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There are several different versions of this column, since Paul Harvey published it more than once, but each contain basically the same warning.

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Word Fetishes Fri, 23 Jan 2015 19:13:40 +0000 A reader with the abstract yet addictive name of Concept Junkie leaves this comment regarding the case in favor of marriage, now, for some reason that does not bear close examination, called traditional marriage. (As if a three-sided triangle needed to be called a traditional triangle to distinguish it from all those square triangles with four sides):

Our gracious host has made the case better than anyone I’ve ever seen, but I don’t think his arguments, however sound and logical would change the vast majority of minds.

An understatement. My reasoning will change NO minds, zero, nada, zip, simply because those who uphold the perverse as equal to the decent, the sick as equal to the hale, the unwholesome as equal to the wholesome were never reasoned into that worldview, no, not one, not ever.

You cannot reason someone out of a stance he was not reasoned into.

A Leftist is not someone who has an alternative political philosophy to yours, or different reasons. He is someone who, in the realm of politics, has decided to eschew philosophy and abandon reason.

Leftism is what you get when you stop reasoning, kill it dead, and substitute word fetishes instead.

Consider: Marx proposed an economic system where goods and services would be produced without reference to prices, to supply and demand, and to the scarcity of resources. In other words, he proposed economics without economics. This would like someone who proposed a geometric system without points and lines, without definitions and without common notions. In order to answer his critics, Marx told them that to minds conditioned by bourgeoisie means of production, the results of the material dialectic once the dictatorship of the proletarian had ended the exploitation of private property forever was unimaginable to them. For those of you who don’t speak Leftist,  Marx merely proposed that oldest and most favorite of Leftist counter-arguments: he told them to shut up.

A close study of Marx will show that he was not an economist at all, he was someone making up a plethora of windbaggy excuses, slurs, counter-attacks, and slanders to deconstruct, that is, to destroy economics. Economics led to a conclusion that Marx did not like, namely, that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch; you cannot eat your cake and save it, too. So rather than accept the conclusion, he rejected the art of reasoning. Keynes followed in his footsteps, and used a more convoluted terminology.

These terminologies are word-fetishes. A fetish is a magic token you use in order to get a magic effect in the world, and, when the effect does not take place, instead of throwing the fetish away, you adore it and implore it all the more.

A word-fetish is when you have a bit of language which you hope will have a magical effect on the world, turning gold into lead.

The simplest example is the phrase ‘wage slavery’ which, like the phrase ‘bright darkness’ or ‘four-sided triangle’ or ‘homosexual marriage’ is a nonsense phrase, signifying nothing and meant to signify nothing.

What word fetishes do is carry a connotation without carrying a denotation. In the above example, a slave is defined as one who is coerced into doing labor without a wage. The payment of a wage is the defining thing that makes a laborer not a slave; it is the sign that the exchange was voluntary. Hence the term ‘wage slavery’ has a connotation of a horrible and involuntary servitude, akin to bondage, and the connotation is affixed to working for a wage, a voluntary exchange between equals, which is the opposite.

Word fetishes are used instead of reasoning. When a man reasons, he defines his terms. When a Leftist unreasons — or whatever the mental activity is called whereby mental activity is deliberately made unable to act — what he does is undefine his terms. He makes clear terms muddy.

When the word fetish does not work, they, like the zealous medicine man whose rain dance cannot make it rain, merely dances again, this time harder. So the Leftist says his word fetish again louder or more forcefully or more scornfully. When nothing continues to happen, they try again. And so on.

I used economics as my first example because Marx is the defining pioneer of Leftism. But the same neurosis and the same results obtain for any topic discussed by the Left.

In philosophy, the word fetish is to declare that the only truth is that there is no truth. It is, in other words, an insolent abandonment of philosophy, the love of truth.

In ethics, the word fetish is to say that it is evil to distinguish good from evil, and that being judgmental or condemnatory must be brought to judgment and condemned. This is an insolent abandonment of ethics.

