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Shameless solicitation of alms or advice from my readers

Pray on March 25th

A message from, which I pass along: At this moment in Washington D.C., nine Supreme Court justices are listening to oral arguments in two cases by for-profit corporations challenging the HHS mandate. Our case – Autocam v. Sebelius – … Continue reading

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Announcing the Call for Beta Readers!

UPDATE: For better or worse, a dozen readers have written me and asked to be beta readers. I think that is enough, and I thank you all for your attention. If you are someone in the field, like a technical … Continue reading

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Question for the Readers

Someone has asked me to submit some of the essays I have written here at my journal site for publication. I am a little at a loss, since I am not sure what is good and what is forgettable. To … Continue reading

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Prayer request

A reader writes: Hello everyone. I apologize for posting off-topic but I need some help. My father Thomas Buckley has been hospitalized with what is either a large tissue infection, or an aggressive lung cancer. I’ve never spoken with a … Continue reading

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Time to Call

Thought I should pass this along. The House will vote today on H.R. 7. This critically important legislation is called the “No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act.” I need you to make a quick call … Continue reading

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Unexpected Enlightenment Day!

If I have ever found favor in your eyes, kind reader, please go to Amazon and click on my wife’s book to help raise her numbers. If you want to read a Harry Potter style book with lots of … Continue reading

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Chick Fil A Day for Orson Scott Card

I heard on the radio, as front-page news headline, that Leftists are planning a boycott of the Ender’s Game movie to punish Orson Scott Card for daring to oppose gay marriage. The news particularly mentioned that the movie has nothing … Continue reading

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Appeal from Catholic Vote

I pass this along to my readers in case any of you honest and decent folk out there wish to contribute to the cause. It is from Catholic Vote, an organization that was also targeted and harassed.  

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Tell the Federal Government to Respect Religious Freedom

Monday, April 8 is the deadline for submitting comments to the Obama Administration on the latest version of its HHS contraceptive/abortifacient/sterilization mandate. Please take a moment to submit a short online comment in support of religious freedom. Religious freedom is … Continue reading

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Orson Scott Card Blacklisted for Christian Faith

From the pen of David Blount over at the site Moonbattery There’s a price to be paid by countermoonbats with courage enough to stand up for decency and sanity in a culture that is swirling down the toilet. Ask Orson … Continue reading

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Outrage of the Day

Canadian right-wing blogger Blazing Cat Fur is being sued for linking to Mark Steyn. Donate to his legal defence.

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Suicide in Metachronopolis

I should not have done it. I have a manuscript due on the editor’s desk in January. I took a week off to write a short story set in my background of Metachronopolis, the golden city beyond the end of … Continue reading

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This weekend is my birthday, and it will mark the last 30 days of operation of the online massive multiplayer superhero game CITY OF HEROES. It is being shut down by NC Soft, and, as best we startled and woebegone … Continue reading

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A thousand roads lead men to Rome

I want to have one of my characters in AD 11055 discovering that the only language he has in common with the posthuman self-aware machinery covering the earth from pole to pole is Latin say to himself “All roads lead … Continue reading

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Polling my Readers

My local bookstores are neither carrying my latest COUNT TO A TRILLION, nor the paperback of my beautiful and talented wife’s latest masterpiece, PROSPERO IN HELL. So I would like to conduct a completely nonscientific poll and ask anyone willing … Continue reading

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Free Exercise of Religion Officially Outlawed

Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof, except in regard to appointing an unelected Bureaucrat to arbitrarily misdirect private medical insurance funds for non-medical use, such as providing free condoms, free sterilization, … Continue reading

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Wednesday is Chik-Fil-A Day

Unfortunately, I spent my lunch money for this week going to Chik-Fil-A yesterday. So if you want me to go to eat anti-bullying-thug chicken sandwich today, you will have to put seven dollars into my my tip jar (see the … Continue reading

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Guess about Gauss

Okay. Here is the anecdote that John C Wright, innumerate, found in MEN OF MATHEMATICS: here’s a popular story that Gauss, mathematician extraordinaire, had a lazy teacher. The so-called educator wanted to keep the kids busy so he could take … Continue reading

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Free Speech for Me, Not for Thee

I received this note this day in my mail. “Mr. Wright, I find myself and my compatriots in need of assistance.I am a member in Northern Kentucky University’s pro-life group, Northern Right to Life. Since our conception, every year when … Continue reading

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Vote for Prospero and he will free Ariel!

The novel by my lovely and talented wife, PROSPERO REGAINED, is in a book tournament today. Various books are being put up against other books to compete for Best Book of 2011. PROSPERO REGAINED is, sadly, up against A DANCE … Continue reading

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Prayer Request

Since this is Advent, and all my good Protestant friends and bad Catholic friends are spending extra time in prayer as the days grow darker, I thought I would pass this along from the friend of mine, an ex-witch now … Continue reading

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Latin Begging

Are any of you scholars out there willing to help a poor student with his Latin? Here is text from my current manuscript: His voice was so horse and cracked that it made me wince and wish I had a … Continue reading

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