Not Tired of Winning Yet XXXI

What need I say?
‘The policy calls for the NASA administrator to “lead an innovative and sustainable program of exploration with commercial and international partners to enable human expansion across the solar system and to bring back to Earth new knowledge and opportunities.” The effort will more effectively organize government, private industry, and international efforts toward returning humans on the Moon, and will lay the foundation that will eventually enable human exploration of Mars.’
My Comment: Let the Covfefe flow like the tears of Leftists. They hates it when America (or, for that matter, any white or Western nation) works hard and accomplishes something. They hate progress, technology, private industry,  and, as best as I can tell, fire.
Do I demean them unduly? If so, send me links to the joyful acclamation and paeans sung by anyone on the Left, cheering on this announced effort.  I will standby and await the coming flood of evidence.
There is hardly a point on which I would more dearly like to be proved wrong. The endless sadness and wrath of the wretched Leftist is a misery to behold, and worse because it is all self imposed. Uncle Screwtape torments them with false fears and false hopes without let.
And if you cannot enjoy a moonshot, what can you enjoy? Speaking as a science fiction guy, I mus ask one and all, what is nobler in life than the sight of a Saturn V rocket at take off?
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