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* * *

There was no time. That is the first thing to remember. I did not know what was about to happen. That is the second thing to remember.

Imagine a time line. Select a zero point. To one side is an infinity of tomorrow, starting with positive one. To the other is an infinity of yesterday, starting with negative one. But between the positive and the negative infinities, what is there? Less than nothing, less than half of nothing, a pinprick, a dot, a point, less time than it takes to decide to murder them all.

I look into the first moment of negative one: one second ago.

Imagine a frozen moment. The glass of the chapel doors is breaking. Men in tall white hoods carrying shotguns, pistols, hunting rifles are firing. The guests are screaming, falling to the floor. And you, my love, have thrown your tall, strong body over mine, selflessly, lovingly, without a moment to think, without a moment to decide. I am feeling your body shuddering, not with passion as you embrace me, as I yield to your embrace, as we are falling; you shudder with the impact of bullets and buckshot throwing your blood, your living blood, your warmth, in sprays like Rorschach blots across the dark expanse of the expensive tuxedo I picked out, the dark expanse of your warm skin, and across the white satin of my wedding dress, the dress my many mothers sewed.

I cannot see you as you die. You are in the way. But I see the flower girl, the preacher’s daughter, with her little pink pillow falling, her little face that will never grow any older, never see her own wedding day. She is falling, and the gold ring not on your finger is flying in the air, catching the beam of sunlight from the broken stained glass window, the one showing Christ turning water into blood-red wine.

My ring is on my finger, a perfect unmarred circle of gold. A ring is like eternity, like the eternal, infinite return of the cosmos from Big Bang to the Eschaton, from Creation to Big Crunch. It is supposed to be as eternal as a vow of love. It is shaped like a zero.

Imagine a zero moment. For all the seconds of the weeks and months before zero, the negative of time, I can see when we met on the bus, when we spoke, when I asked you why you sat in the back, when you smiled, when you touched my hand to help me down the steps at our bus stop in Atlanta and the driver scowled at you, a look of hatred. During all those seconds, my happiness was complete.

During all that time, during my exile from time, I did not know what was about to happen.

Next comes the zero moment itself: You have placed the white gold wedding band on my pale white finger, but I have not yet done the same to you. I have said the words, the two little words no bride can take back if she says them.

I do.

But the preacher it took us so long to find, to find someone willing to marry us, he has not turned and asked you yet.

So I am an uncertain bride. The probability wave has not collapsed. I am in the zero between fiancée and wife.

You are an uncertain bridegroom. I thought it was cute that you were nervous. Had I only known the reason for your fear! Why did I select this time for my exile?

Right next door to the chapel is the hall where the State Democrat Party is having its meeting. There is a big smiling poster of Bull Conner, their national committee chair, hanging over the front door. He is the commissioner for safety. The men in white hoods had come out of the meeting hall with their hunting rifles tucked under their arms. These are not elephant guns, but smaller caliber weapons, not something that could penetrate the hide of a rhino or a charging elephant. That is the third thing to remember. It was the reason why I do what I will do, here in the zero moment, here in eternity. Part of the reason.

All seconds after the zero is nothing but horror and pain and loss. The change is that sudden. Heaven is hell.

I look farther back, when first we met.

I ask ‘May I sit here?’ And you say ‘Please.’ That is also the last thing you ever say in life, to the man raising a gun. Please.

I remember you saying, ‘Why would a time traveler take a bus?’ And I tried to explain about how hard it was to get a license when your birth is a probability cloud stretched between many timelines, how hard it is to operate machines that neither speak nor listen to commands. “But you know how to drive your Time Machine, right? You have a Time Machine?”

“If you are thinking of a thing with a saddle and the sweep of years flashing by like a film in fast motion, or a blue box like a telephone booth, no, nothing like that.”

I tried to explain about the zero point, the place a scientist would call the probability wave of the universe before the Big Bang, the moment when all matter and energy, but also all mind and thought, all time and space, were gathered into one knot, smaller than the diameter of the nucleus of an atom. It contains all probability and no actuality. More than one possible universe can issue forth from the moment before time begins, and in one of them, time travel is possible. Life is possible.

What is life? Ah, my poor, poor beloved, my poor innocent three-dimensional perfect man, my prince, my everything, you who are trapped in one wormlike line of cause and effect, always going forward at one second per second, with no turn offs, no take backs, no way to undo a decision, no way to undo saying I do.

I know what life is. I can never explain it to you.

Life is the intersectional membrane where eternity touches the continuum. That is why matter only can ever operate by cause and effect, like a row of dominos toppling, whereas living things, every stop along the chain of evolution reaching back to the first single celled amoeba can anticipate. And what is anticipation? It is to act outside normal cause and effect, react to things before they happen — All life, even the humble one-celled organism, can see far enough into the future to move away from what endangers it and toward what feeds it.

