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Fire Gates

Posted May 24, 2015 By John C Wright

Please write to your local chapter of the Boy Scouts (whose contact information can be found here: and ask for the public rebuke, repudiation and immediate discharge from service of the current BSA President, Mr Robert Gates. The Catholic Church in America, in the 1960s and 1970s, welcomed homosexuals into their ranks, and, enamored […]

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Morlockery and Progressivism as Futurism

Posted May 21, 2015 By John C Wright

The SJWs are wolves in sheep-garb when it comes to leftwingers. Leftists believe in a future of peace and equality, and old hatreds between nations, races, and creeds forgotten. The honest Leftists want to see the bridge crew of the Starship Enterprise, oriental and occidental, male and female, white and black, including a Russian, a […]

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From the Pen of Jeff Duntemann

Posted May 20, 2015 By John C Wright

A balanced view and trenchant insight in a column from an interested onlooker to the ongoing world-shattering Holy War and  foodfight-in-a-phonebooth between the subterranean Morlocks and the lachrymose Sad Puppies Some of the more interesting observations from Mr Duntemann are in his comments below the column. SP authors have nothing to lose in the […]

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Guest Editorial: Social Justice as a Sacrament

Posted May 19, 2015 By John C Wright

A commenter named Sherwood Family over at Vox Day said something so well, and so truthful, that it bears repeating in full: “Social Justice” is a religion. It has saints, dogma, and sacraments. It also has backsliders and apostates. As any religion knows, apostates must be dealt with lest they lead the rest of the […]

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Analog’s One Thousandth Cover

Posted May 14, 2015 By John C Wright

Analog magazine, originally Amazing Stories, came out with its one thousandth issue. Here is the original January 1930 cover, showing an aeronaut fending off a bug monster with manly fisticuffs from a cowering cavegirl: Here is the June 2015 cover, , showing an spacegirl fending off a bug monster with Amazonian yet slender-wristed blow from […]

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Come to the Dark Side, Joss! We have Cookies!

Posted May 5, 2015 By John C Wright

Here is one more data point in the ongoing argument that Social Justice Warriors and Political Correcting Officers and Thought Police and (as I call them) Morlocks are not really creatures of the Left. They are not Leftists, not Liberals, but are in fact the opposite. They use Leftwing terminology and vocabulary, but they stand […]

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Quotes from Carver

Posted May 4, 2015 By John C Wright

Today’s quotes are from George Washington Carver: “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” “The opening of the school found me at Simpson College, attempting to run a laundry for my support…I lived on prayer, beef suet and corn meal, and quite often being without the suet […]

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Five Views of Man

Posted May 1, 2015 By John C Wright

This merits a long and involved column to explain this thought, but time does not permit. Allow me only to pose it as a gadfly question: In my view, there are only five entirely logical political philosophies. Four of them are logical but untrue, since they are based on a false view of human nature. […]

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Belloc Foresaw This All

Posted April 29, 2015 By John C Wright

Whenever I hear the one and sole argument ever leveled by the Left, that, namely, all who oppose the self defeating schemes of the Left are motivated by loathsome yet unadmitted hatred, ignorance, and phobia, ergo their opposition to unreason is ritually unclean and need not be entertained, then I see an insolent dismissal of […]

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Guest Post by Vox Day — Sentio, ergo rectum

Posted April 28, 2015 By John C Wright

This is a reprint of a WND column from 2004, which I thought bore repeating. Please note that step 1 and step 7 are the same in both versions of the Leftist textwar tactic: How to argue like a liberal By Vox Day Published: 03/29/2004 at 1:00 AM It is inarguable that liberals – in […]

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