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The Eve of All Saints’ Day

Posted October 31, 2011 By John C Wright

The Eve of All Saints’ Day By John C. Wright Naturally, I selected Halloween as the time for an experiment of such daring. Legend said that the boundaries between this world and other worlds beyond achieved their finest frailty on such a day, and it was my thought that separating the barriers between cosmos and […]

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Free Sample from the most recent draft of JUDGE OF AGES

Posted March 15, 2011 By John C Wright

This is to show you, my dear readers, who are also (really) my employers, that I am hard at work. From a scene I was working on yesterday: Soorm the Hormagaunt, from AD 6850, is talking with Menelaus Montrose, accidental posthuman, from AD 2401. Both have been thawed circa AD 10515 from long-term hibernation, along […]

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Steampunk is a Diabolical Czech Invention

Posted February 19, 2011 By John C Wright

This is a tale of dreams lost and dreams found again, a tale of wonder. But first, I will irk you, dear reader, with a discussion of definitions. Damon Knight once famously defined ‘science fiction’ as “whatever I am pointing at when I say ‘science fiction’!” — this is a perfectly useful definition, if you […]

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Here is the John C. Wright patented one-session lesson in the mechanics of how to write fiction. A word of explanation: I wrote the following to a friend of mine who is a nonfiction writer of some fame and accomplishment, who was toying with the idea of writing fiction. We batted around some ideas and […]

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I should mention that, as a science fiction writer, I can comment authoritatively and finally on the true meaning of life. Fifteen billion years ago an unexplained and inexplicable event created all the matter and energy, time and space in the universe apparently out of nothing and for no reason. However, the precise nature of […]

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My latest story is available over at Flash Fiction Online. It is an ultra-short (only one kiloword long) decorated with an admirable illustration by R.W. Ware. You may read the tale free of charge, but tipping is encouraged. It was not abduction. I volunteered to go. I trampled out the crop circle in the north […]

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