Wright on What’s Wrong with Christmas

My latest column is up on the Dangerous website. I address that perennial topic of conservative bellyaching the War on Christmas.




In times past, four sabbaths before Christmas was the onset of Advent, a time when Christians prepared for the coming birth of the Heavenly King, and denied themselves some small pleasure to mortify the flesh.

It was not primarily a season of frantic shopping, but of solemn spiritual preparation for a twelve-day feast lasting past the New Year. It was a time for works of mercy and charity. But time is a strong, unmerciful tyrant, and now we have new traditions.

Every year, immediately after Thanksgiving, the War on Christmas begins. The sneering of the sick-minded, black-hearted (and small-manhooded) begins.

The colored lights, the festive kindness, the gay cheer that boldly defies the dark drear of winter, the singing of carols soaring starward, the love of family and friends, and, most of all the images of Saint Nicholas, the Star of Bethlehem, and the baby in the manger, all heap burning coals on the heads of our friends on the Left, and cause them pain.

Why does your friendly neighborhood Leftist war on Christmas? Why does he hate it so?


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I originally thought that this Dangerous column would take the place of my Last Crusade column, but the two are different in tone and purpose. Somehow, if heaven permits, I will find the time to do both.

But, sadly, this means I have to push back my date for finishing Nowhither, which is my current project.

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