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Five Current Work Questions

Posted August 29, 2014 By John C Wright

What am I working on? I am working on several projects: A short story for Sci Phi called ‘The Ideal Machine’; my next Count to the Eschaton, tentatively titled THE VINDICATION OF MAN volume is due early next year to Tor; I have agreed to deliver a short story to a possible anthology tentatively titled […]

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Breaking Down Pink and Blue SF

Posted August 26, 2014 By John C Wright

At Castalia House, Daniel applies the definitions of Pink and Blue SF to what are perhaps the best examples of the genre. Both are short stories, and can be read in one sitting. The first is Rachel Swirsky’s Nebula-Award winning and Hugo-nominated short story “If You Were A Dinosaur, My Love” The second is Gene […]

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Science Fiction and a Sense of Wonder

Posted August 22, 2014 By John C Wright

Science Fiction writers and readers often speak of stories that contain a Sense of Wonder.  What is a sense of wonder? The years of the Industrial and Scientific Revolution ushered in a new view of the universe remarkably different from the universe of Aristotle and Ptolemy. The Earth was no longer the center. In a […]

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The International Lord of Hate v Smugwhiner von Sneer

Posted August 21, 2014 By John C Wright

Larry Correia, man among men, take the time to dismantle the filthy lies and maggoty madness of a subterranean dwarf, or Nibelung, named A. A. George, who, on behalf of my publisher Tor, and in the name of Tor, accuses all gamers in general and GenCon in particular of being racists. Mr Correia in hiphigh […]

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Poetry Corner!

Posted August 10, 2014 By John C Wright

Ye holy angels bright Op 135 by Charles Villiers Stanford, Lyrics by Richard Baxter Ye holy Angels bright, Who wait at God’s right hand, Or thro’ the realms of light Fly at your Lord’s command, Assist our song, Or else the theme Too high doth seem For mortal tongue. Ye blessed souls at rest, Who […]

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Quotha: Argumentum ad Awesomesauce

Posted August 8, 2014 By John C Wright

Guillermo del Toro gave us Idris Elba rocket punching Godzillas with a giant Voltron. Your argument is invalid. Today’s quote. The italics is NPR (National Panhandler Radio) preaching racism and racebaiting and nodarnfun-for-noone. The bold print is from the bold Larry Correia, author of HARD MAGIC and MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL, as well as being a […]

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An Open Letter to Any Prospective Writers

Posted August 5, 2014 By John C Wright

A reader just wrote and asked me some advice about breaking into the field. He seemed despondent over comments I had made recently about the state of the Nebula Awards and such. As a public service to any other readers with questions like his but too shy to write me, allow me to share my […]

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FW &SF, or, On Faith and Works in Science Fiction

Posted August 1, 2014 By John C Wright

The fine folks at First Peter Five web journal (or 1P5 to you) asked me to contribute an essay explaining if and how and why my faith influences my science fiction writing. The editor asked to to answer in a thousand words or less, but we all know that was not going to happen. The […]

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Literary Envy and the Last Redoubt

Posted July 31, 2014 By John C Wright

Over at Armed and Dangerous, a topic very near and dear to my heart is being debated. The author, Eric Raymond, begins thus: I’ve been aware for some time of a culture war simmering in the SF world. And trying to ignore it, as I believed it was largely irrelevant to any of my concerns […]

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Hugo voting ends Tomorrow

Posted July 30, 2014 By John C Wright

Reminder from Larry Correia: The Hugo voting ends shortly, so if you joined the crusade to combat the scourge of Puppy Related Sadness don’t forget to get your votes in. Related — Vox Day posts his suggested sample ballot: Myself I have no opinion on the current voting, but on the retro-Hugos, allow me […]

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