In politics, the word fetish is to call a greedy desire to plunder others a right or an entitlement, and to call a man’s right, especially to his own property to which he alone is entitled, greed. This abolition of all rights and boundaries is an insolent abandonment of politics, even of the concept of politics.

The other word fetish is to put the word ‘social’ in front of a second word so as to rob that second word of meaning, or reverse the meaning: ‘social justice’ in other words, means punishing the innocent and rewarding the guilty, as when non slave owners pay black rioters reparations for a non existent crime.

In logic, they use the word binary to indicate that they disapprove of the proposition that ‘A is A’ is true and that ‘A is not-A’ is false. Of course, without the binary distinction between self consistent and self contradictory statements, logic is vain. It is the insolent abandonment of logic.

Some more energetic Leftists make the argument — pardon me, they unlimber the word fetish — that unless you share the sex, tastes, race, social class, faith and nation of origin of the other man in the argument, your logic is disqualified, on the grounds that all races have different logical systems. Jew logic is not the same as Aryan logic. The mere fact that Nazis invented this argument so as to elude the need to answer critics should deter the Leftist, who claims to hate Nazis, but in truth does not.

In art, ugliness is called daring or subversive and beauty is insulted and deconstructed by any number of words mocking the motive of the artist and ignoring the merit of the art.

The mere fact that all these arguments are self defeating, absurdly obvious logical absurdities, does not shame them. Nothing does. The whole reason why the Leftist abandons reason is to quell his shame. Leftism is shamelessness.

Shamelessness is like guiltlessness in that one is free of feeling guilty, albeit, of course, one can endlessly continue to indulge in the most vile, low, vulgar, and shameful of vices. Neither the virgin nor the whore blushes, albeit, obviously, because the first has no need where the second no ability.

Shamelessness is like guiltlessness in that neither the sinner nor the saint goes to confession, albeit, of course, for opposite reasons.

If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of attempting a rational debate with a Leftist, you have no doubt come away with the same queasy sensation one might encounter if watching a man try to eat a rubber chicken, or copulate with an inflatable doll, or, to use a less grotesque example, like watching a retarded man in clown make up who does not know how to juggle tossing a single ball up into the air and letting it drop, and then smiling and bowing to the puzzled and bored children in the audience, as if he does not know that dropping the ball is not what juggling is, and does not understand why they are not as thrilled as he could be when he watches a juggler.

What the Leftist does in debate is utter his idiot word fetishes and slogans with the sneering hauteur of a card player displaying his trump card, or a chessmaster a checkmate.

And when his nonsense does not win the debate, or even address the debate, he realized you are the OTHER, and he blames you, and insults your character, your intelligence, your education, your moral stature, your maturity, et cetera.

The more mentally agile Leftists will invent some implausible sounding motive for you to be dishonest, such as (and this is the least plausible I have ever heard) he will answer cite your mental incapacity is due to ‘Christian Privilege’.

As far as I can recall, no one either in a debate or as an onlooker to a debate has ever been convinced by the ad hominem, or any like it. Why do Leftists always resort to this shift?

Naturally, he does not expect this bit of verbal drool to convince you or impress you: it is a code word, a shibboleth, a display of his credentials, a secret handshake.

When you do not return the handshake, he knows you to be the dread and dreaded OTHER, those peoples of whom he has heard but dim rumor, the non-Leftists who use that horrible thing called reason, a lamp that he hates as dearly as Gollum hates the sun.

Leftists always resort to this shift because it is the only arrow in their quiver. They do not have any reasoning to give. If they could reason, they would not be Leftists.

The Leftist must attack you. Your very existence is an affront to him, proof positive that his worldview is wrong. He has nothing to say to support his position, and he cannot shut up.

If he could shut himself up, he would not be a Leftist. Leftism the mental activity for making excuses to excuse the inexcusable, to make rationalizations to rationalize the irrational, to make justifications to justify the unjustified — if they could shut their mouths and live without making excuses, they would not be Leftists.

Leftists are people who have a conscience but act like sociopaths. If the Leftist were really a sociopath, he would not need excuses, justifications, and rationalizations to fill his yammering mouth and empty his wrathful brain.

