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Posted November 28, 2016 By John C Wright

Since I have forsworn commenting on politics under after Advent, I thought I would share a letter I wrote in reply to some questions from a reader on a theological matter: Once we are convinced that men have free will, and that the supernatural must exist if the natural order exists, this leaves us with […]

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Mike Flynn on the Bright Ages

Posted October 20, 2016 By John C Wright

Anyone interested in a good overview of the events of the “Galileo affair” could do far worse than reading this clear and well-worded series of columns crafted by Mike Flynn, an author who combines wit and wisdom so well, that he is like one-eyed man in the country of the blind. Which is also the name […]

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The Most Difficult Fifty Bucks I Ever Earned

Posted September 26, 2016 By John C Wright

A reader asked me to view the following two hour lecture on geocentrism. He promised me fifty bucks if I was not convinced. I wished I had asked for more. This was painful to sit through. The man involved, Robert Sungenis, is, to put the matter kindly, a smug and dishonest crackpot without even the […]

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An Universal Apologia for the Universal Church

Posted September 25, 2016 By John C Wright

With some reluctance, I surrender to a reader’s request to place, in one spot easily opened, my series of essays explaining my reasoning that compelled me to accept the Catholic Church as being one, true, apostolic and catholic in nature, and rejecting respectfully the claims of the others. My reluctance is for the obvious reason that […]

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Occam and Atheism

Posted September 20, 2016 By John C Wright

On the Inadequacy of the Atheist Model I have been asked to explain some of the ways in which the atheist model of the universe is either inadequate or inelegant, hence not the most rational approach to use to explain the facts of reality, nor to answer the deep questions of philosophy. Now, I should […]

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Puddleglum’s Answer

Posted September 13, 2016 By John C Wright

(This is part of a longer column from some years ago, defending both Christian skepticism about placing faith in worldly things, and Christian hope in ultimate victory not through our own strength. I thought this section worth repeating) There are those who call Christian faith a fairy tale. I assume such scoffers are not old and wise enough […]

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On the Feast of the Assumption

Posted August 15, 2016 By John C Wright

Send by a friend: There was a beautiful reading in the Office of Readings today. I thought I should share it, especially with John Wright. St. John of Damascus was a Syrian monk and priest, from the same stock from which the Maronites descended. He lived in the monastery of Mar Saba near Jerusalem in […]

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Darwin and Genesis

Posted January 29, 2016 By John C Wright

Back when I was an atheist, I was had in my arsenal, well polished from use, every argument that could be mustered against theism, and particularly against Christianity. There were two arguments I never bothered with, both because they are illogical, that is, they cannot be formed into a properly formatted syllogism. The first is […]

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The Lamps Go Out

Posted January 23, 2016 By John C Wright

St Elijah’s monastery stood on the outskirts of Mosul for 1,400 years, the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq. It was been razed to the ground by the Islamic State: “Bulldozers, heavy equipment, sledgehammers, possibly explosives turned those stone walls into this field of gray-white dust. They destroyed it completely,” [Stephen Wood] said from his Colorado […]

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Defy the Devil: Celebrate Christmas

Posted December 21, 2015 By John C Wright

Announcing A.D. Day! Remember the scene in MERRY CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN, where our poor bald hero, Charlie Brown, dismayed and lost when he sees commercialization and selfishness robbing the meaning of Christmas, cries out in despair asking what the real meaning of Christmas is? And Linus, trusty blanket in hand, recites a fifty second quote […]

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