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A message from the Beautiful and Talented Mrs. Wright

I was asked to write a Story Behind the Story article for my novel PROSPERO REGAINED. I had great fun doing it and the site loved it. Should any of you wish to read it, here is the link:

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According to Hoyt

I strongly recommend this piece, which my fan (Hi, Nate!) pointed out to me: The incomparable and luminous Sarah A Hoyt remarks on the recent and unsightly kerfluffle between Mr Hines and Mr Larry Correia: The funny thing, though, … Continue reading

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March for Life

Our prayers go out to those who brave the cold and the scorn of the Prince of This World to defy the endlessly open mouth of Moloch. Today is the annual march for life, when countless thousands of young women … Continue reading

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Wright’s Writing Corner: On adding Sense Impressions

Latest from the beautiful and charming wife. Excerpt: Next in our reboot of my Writing Tips article is: Senses: Add two to five senses to every description. Hot and tasty! Two senses at once! When I started writing, I used … Continue reading

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Wright’s Writing Corner–Musings on Writing From the Beautiful And Talented Wife

My wife writes: On Angels: Some things are intrinsically hard to write about. Angels may be one of those things. I have almost never seen them done well in fiction. I have, however, read really stirring accounts of people who … Continue reading

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Rhadamanthus Tuxedo

The invaluable Mrs G Sharp has composed her latest, a theme song for Rhadamanthus the Sophotect of the Silver-Grey: “This is the sound of a flying penguin that is also the AI of a manor in the oh-god-whatst century. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

I often feel as if I am the only man who ever read ER Eddison’s brilliant, lucid, lavish, daring and overdecorated and work of post-Homeric pre-Tolkein epic wonder, THE WORM OUROBOROS. I was fortunate enough to come across this quote … Continue reading

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Niemeier on the Anti-Mothers

Mr Brian Niemeier has a brief comment on how subversive science fiction has become predictable, uniform, pious, and, in a word, unsubversive. The Turkey City Lexicon is an index of speculative fiction clichés. Compiled by a venerable group of science … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Dishonored Madagascan

Question Three: After some thought I think “maximization of opportunity” is a pretty good working definition of political “good.” So then if someone lacks opportunity, that’s “bad.” However, that raises the question of whether in your worldview dishonor is bad … Continue reading

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Wait … What?

I came across this while ego-surfing. The Golden Age by John C. Wright? I am reading this book for AP lit, but there is no sparknotes or anything for this book. Does anyone know any website or book or anything … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner – The Kraken

“The Kraken” (1830) Alfred Lord Tennyson Below the thunders of the upper deep; Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea, His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee About his shadowy sides: above him swell Huge sponges … Continue reading

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Some say that ever ‘gainst that season comes Wherein our Saviour’s birth is celebrated, The bird of dawning singeth all night long: And then, they say, no spirit dare stir abroad; The nights are wholesome; then no planets strike, No … Continue reading

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A Dire Announcement!

In keeping with the policy that all newly converted Catholics have of trying to be more Catholic than the Pope, I have just taken an Advent season vow to give up complaining, as well as to give up coffee, during … Continue reading

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Bad Catholic on Nothing

Without doubt the clearest meditation on this theme I have ever read. … the modern world sees destruction as something bold, brave and ballsy. We see sin — always destructive — as a solid in an otherwise watery universe. … Continue reading

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I cannot believe we are still having this discussion

Note: I had thought this topic long dead, as the title indicates. Since someone brought it up again, I reprint my previous thought on the subject, editing only the opening remark. A reader who, on other topics, I deem worthy … Continue reading

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Philosophy Quiz!

Ah, a kind reader named Darrell, one of the few entities on the Internet with a human name, has asked me about my favorite topic! Within your system of philosophy, how is truth defined? Is truth objective or subjective? Please … Continue reading

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My First Bit of Hate Mail

I just got my first honest-to-goodness piece of nutbag hatemail today. The hate was not directed against me in this case, but it was still unseemly: Dear Mr Wright, I have seen from your blog that you plan to vote … Continue reading

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Not another picture of Catwoman!

Expect no new posts this week. My dayjob has a looming deadline this month, and my next manuscript is due at the editor’s in January, so I have not had as much time to post editorial, rants, screeds, jests and … Continue reading

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On the Same Topic Again

The next installment of the never-ending argument: “additionally, if it is true that empirical properties have inherent meaning, then it is not true that metaphysical theories cannot be tested by empirical measurement. The argument runs in circles: You assert that … Continue reading

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Please donate

This is a major who was killed by a suicide bomber while in service overseas. Please pray for him and donate. Proceeds go to his widow and orphans, two-year-old twins. (hat tip to Mark Shea.)

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The Parable of the Arbiters

A reader with the sagacious yet doughty name of Scholar at Arms, in reference to a prior post called the Parable of the Peddlers, writes this: An interesting parable, Mr. Wright. I would observe that statements such as “to me, … Continue reading

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We have been vilified so long

I was reading FAITH OF OUR FATHERS by Archbishop Gibbons. It is not uncommon for a dialogue like the following to take place between a Protestant Minister and a convert to the Catholic Church: Minister: You cannot deny that the … Continue reading

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Question and Answers from Across the World!

This starts as a reference to an ongoing discussion, but then veers into other areas, so I place it here as its own topic. A reader named Gonzalo writes: well, there is another option. Let’s say there was 1 stall … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never

Now that July 4th is past, and the ‘Fortnight for Freedom’ is gone by, only now did my wee and inattentive mind come across the list of the saints and martyrs, whom we were asked to remember in our prayers, … Continue reading

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Mistake Time!

If you have read Count to A Trillion and noticed any mistakes, including math errors, please let me know or post them here. I am trying to correct them for the paperback.

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