Please note also that this behavior only surfaces on matters where the Leftist has turned Left and turned off his brain in a vain attempt to turn off his conscience, which he wrongly believes to be lodged in the brain. A Leftist can be a good coworker, even a good friend, if you stick to topics where the Leftist brain-parasite called guilt does not take root and bloom like ghastly fungi expanding from his hypothalamus and medulla oblongata to suck up all his gray matter and ooze sinuously out of eyes, nostrils, mouth, ears.

I have talked with social Leftists about economic issues, for example, without triggering their brain-fungi response. The Leftist will mouth the normal sounding American ideals about Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness provided you do not crowd him too closely to ask him what those things mean, or why their heroes Che and Mao and crystal meth dealer Matthew Shepard slain by his gay lover and fellow drug dealer Aaron McKinney fit into the idea of the American Way, then and only then will the brain fungi erupt, and the human-shaped skull be cracked and flung aside, revealing the fleshy lobes and convolutions of the nonhuman being beneath.

Leftists are reasonable and decent people except in their particular areas of sensitivity, by which I mean, of course, where they are hiding their smothering guilt, and — this point bears emphasizing — not all of them are sensitive about the same thing, because not all of them sold the same section of their brains to the Fungi from Yuggoth for the same reason.

No one has sold all his brain, and no one is an entirely self consistent Leftist, so what triggers one Leftist into frothing inanity is not what triggers another. But the behavior once triggered is the same. That behavior is flight from reason.

As stated above, Leftism is what you get when you stop reasoning.

Their reasoning is marred and crippled because they mar and cripple reason so that reason will not operate properly. They want reason not to operate properly because reason shows them a truth that they cannot abide. They cannot abide the truth because the truth condemns them. Truth condemns them because they do evil.

Why do they do evil? Because they choose evil. Why do they choose evil?

Look in your own heart and I will look in mine for that answer. You know the answer, dear reader, as do I, even if we cannot put that answer into words. Great sins follow the same process as small ones. Great temptations use the same lures as small ones, the same excuses: No one is looking. It is just this once. I am entitled. Everyone does it. This time, I am really hungry, really in need. It is too much trouble to resist. I am no saint. No one can tell me what to do. Non serviam!

The mothers who kill their babies and the men who take men like women do not do these things because they are too innocently stupid to be able to tell the difference between a tumor and a baby, sex and sodomy. They know. They know damned well, and I do, in the excruciatingly precise theological meaning of the term, mean damned.

The do not do evil deeds because they innocently yet by an understandable lapse of reason came to an incorrect conclusion about the world because they dropped a decimal point in their moral calculations, and therefore came to a wrong worldview which produced a wrong map which set them astray.

They went astray and then drew the wrong map to justify it.

They do not need their map corrected. The error on the map is deliberate: see with what vehemence they defend it, long after it is perfectly clear it is an error.

They do not do crooked deeds because they actually believe their crooked worldview. They broke the spine of their worldview and made it crooked because they actually want to do crooked deeds.

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Tens of Thousands of Invisible Men Thu, 22 Jan 2015 21:51:51 +0000 I Google’d the words MARCH FOR LIFE today, January 22nd, and clicked the ‘news’ tab. The results were fascinating: articles from Fox News, from Vatican Radio, Breitbart News, Patheos Blog, Newbusters, WTOP‎ (our local Christian radio)  the Catholic News Agency, and Channel 7, the local ABC affiliate. Notice anything odd about that?

Someone with more mathematical alertness than myself, and more patience to comb through the articles, should puzzled out what the ratio of mainstream media coverage to niche market Christian, conservative, and Catholic media coverage. So a sex hundred thousand man march, far larger than most political movements, simply is not news? I invite you to compare it to the anti-Ferguson marches and protests, accusing an innocent policeman and deifying a stoned thug, and how much news coverage they received.

Here is one of the columns:

From This is written by Ryan M. Adorjan, seminarian for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet-in-Illinois.

