Not Tired of Winning Yet XXXIII

When I started this series of posts, I did not think Trump would keep so many campaign promises. I did not think the eerie incompetence of his enemies in the media would hand the Conservative movement so many clear and seminal victories.

Let me put it this way: in seven more entries in this series, and we will be in numbers high enough that the Roman numerals I, V and X will not suffice. Brace yourself. We will have to break out the L in order to write XL.

From the Washington Post, a former newspaper:

The House on Wednesday approved a massive Republican plan to overhaul the tax code, clearing the bill’s final hurdle in Congress and sending it to President Trump to be signed into law.

The measure passed the House 224 to 201 as overwhelming Republican support carried the bill past unanimous Democratic opposition and ‘no’ votes from 12 GOP members. The House vote comes after the Senate approved an identical measure early Wednesday morning. In a 51 to 48 vote, all Democrats opposed the bill while all Republicans present supported it.

As with Obamacare, there is an unusual clarity of partisanship here. Not a single Senator crossed party lines.

In the first case, the Dems are unanimously and vigorously in favor of socialized medicine, state-run enslavement of doctors, and granting faceless bureaucrats the authority to say who lives and who dies, including acts of cruel murder carried out by doctors over the wishes (and despite the ability to pay for treatment elsewhere) of parents of condemned babies, or relatives of condemned coma victims.

And, in this case, the Dems are unanimously and vigorously against the liberty and prosperity that flows from low tax rates. They are opposed to economics, that is, the mere existence of the law of supply and demand offends them. They are in rebellion against reality. Unlike a rebellion against a human king, rebelling against economic laws does not produce freedom from those laws, it produces poverty.

So remember this as the months turn into years, and the economy booms. The Dems want you poor and weak; they want you sick, they want you dead. And that goes double for women and triple for blacks. They take your money, and give it to Planned Parenthood, which kills black babies in the womb by countless numbers.

The Democrat Party is not on your side.

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