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This is a guest post by Sean M Brooks, on a matter recently discussed here, which may be of interest to my readers. The words that follow are his. In this essay I wish to summarize, quote, and comment on what I found in some of the works of Poul Anderson on the issue […]

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Clown-Car Press

Posted July 19, 2016 By John C Wright

Long ago, that same fastidious instinct which makes a man unwilling to spend his idle hours in a morgue, or a sewer, or an unsanitary meat packing plant run by slave labor in China, prompted me to steer clear of all outlets of the mainstream media. This instinct failed me this morning when, provoked by […]

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Monogamy, Polygamy, Socialism, Madness

Posted July 13, 2016 By John C Wright

A reader writes: That’s not what modern gender theory dictates, though. So the misunderstanding is with you, perhaps as a result of hearing it explained by people who didn’t understand it or those with agenda benefited by misleading people (not your fault necessarily). Modern gender theory suggests that masculinity/feminity is in significant part a construct, […]

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Defining Fascism and Morlockery

Posted July 9, 2016 By John C Wright

A paragraph below I used before in another place, but I hope I will be excused for quoting myself when my thought in the matter is unchanged: I think we are all tired of hearing the same unimaginative insults flung by rote. I think we are past the point of being bored with hearing pro-free-market, […]

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But What Law Did She Break?

Posted July 6, 2016 By John C Wright

Some yammerwit asked me what law Hillary broke by placing classified State Department material on her private and unsecured server. 18 U.S. Code s. 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information reads at paragraph (f): “Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, […]

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The Fix is In

Posted July 5, 2016 By John C Wright Well, it is now official: Liberty is dead. Rich and corrupt elite hags with friends in high places can break laws with impunity. The laws change from day to day and hour to hour, so that whether you are punished or vindicated does not depend on what you do, but who you know. Rule […]

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Happy Independence Day!

Posted July 4, 2016 By John C Wright

Of course, I mean Happy Independence for Great Britain, which wisely voted to exit the European Union. I rejoice for the good fortune of my brethren across the sea. Meanwhile, here in America, the Supreme Court has declared the Constitution unconstitutional, and declared itself to be an unelected super-legislature able to legislate wherever and whatever […]

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The Court should abandon the pretense that anything other than policy preferences underlies its balancing of constitutional rights and interests in any given case … As the Court applies whatever standard it likes to any given case, nothing but empty words separates our constitutional decisions from judicial fiat. The High Court ruled on WHOLE WOMAN’S […]

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Heroic Tales in the Twenty First Century — an addendum

Posted June 30, 2016 By John C Wright

I wrote my previous essay too soon. Just when I thought that there was nothing more unrealistic, showing a basic contempt for basic human psychology, than the scenes I had seen so far in the Third Season of THE ARROW, I stumbled across the pièce de résistance. I added the following words to the middle […]

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The Gap between Worlds

Posted June 29, 2016 By John C Wright

“By essentially requiring the citizen being stalked to enforce the law against battery and assault via the use of firearms, it is in face encouraging the citizen to execute vigilante justice upon the abuser. ” Here, again, is an essential failure to communicate due to a gap in the difference in worldviews. In the rightwing […]

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