1/22/14: 650k will March on Washington but You Won’t Hear Anything About it


Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 21 through Friday, January 23 I have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life which is a pro-life rally and peaceful protest occurring each year to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Year after year, it is consistently one of the largest rallies in the United States and it’s only getting bigger. In 2003, the event drew 250,000 people to the capitol. By 2011, the number was up to 400,000 and in 2013 the number was 650,000. Interestingly, the turnout is not by a bunch of old religious fuddy duddies. In 2010, the Washington Post estimated that more than half of the marchers were under the age of 30, and that number continues to grow.

But this post is not really about abortion.

My question is this: In two days, there will be over 650,000 young people marching on our nation’s capitol, shutting down streets, holding banners, and taking part in this pro-life, pro-women display and the national news media will be almost silent about it….why is that?


Why did the riots in Ferguson captivate hours of air time on nearly every news channel, despite being much smaller than the March for Life? Why did the Eric Garner protests likewise receive live coverage and interviews? Last year, ABC and NBC gave the March for Life a combined 46 seconds of air time, donating nearly 5 times that much to BaoBao, a new panda cub at the National Zoo. CBS didn’t even mention the March. The year before, networks gave 521 times more coverage to Manti Te’o and his fictional girlfriend than they gave to a rally that effectively shuts down Capitol Hill. Whatever your stance on abortion, certainly we can agree that the issue is more important that the birth of a baby panda or some football player’s love life!

Read the whole thing.

My question for the reader is this: why can the Morlocks not even admit the size and vehemence of the opposition here?

What is gained by pretending we do not exist?

Or, to ask a more precise question, would not striking the pose that they are opposing such a large and bold movement allow them to portray themselves as heroes, and gain them more?

They cower before the weather, and before the Koch Brothers, which do not threaten them at all, but these marches display the strength of a society that bids fair to abolish abortion in our lifetimes.

The young and highly motivated survivors of the antinatal holocaust are gathering, and they see the economic disaster overpopulation scaremongers have done them, they can see the demographic disaster of Europe.

Why do the Left pretend real threats to their hellish hegemony do not exist, but flaunt in comical excesses of emotion their pantomimes gestures of exaggerated opposition to utterly unreal and imaginary dangers?

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Superversive Art Imitates Life Thu, 22 Jan 2015 19:00:08 +0000 A column from my beautiful and talented wife on the real nature of realistic stories. She dreamed she wrote this column, and, when she woke, decided to write it in real life.

Sometimes people say that stories of wonder and magic are unrealistic. Because they never happen in real life.

But this isn’t true.

You just have to know where to look.

Below are just a few examples of real life stories where people lived the kind of experience that Superversive stories strive to imitate.

1) I answered my doorbell one day, and a nice-looking young man asked for some directions. I told him what he wanted to know, and as I turned to go back into the house, he shoved me forward into the entry, followed me inside, and slammed the door shut.

I found myself facing a pistol he had thrust at me. First he told me he wouldn’t hurt me or my baby. Then he forced me into a back bedroom where he ordered, “Take off your clothes.”

Stunned and horrified, I answered, “No, I can’t do that. Please, let me talk with you.”

“No!” He jerked at my blouse and gestured angrily with his gun. “Lady, you’ve got five to start undressing. One!”

No human means of protection or rescue was at hand, and I couldn’t succeed in engaging him in some sort of dialogue through which I might dissuade him from his intentions. Our big collie was out “protecting” the back yard. My husband was at the office. And even if the man was bluffing with the gun, I could see no chance of overpowering him, since he was built like a football player.

Struggling to keep my thinking above hypnotic waves of fear, dismay, and hopelessness, I mentally gave myself—and my situation —up to God. I shook my head at the man’s demand.

“God is my Life,” I managed to say.

“No, He’s not. Two!”

“Yes, He is.” The strength was returning to my voice. “And He’s your Life, too.”


“God loves me, and God loves you.”


“God is my Life. God is my Life.

I never heard him say “five,” but I heard a click as he pulled the trigger, and the gun did not fire. The man smiled and shook his head in disbelief. He reached out and patted me on the head. Then he said in a subdued voice, “Lady, you’re great. I’m sorry.”