Amoebas never murder other amoebas. Amoebas never kill themselves. They are too simple. But they, even they, have a touch of eternity to them.

I could explain the science behind it, talk about the nested interaction of probability waves, how time at the submicroscopic level is symmetrical forward and backward: but pretend instead that you live in a world of magic.

Life is a miracle.

Life remembers that moment before time began, that zero point before this universe started and after the previous version of this universe collapsed inward on itself, a cosmos crushed into a pinpoint.

And what of my life? The life of time travel? I am the one who had the memory of that moment thrust upon her. Why me? Why am I the one worm who grew butterfly wings and soared into the eleven dimensions? That answer is complex, and does not concern us now.

My cosmos is crushed into a pinpoint as I see my love die. I am his wife; here is the ring on my finger; but he is not my husband. His ring is in midair, impaled on a sunbeam from a shattered image of the Virgin Mary saying that all the wine is gone. All gone.

I look in the past direction, and I remember our talk on that long bus ride. You are well read, and wanted to make something of yourself. You were studying paleontology. You said the ancient beasts were monsters of legend, but real.

The talk turned to mythology. I remember you saying, ‘But why would the moon goddess love Endymion? All he can do is sleep.’

‘Yes, but it is eternal sleep, so he never dies,’ I say.

You shake your head and smile that handsome smile. ‘But he never knows her. He is never awake.’

I whisper then that if she knows he lives, it is enough.

Why did I select this time for my exile? It was not a hard question: earlier eras did not have the conveniences of modern life, no cool air at the push of a button when it was hot, no electric lights when it was dark, no aspirin for pain, and no anesthesia for childbirth.

Why no farther in the future you might ask, when everyone is driving flying cars and rockets to cities on the moon? My love, I will not crush your hopes, but that future does not ever come.

Instead, the farther you go away from the zero point between Postwar America and Pre-Jihad America, what you find is more riots, more dirt, more diseases without cures, atomics used as fashion statement to advertise religious or political points of view, and no one able to travel or buy without paperwork and identity chips. So many cameras, and so many computers tracking your every move. A woman with no birth certificate cannot travel freely, and I won’t wear a veil while walking through the bad section of town.

The laws against discrimination close all chapels and synagogues. No one tips his hat to a lady. No one holds the door for me. And the music, the pornography, the swearing, the crudeness, the loutishness, all of it gets worse and worse.

Why did the men of this generation throw everything away? This is the highest point of civilization out of all history. I know. I’ve looked.

But even here, there is hatred and violence and death. You would think they would love this nation and this era so much they would never raise their bloodstained hands against each other. But sometimes hate overwhelms love.

Look farther back into the negative direction, the past. There I am in the Fortress of Limbo with my mothers. She is me, an older version, the me that gives birth to me. She is the other time travelers. I am the only time traveler there is; they are all me. One is dressed in a snappy Nazi uniform of the women’s auxiliary, a cigarette in a hold in her shining black leather glove. The next is dressed in the floral skirts and wide brimmed straw hat of a Southern Belle, and girls waiting on her are mulatto, half-negresses, and they are both her slaves and her half sisters. Another version of me is dressed in the colors of Lady Baltimore, and she looks disdainfully at the slaves, since, in her timeline, the British Empire abolished the institution after the Southern Colonies attempted a second rebellion no more successful than the first.

One problem with being a time traveler is sometimes you do not get along with yourselves.

The Fortress is round and lucent as a pearl, and hangs in space among a belt of asteroids in a version as remote as we can possibly reach, the one where Earth never formed. In the center is a smaller pearl, this one made of thinking crystal, and it shows a fourth dimensional representation of the eleven dimensional map of time.

Everyone of me, at some point, is given The Talk. Mine came when I was young. I had only made one or two short hops, once to step on a butterfly in the dinosaur age so that Reagan would win an election and win the Cold War. The other was to drop a kitchen magnet on a dirt road in the backwoods for a little boy to find. Playing with the idly found magnet would lead to a lifelong passion for science, and the boy would later grow up to be the greatest inventor of all time, and this leads to the defeat of Sorainya of Gyronch, a version of me I did not like at all. Maybe that is what brings me to the Fortress of Limbo for The Talk.

After being told the usual gross stuff about birds and bees and incest, about giving birth to myself and marrying my own son, Lazarus, the topic of destroying worlds comes up.

One of my mothers, Sorainya of Roma, points to a fork in time. “Here is the decision point,” says she, grey haired, severe, dressed in the robes of the Vestal Order. “In this branch you create a paradox that destroys one of the six hundred and sixty six timelines. In the other…”

I say, “And if I foreswear time travel utterly? Agree never to use it for any purpose whatsoever? I am weary of being a puppet pulling on my own strings, of always knowing what comes next, what I will do next.”

