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Do I Role Play? Ask Rather, Do Ever I Stop? — Part Three (Edge of the Empire)

There is also a game I am playing, which my best friend Mark is running. Yes, it is a STAR WARS EDGE OF THE EMPIRE game. What is it like to have a published and professional science fiction author as … Continue reading

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Do I Role Play? Ask Rather, Do Ever I Stop? — Part Two (The Dream Game)

Indeed, I still play role playing games. I usually invent my own dice mechanics for each game I run, based roughly on the Chaosium system. I find using percentile dice is intuitive: I have a grasp of what 75% means, … Continue reading

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Do I Role Play? Ask Rather, Do Ever I Stop? — Part One (Roling and Writing)

A reader asks if I still play Role Playing games. Indeed I do. Let me count the ways. This will take more than one post. Let me here mention the rpg’s I have played in the past which influenced my … Continue reading

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The Diskos

A reader has a question about AWAKE IN THE NIGHT: Mr Wright, I’m having a little trouble visualizing the Diskos. Sometimes I see it as a lance with a cone shaped spinning shaft or blade and sometimes as an ax … Continue reading

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And More Pictures!

After posting a number of pictures of eye-candy, I should also show you some pictures which excite me even more.

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An Imaginary Noah Film from 1950

Many criticisms can be leveled against Aronofsky’s recent antibilical film, NOAH. One which I thought at first was unfair was those who said God was absent from the film. I thought the criticism absurd. While He is not called ‘God’, … Continue reading

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Steven J on Greydanus on Wright on Noah

I have not had time yet to reply to Mr Greydanus’ thoughtful rebuttal to some of the claims I made in my review of NOAH, but with so many wise and literate fellows replying for me, I may have no … Continue reading

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Greydanus on Noah

Steven Greydanus, a film reviewer I respect above all others in the world, has done me the honor of asking my opinion of the movie NOAH and offering his own in return. He also asked a number of pointed questions … Continue reading

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Paleophobia and Futurophilia

I came across this quote by Robert Heinlein, the Dean of Science Fiction. “The future is better than the past. Despite the crepehangers, romanticists, and anti-intellectuals, the world steadily grows better because the human mind, applying itself to environment, makes … Continue reading

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A Nice Warm Cup of Shut the Hell Up, Served by Correia

Larry Correia, that rough-cut but priceless gem of a man, responds to a review from some lumpish subhuman who did not read the book allegedly being reviewed. It seems the reviewer merely wanted to rant some economically illiterate gibberish about … Continue reading

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Time Shifters / Thrill Seekers

For those of you that might have heard a rumor of this and were curious, here is my movie: It is ‘mine’ only in the rather limited sense that my friend Kurt Inderbitzen (the executive producer) asked me for … Continue reading

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No Writer Save Flynn

A short story by a non-anonymous contributor: no writer, not even the accomplished Mike Flynn, can draw deep water from a shallow pond. Moonlight flashed off the still surface of the pond where the OFloinn stood hesitantly with the wooden … Continue reading

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The Eternal Whiner

Let no one be deceived by my last essay into thinking I have less than great respect for the fiction writing of Michael Moorcock. It is the essays of Michael Moorcock I despise. There are several Moorcock books I like, … Continue reading

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Writing Down the Dragon

A reader named Paul LaMontagne draws our attention to a simply excellent book of essays by Tom Simon. Here I reprint Mr LaMontagne’s comment in full, as this is the best way I can imagine to have my readers rush … Continue reading

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Epic Pooh-poohing

As an apt follow up to our last topic, this is but a brief but telling quote from Michael Moorcock concerning Professor Tolkien: Like Chesterton, and other orthodox Christian writers who substituted Faith for artistic rigour he [Tolkien] sees the … Continue reading

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Oo, Those Awful Orcs !

It is with the same disquiet that one might feel stepping into a cold morgue, where a body killed after continuous pain from some deadly nerve gas he inhaled on purpose might be seen laying on a steel slab, to … Continue reading

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James Stoddart on Lin Carter

I met James Stoddart exactly once, at the convention when he was presented with the Crompton Crook award for excellence in fantasy, his book The High House. I have never met a more charming and unassuming man, one with whom … Continue reading

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Asimov’s Three Laws reduced to Two

A reader with the everpresent moniker of ‘Ubiquitous’ asks: You made the observation yourself in The Golden Age, as did Asimov whenever he used them, that the Asimovian rules as we have them wouldn’t work. What Asimovian rules would you … Continue reading

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Toposophy in Eschaton

Some readers may be interested in a peek behind the curtain. Here is a excerpt from my notes for my most recent project, the ‘Count to the Eschaton Sequence’ which starts with the book COUNT TO A TRILLION. It is … Continue reading

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An Advertisement for Celestia

I am spending the evening, as every good science fiction writer should, creating and destroying planets. In my imaginary future history, from AD 11000 to roughly AD 65500, five great Diasporas are inflicted upon the earth, and the eleven or … Continue reading

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The Autumn People and the Winter’s Tale

This is among the best movie, if not THE best I have ever seen. The critics panned it, no one went to see it, and it is already gone from the theaters. What went wrong?

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Winter’s Tale

This is a difficult review to write, perhaps impossible, because the very act of saying anything about this movie runs the risk of decreasing your odds of enjoying it as it was meant to be enjoyed. Even praising it as … Continue reading

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The Sense of Wonder

Someone asked me what was the sense of wonder of which so many science fiction readers speak and so many science fiction writers attempt to capture. Its a question that requires a long essay to answer adequately, so I will … Continue reading

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This is a reprint of my review, which I posted to, of Ted Chiang’s STORY OF YOUR LIFE AND OTHERS. It was written a few years ago, back when I was an atheist: (WARNING! I am a science-fiction writer … Continue reading

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Hoyt Defies the Empire of Lies

On the feast day of St. Catherine de Ricci, an Incorruptable, Feb 13, Sarah A Hoyt has penned a fascinating piece on the decision to speak the truth while dwelling in the Empire of Lies: To speak or not to speak? … Continue reading

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