He turned and started to walk out, and as he did, I felt a tremendous surge of compassion and love for this individual, who perhaps had recognized something of the ever-presence of Christ, Truth.

“Wait,” I called. “I have something for you.”

He turned at the front door. “Lady, all I need is love.”

And that, folks, is what we want to do with our fiction.

Superversive stories, at their best, will do to their readers what prayer did in the testimonies above, what laughter did for my son:

Catch the darkness unaware and lift it out of itself into something higher, something glorious.

Read the whole thing

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Only You Can Halt Puppy Sadness — PART THREE!! Revenge of the Son of the Puppy of Dune versus Godzilla! Thu, 22 Jan 2015 15:54:17 +0000 Science has proven the the leading cause of sadness in puppies is the Leftwingization of the Hugo Awards, so that awards are being given on the basis not of their merits, but on the basis of their political correctness.

And since political correctness requires that storytelling be smothered and smug yet whiny preaching arrant nonsense be exulted, politically correct stories suck like an industrial strength shop-vac.

In other words, the award for the best novels and short stories has been highjacked to serve the social justice warriors, screaming meemies, cultural Marxists, and nyctalope cannibal troglodyte Morlocks, and their stories are poorly conceived and poorly executed trash. Novels are getting awards not because they are good, but only because they are Leftist.

Here is the announcement of he announcement:


Patch by Lee Madison

It is that time of year again. If you would like to register to vote for the Hugo awards you will need to do so before the end of January. If you participated last time, you are still eligible to nominate this year.

Sad Puppies is a campaign to get authors and artists nominated, who would normally be shunned by the politically motivated Social Justice Warriors who had become an insurmountable voting block.

Last year I did a big push with several blog posts and cartoons (featuring Wendell as our spokesmanatee) to try to get people who aren’t typical WorldCon attendees to participate. We managed to get people and things despised by SJWs nominated to almost every category. The ensuing public freak out was hilarious and proved my point.

This year I’ve been pretty swamped with one big writing project (1st book coming out October 2015) and a couple other secret projects, but Brad Torgersen has picked up the gauntlet to make up from me being a huge slacker.

The announcement:

The explanation:

What you can do to help:

So there you go folks. Enjoy.

For those of you who missed Sad Puppies 2: Rainbow Puppy Lighthouse the Huggening, but would like to see a great example of somebody proving a point, here is a recap of what happened last time:

My comment:

The hard working Larry Correia is overwhelmed! We must save him, by which I mean, you must do all the work because I am writing a novel! Go forth! Buy a membership!

Tell everyone you know, starting with the milkman! Run down the street like George Bailey wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, but shout out instead about the Sad Puppies initiative, until Bert the Cop bludgeons you into silence with his truncheon.

Go forth, my minions! Do not just vote the vote! Be the vote!

Vote like the wind! You are a leaf on the wind!

I don’t know what that line means either!  Wash died a chump death!

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The Nature of the Andromeda Realm is Abstract and Fluid Wed, 21 Jan 2015 04:15:44 +0000 I was looking for the correct demonym for Andromeda. (Is it Andromedan or Andromedean or Andromedian? Andromedahin? Andromedaneese? Andromedine? Andromedaoi? Andromedishman?)

So I typed in the word Andromedan, and I found this:

1. The Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy (M31, RNGC # 224) is a large spiral galaxy and is our closest neighbor at a distance of 2.2 million light years. It has approximately 1 trillion stars.

“The nature of the Andromeda realm is abstract and fluid. A dimensional doorway exists in our nearby galactic neighborhood as a bridge to the Andromeda Energy. This bridge/doorway is the star Antares.” (Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest, The Prism of Lyra)

Many sources mention Andromeda as the home of several higher dimensional species. Some of these species chose to come and assist Earth in its current day Ascension progress. To adapt to a life in a 3-dimensional body, these Starseeds usually go through Antares.

Information about the inhabitants of the Andromeda galaxy that are visiting Earth is usually channeled.

