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Book Review! Catholic World on SWAN KNIGHT’S SON

Posted June 24, 2017 By John C Wright

I had not seen this until a sharpeyed reader pointed it out to me: Deep down, human beings know we’re made for something epic… Although a modern teenager, Gil wants more than anything to become a knight. His chivalrous outlook on life has led to his expulsion from school for taking on a gang […]

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Seen at a Local B&N

Posted February 27, 2017 By John C Wright

A sharp eyed reader kindly sent me this photo from the wild. It looks like book 5 of the Eschaton Sequence has finally made an appearance in some bookstores.

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Victory Dance!

Posted January 20, 2017 By John C Wright

The Announcement countdown clock is still ticking. I will post it in half an hour. To aid us all to while away the time, I offer the following: The same young and attractive fan who sent me a victory dance video for my winning the Dragon Award for SOMEWHITHER has now become a colleague and […]

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Reviewer Smiles Upon VINDICATION OF MAN

Posted December 21, 2016 By John C Wright

In which your humble author is compared to Bacon. Not Francis Bacon, pork bacon. I’m always hesitant to review John C. Wright’s works. It’s like… trying to review bacon. What do you say about bacon? That it’s delicious? Everyone knows that, except vegans and vegetarians and a few crazies, but the competency of vegans and vegetarians to […]

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Excerpt from FEAST OF ELFS

Posted October 7, 2016 By John C Wright

Spy Dog I think there is something pathetic about an author who laughs aloud at his own jokes, but, darned if this did not make me laugh. It is one of my favorite passages.

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Feast of the Elfs

Posted September 30, 2016 By John C Wright

Today is the day! The second book in A Tale of Moth and Cobweb, The Green Knight’s Squire Book Two, FEAST OF THE ELFS by John C. Wright, published by Castalia House, is now available. This is classic fantasy the way you remember it from your youth, true high fantasy in the mode of The Dark is […]

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A guest review by one of our scuzzier yet manlier regular commenters: Original, compelling, scintillating, ominous, and cool Being a modest review of John C Wright’s ambitious Count to a Trillion by ScuzzaMan. CtaT is a work of science fiction. It’s a neatly balanced blend of science and of fiction. Check. Taking place in the not immediate […]

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Reviewer Praise for SOMEWHITHER

Posted September 21, 2016 By John C Wright

Mr. Peter Nealan, the author of the American Praetorians series has some kind words about my book. I think he and I are mutual fans of Larry Correia. Somewhither is seriously one of the wildest mishmash pulp/sci-fi/fantasy/Christian fiction stories I’ve ever read.  (And in case anyone is worried about the “Christian fiction” part making […]

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From the Pen of Brad Torgersen

Posted September 7, 2016 By John C Wright

Puppy-in-Chief Brad Torgersen asks the musical question: Apparently the Dragon Awards are “bad” or at least invalid, because voters are not charged a fee for participation. Simply anyone can cast a vote. Perhaps (gasp) more than once? Mind you, this charge is leveled by the same camp that screams bloody murder over voter ID laws; for state […]

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Reviewer Praise for IRON CHAMBER OF MEMORY

Posted May 31, 2016 By John C Wright

Mr. Russell Newquist has some kind words to say about my latest work: Iron Chamber of Memory Book Review And yes, I do mean masterpiece. This isn’t just one of Mr. Wright’s finest works, although it is definitely that. It also now occupies a spot as one of my favorite fantasy works of all time. Yes, […]

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