashes that this dread vexation and tribulation is poured out from dark and wrathful fate onto our once-glorious state.

Virginia is a queen in chains. The flying monkeys of the Left are here to steal our wealth, rape our women, tear down monuments and statues, despoil our past, burn our churches, and ruin all they touch. Lepers rule the statehouse.

This is the first signal defeat for the GOP since the Trump train started stirring. It was more fun winning all the time.

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