2. The Andromeda Constellation

Andromeda is not only a galaxy, it is also the name of an astronomical constellation. It is located above the constellations of Aries and Pisces. Its brightest star is called Alpheratz.

Several sources, including “Branton,” mention that the Adromedans are member of the Federation of Planets.

There also is a strong connection with the Pleiadians. (When referring to the “Federation of Planets” some authors actually speak of the “Andromedan/Pleiadian Federation” or the “Andromedan Federation”).

Some people claim to have been in contact for a long period of time with the inhabitants of a planet within the Andromeda constellation. Alex Collier is one of them. He says that “they are the oldest race in our galaxy and are very concerned about our future. They have light blue skin, but when they age, the skin becomes more white. The average age of Andromedans is 2007 years.

Collier’s contacts say in December 2013, we will cease to exist as 3rd density beings, and move up to 4th density. They say on Mar 23, 1994, an energy began radiating from black holes at the base of each galaxy to help in this transition. The contacts say the primate race was created by the Draconians, and first brought to Mars, then Earth. Back then, earth was closer to Mars, and covered with ice.

They say humans are part of a soul group which they call Paa Tal, which were opposed to the Draconian influence and have warred with them for hundreds of thousands of years. They say that earth will be ruled by Draconian tyranny approx. 350 years from now (about 2352 AD) and have traced the shift of energy to our solar system, at (about 1995). Specifically to the earth, moon, and Mars.

The Andromedan council agreed that all ET life should be removed from the earth, moon, and Phobos by Aug 12, 2003.

They say there are only 2000 original grey aliens, and most of them are on Phobos, a moon of Mars. (Most of the other Greys are clones, thereby supporting the hypothesis that the grays are dying as a race due to genetic stagnation and they are looking for new DNA to revive their race.)

If the aliens are not out of the moon by 2003, they will pull the moon out of orbit to ‘deal with it.’ They say our moon is an artificial satellite from another star system (the star Chauta in Ursa Minor). ” (Quoted by Chuck Roberts in his Mystical Encyclopedia).

Wendelle Stevens mentions another Andromedan contactee. In 1972, Mexican Professor Hernandez was told by one of his students, ‘Lya, that she came from the planet Inxtria, revolving around Beta Andromeda (Mirach, 197 light years away). Her message mainly was one of ecological concern.

Contactee Sixto Paz Wells claims to be in contact with Andromedans who look like regular humans (Humanoid phenotype): they are about 6’2″ (1.85m) tall and hairless; they have small eyes and a reddish skin tone.

The Andromeda Galaxy
The Andromeda Galaxy

My comment:

I, for one, am glad I am not a mindreader. I suspect that the spread of telepathy among humans would cause us to dwell on many secret oddities and abnormalities hidden near the bottom of the mind best kept there. The general loss of humanity, humility, and courtesy during the information age in which we live, the anonymity of the internet, and the deluge of porn, perhaps show some hint of what the minds of the Sons of Adam would broadcast into the psychosphere had we this power.

If I were a mindreader, I would actually see the mind of the people who say and believe things like this. It is not the beliefs are shocking or distasteful: quite to the contrary, they show that healthy romance and lure of the unknown which rests beneath all healthy religious impulses.

However, it creeps the bejesus out of me, because I make up this stuff for a living, and, unlike the Grays and Draconians, I take the trouble to make sure my info is scientifically accurate.

I have a right to be more spooked by the believers in New Age astro-nonsense than most, only because they are repeating back to me things we made up, me and my fellow science fictioneers. But we know it is make believe. I assume an actress who plays a role on a long running soap opera and meets a fan who cannot tell she is not Raven who stole Logan Swift from Alice or shot JR feels much the same sensation of freakish mental distortion radiating from someone who is too much a fan.

That exact same odd sensation, much like the jar when you expect a stair that is not there, when you turn the corner in the brain, happens to me frequently when I speak to Leftists about politics.

