Not Tired of Winning Yet XXXII

Well, thanks to the conspiracy of the news to misinform, deceive, mislead, and stupefy the voting public, the solidly Republican state of Alabama sent a crooked Dem to the Senate, shaving the razor-thin GOP majority down to a single vote. If the party does its job and passes tax relief before the Dem is seated, we may have an economy worth celebrating. So this is a setback.

But the train of win still chugs along: Trump’s FCC has finally struck down “Net Neutrality” which is an Orwellian phrase for content-based political censorship on the internet. 

Obama’s 332 page plan, proposed last Administration, provided that the Internet would be treated as a government utility, giving the government the power to set rates, not the market, that is, not the will of the buying public; establish what plans, discounts, and offers a service provider could offer, not the market; gives the FCC unlimited powers to restrict internet services and use as it sees fit, for any reasons or no reasons; encourages class-action lawsuits as a gift to trial lawyers; heavily taxes broadband use.

The “Net Neutrality” provisions that morph the FCC into a sort of “Department of the Internet” with authority to “micromanage the Internet,” and future utility-style regulations. In other words, this is the beginning of a complete government takeover of the Internet.

That plan is dead, and we have Trump to thank for it. The internet will remain free until the Dems take over the government again.

And of course the Dem press is going moon-barking mad over this. Let the tears of the wicked flow.

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