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If you were curious about my voice, or what my basement looks like, or why my video account uses a pokemon icon, all these mysteries can be deepened by listening to this podcast by Geek Gab, where I talk over people, refuse to answer questions, and make many remarks so odd that a team of […]

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The Needs of Drama and the Needs of Culture

Posted February 27, 2015 By John C Wright

The eternal war between Vesta and the Muses: My beautiful and talented wife pens a column which identifies a clear and simple idea absolutely crucial to be understood before any discussion of the merit of a work begin: It takes a superb writer to make the process of painting a landscape interesting to an […]

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Reviewer Praise for FEASTS AND SEASONS

Posted February 26, 2015 By John C Wright

Yard Sale of the Mind has a fulsome and flattering review of BOOK OF FEASTS AND SEASONS. I had the odd sensation of wanting to read the stories thus described, they sounded so fascinating. The reviewer makes the unintentionally funny comment that I might mislike being compared to one of the most famous writers of […]

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Suggested Reading List for Racialist Whineloons

Posted February 24, 2015 By John C Wright

Right Fans posts the list: Commentary: If You Want to Avoid Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors for a Year… .. have I got a list for you! Sarah A. Hoyt, for example, is a first generation Portuguese immigrant who grew up in an impoverished village (at least by our standards). She is also a […]

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Book Bomb Tomorrow!

Posted February 24, 2015 By John C Wright

We have received a message, via the Gridley Wave from our Warlord, Marshal, Ninja-sensei, Cowpuncher and Commander-in-Chief of Sardaukar Terror-Troops, the International Lord of Hate, Larry Correia, about the next planned bombing run. Sad Puppy Update: Book Bomb for the short fiction this Wednesday. Mark your calenders. We will be Book Bombing the short fiction categories […]

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David Warren on Hobbes and Hobbits

Posted February 24, 2015 By John C Wright

This is your must read column for this month, dear reader. It is a meditation on the rights and duties of sovereign power, including Shakespeare’s and Tolkien’s refreshingly Mediaeval take on the issue: The idea of the autonomous “prince” is modern. The mediaeval idea of hierarchy precluded it. The man at the top was […]

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Larry Correia on Portuguese Dairy Farmer Privilege

Posted February 23, 2015 By John C Wright

Larry Correia is a fisking genius. Certain works of art cannot be analyzed, only admired in speechless awe. His line by line analysis and snappy answers to stupid comments written today is one such. Seeing Larry Correia perform a Low Single Leg Takedown Duckunder Fireman’s Carry throw followed by a Knife-Hand Throat-Lock Stand-Up Peterson Hip […]

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Geek Gab! Episode 14

Posted February 23, 2015 By John C Wright

The gentlemen of Geek Gab are discussing ‘One Bright Star to Guide Them’ in their podcast. They mention my name starting at about 5.30. Daddy Warpig says that there is nothing professionally published authors find nothing more endearing than hearing unpublished schmucks talk about their work: I assume he means this ironically, but he unwittingly […]

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The Lord of Eifelheim on the Genesis of Science

Posted February 21, 2015 By John C Wright

Some extra credit reading: Mike Flynn, science fictioneer, scholar, schoolman, and Irish gentleman who, I am confident, can trace his ancestry back to through the Fair Folk to the primordial Salmon who is the ancestor of all Celtic tribes, has written on this idea extensively that Christian metaphysical beliefs are a necessary precondition for scientific […]

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Superversive–Interview with Wendy Delmater

Posted February 19, 2015 By John C Wright

An interview with the editrix of Abyss & Apex magazine: Wendy was superversive before the rest of us ever heard of it. She is friends with Tom Simon, the gentleman who uses Superversive as an online name and who wrote our opening post. She brings her superversiveness to bear upon her work as the editor […]

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