They start with some sensible statement about how, indeed, Andromeda has a trillion stars and is two million lightyears away, and then, either slowly or swiftly (depending on whether the corner is a sharp turn or a gradual one) the conversation turns to whether the realm is abstract and fluid, or inhabited by higher dimensional species aiding in the ascension process, and how the Andromeda energy passes through a  transdimensional bridge anchored in Antares. Not to be confused with the local aliens inhabiting Alpheratz in the constellation of Andromeda: an understandable mistake!

The man with whom you speak, you slowly realize, ascended to a 4th density being about two years ago. The normal look in his eye turns to a fixed and freakish gleam, and you back away, looking for something to serve as an impromptu truncheon wherewith to stun him.

The difference is that the Esoterics (as I call them) indulge in a charming form of crackpottery that is mostly harmless. When you speak with a Leftist, however, they always get personal, indulge in personal comments, insults, sneers, slurs, slanders, insults.

This is an odd, indeed an un-Darwinian, behavior for nonviolent and incompetent cowards to indulge in. But they cannot help themselves any more than the Esoteric can.

I saw that same freakish gleam ignite in the eye of a coworker of mine, as the conversation turned smoothly from talk about the relation between our military contractor jobs and the Pentagon, and, without missing a beat, he announced that the Koch brothers were now in charge of Congress.  He stepped from making perfectly reasonable comments about the contracting process to Cloudcuckooland without noticing it. I politely ducked away from the conversation and he shouted BUT IT’S TRUE at my retreating back.

Again, I saw that same freakish gleam in the eye of a host of mine who had invited me for a talk up in New York, addressing a literary club. Upon discovering that my day job was with Northrop Grumman, he immediately, and with no change of expression, his fixed smile never wavering, proceeded to call my employers thieves and villains and the lowest sort. I stared at his placid face in bewilderment, not understanding under what rule of courtesy one asks a writer to address your literary group and proceeds to insult his honorable employment and employer to his face. Mere surprise prevented me from drawing the blade I keep hidden in my walking stick and ending his filthy life then and there, for I was not a Christian then, and your weak and womanish religion formed no check on my natural impulses.

Because of that, I also realize why the Leftists are unafraid of the Jihad: they are sociopaths, unable to form proper fear-reactions to real dangers, unable to quell panic over imaginary dangers. They are not afraid of blood-sopped lunatics who kidnap schoolgirls and sell them into slavery, or butcher French journalists, or nosedive planes full of civilians into skyscrapers; but they are afraid of global climate change. They are afraid of the weather.

And the moment you realize that the normal looking, soft spoken man next to you is a Leftist rather than, ah, shall we say, neuro-typical is always disorienting.


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Want Ad Tue, 20 Jan 2015 18:08:41 +0000 I met one of my two fans at Marscon last weekend, much to my pleasure and surprise. The other fan wanted my help spreading his Help Wanted Ad around the science fiction world, so I am posting here so that the other fan will also see it:

Need some more artists for a game project a partner and I are looking to kickstart over the next year. We need 1 more artist who is skilled at
drawing human figures and portraits. We’re offering to pay up front for approximately 3 works with more to be commissioned if the kickstart is successful. Please send examples of your work as well as a preferred rate.

Email Garak at

simplegarak at gmail dot com


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Sf Signal post: A Blind Man’s Journey Through Hell Tue, 20 Jan 2015 16:51:23 +0000 My beautiful and talented wife was asked to contribute a guest essay at SF SIGNAL:

Some choice quotes to whet your curiosity:

[GUEST POST] Special Needs in Strange Worlds: L. Jagi Lamplighter on Meditations on a Blind Man’s Journey Through Hell

When I was preparing to write this article, I discussed the idea with a few folks who are sight-impaired. The comment that most stuck with me came from Day Al-Mohamed, co-author of the charming Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn. She made quite a few insightful observations, but the one that struck me was: “I am not your metaphor.


As a writer and a reader, I am not against the use of blindness, or anything, as metaphor if it fits the story. Nor am I against blindness going hand and hand with inner vision. And yet, I felt Day had a point. At least occasionally, it would be nice to have a blind character who simply happened to be blind, the way other folk happen to be lame, or deaf, or have a bad heart or unusually short, or even red-haired, or freckled.

Metaphors and spiritual gifts are not the only difficulties blind characters face. Kody Keplinger is a YA author who also happens to be blind. Participating in a blog called Disabilities in KidLit, she wrote on the subject of blind characters in stories for children:

The characters are either completely ruled by their disability – physically and emotionally – constantly breaking down about the struggles they face, fearing the outside world, struggling to adapt, etc. Or, they don’t seem fazed at all. In fact, you might never know they were blind because they are independent and fearless and nothing – NOTHING – holds them back. … Presenting disabled characters as weak or fragile is problematic and unrealistic when the vast majority of us live full, happy lives. But the second option, the disabled person who isn’t even fazed, that’s not honest either.

Her observations made sense to me. On one hand, any character fails to be a real character if they only have one quality—such as a disability. On the other hand, if a character is not affected at all by a particular characteristic, then it might as well not be there. Why bring it up?


As I worked on the Prospero’s Daughter series, a question arose: Was it realistic to take a blind man to Hell? Would it push the reader’s credulity too far? What if the reader responded: Oh come on, a blind person couldn’t really do all that, right?

After some contemplation, I thought: Well, is it realistic to take anyone to Hell?


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Personal Appearance: John C Wright and L Jagi Lamplighter at Marscon Fri, 16 Jan 2015 18:05:31 +0000 Myself, my ugly belly, and my lovely wife, will all be appearing at Marscon this weekend.

My belly which, is the size of the Jovial moon Europa, will arrive Friday evening, but I myself will only arrive on Saturday.

Here is my schedule:

Saturday, January 17

Here is my lovely and talented wife’s schedule:

Saturday, January 17

Sunday, January 18

I see that I failed to provide a photo of myself and my wife for the online announcement by Marscon.

Here is a pic of my wife:

 And here is a picture of me:
Dog with Keyboard
And this is a picture of the Catwoman:
  catwoman final Pencil Joe Benitez Inks Batt detail



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Victor Davis Hanson praises Sci Phi Journal Fri, 16 Jan 2015 16:10:40 +0000 Craig Bernthal on the Victor Davis Hansen Private Papers website reviews the stories and essays in the Sci Phi journal, and gives high praise to the editor, writers and essayists, likening them to the greats from the golden age of science fiction.

I was please to see he liked my essay:

Finally, there is John C. Wright’s essay, “Prophetic and Atropaic Science Fiction.” Wright’s main goal in this essay is to distinguish science fiction from prophecy, and he does it by using a pagan source, Oedipus, and a biblical source, Jonah. Oedipus shows that no man escapes his fate and Jonah, the opposite, that man can use his free will to amend his life. They speak from two opposite moral perspectives. Science fiction is more on Jonah’s side. It is a very American art form, optimistic about our chances of living better, decent lives if we work at it. Science fiction writers believed we would have moon bases by now (2001: A Space Odyssey) or be exploring Mars; Wright notes that we have not done these things because they were out of reach, technologically, but because social engineers decided to spend the money otherwise, and here he becomes prophetic himself:

The problem, not to put too fine a point on the question, was that we had too many social engineers, that is socialists, here on Earth, and their promotion of a vision of the unworkable worker’s paradise composed of a collective they crave was at odds with the workable but imperfect free market democracy composed of individuals.

The collective requires doubtful, fearful and effeminate men. It requires men conditioned to think that asking for permission from the state before acting is normal. It requires men who think of licking the boot of a bureaucrat as an annoying but necessary trifle; men who think nothing wrong with disarming themselves upon request; going into infinities of debt upon request; surrendering their children to be educated by incompetent ideologues upon request. . .

If we are no longer pursuing the dreams of space exploration, it is perhaps because we are also no longer the kind of people who have the dreams that powered science fiction as a literary genre. You don’t find paragraphs like these in America’s Best Fiction or America’s Best Essays. Sci Phi promises a venue for marginalized conservative voices in at least one genre.

Read the whole thing:

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