She says, “That creates a Schrödinger’s Cat cloud, a zero point of uncertainty, from which our foretelling sees two possible results: you will behold a man murdered before your eyes, and be tempted, but will resist, and will let him die. After a long monolinear life, the danger point will pass, and you will be raised against to be one of us, a sister among sisters. The other is that you will turn time back to slay his slayers, and set in motion paradoxes beyond what we can smother.”

Her eyes narrow dangerously, and I recall that they feed fighting slaves to the gladiatorial circus in her world, and hang traitors on crosses to die in the sun.

“If you select the second option, if you use your power, you earn the ultimate penalty. We will retroactively eliminate you from the moment of your conception.”

The Nazi version of me, Sorainya of the Reich, adds coolly, “This conversation will never have taken place, and there will be no guilt on the conscience of the Sisterhood, because we will have forgotten as well. We have no record of ever imposing this penalty on any of us before. How could we?”

A version of me from the timeline where the Agrarian Revolution never took root is dressed like a cavegirl in the tanned skins of the Red Elk. Now she speaks. What her world lacks in tools and machines, it more than makes up for in wisdom: “Either hate overcomes love, or love overcomes hate. That is the only decision to be made.”

I say, “What do I care if some monolinear worm lives or dies?” We call normal people worms because they can never break out of their own personal time, never move faster than the inchworm on second per second. And from the viewpoint of the timelessness, you sort of look like that.

The cavegirl says, “Never mock the power of love. It is stronger than us, stronger than eternity.”

I pull my gaze back to now, right now. The decision is easy. Decisions are hard only when half your mind argues with the other. When your whole heart and will and strength is devoted, you are not even aware of having had decided, of saying the words you can never take back.

Hatred or love?

If I do this thing, I knew I would be killed for it. But from the point of view of eternity, from the zero point, look to the other side, one second in the future, and see what I do.

I know what life is. You think each organism is separate, but there is only one line of cause and effect, mother and child, one chain of interconnected clouds of probability, reaching from your dying body back to the primordial amoeba.

Never mind. Call it magic.

By magic I reach back through time. No, I cannot bring you back to life, not here, not now. I cannot step backward five minutes and rush you out the back door, because my own body, the chains of cause and effect I have already established, are in the way. If I had more time to prepare, perhaps I could have done something — but there is no time. That is the first thing to remember.

At the zero point, there is no time. So all points in time are equidistant to me, the same way all the parts of my gold ring touch my finger equally.

The life in your cells has already ebbed too far. Besides, if I were to reach back and force your cells to remember their old shape of some apeman who was your ancestor, the Democrats in their hoods would just shoot you. But you have older and older ancestors. Some have more life in them then others, and they are easier to reach. There is a chain of ever small ratlike beings, none of which will do. Then, I see your ancestor from late Cretaceous. His skull is five feet long, and his bite is the most powerful of any creature that ever lived.

One second into the future, the positive direction, of the zero point, I can see the result of my instantaneous decision.

Yes, I will be eliminated by my cold eyed mothers for this act, and die so completely that I never will have had lived, and no one, not even you, will remember me.

Had I chosen otherwise, I would have been safe under your toppled body, and the men escaped, hooting and laughing, their hood removed, members in good standing of the Good Old Boys, staunched pilled of the community, to go to the honkey tonk bar and drink beers with the Sherriff and the mayor and the judge. I would live beyond the moonshot, beyond the administration of Johnson, yes, that Johnson, who promised to addict your people to welfare, and break your pride, you uppity darkie, you. “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years…”

The hypocrisy and hate of men like this would gather in my throat as I grew older, one second at a time, like worm, and then when one of your people is finally elected, these men and their sons, these men who shot you, they hurl such filth, so many slanders. And in my old age, on my deathbed, one of the mothers would appear, and say the dangerous decision time was past, that there was no more paradoxes in my future. I could have my youth and life restored to me. Everything would be mine. But not you. Never you. Time and eternity would not allow it.

So, yes, I do hate them, the men in hoods, the anonymous men, the cowards. When you rear up, I cannot restore your brains or memories, but I can reach back and pull the old shapes of ancestral cells back into the now point, the zero point, the moment. And, yes, I can even pull in the excess mass from the uncertainty cloud. Heisenberg is nice that way.

Up you rear, merely an animal now, as savage as the love that beats in my breast for you. The roar is one that had not been heard on earth for countless eons, but somehow the cells in the blood of your victim recall, and their glands react, and they lose control of their bladders. How I laugh! The gunfire hurts you, stings you, but cannot kill you, not in the first volley. And there is no second volley.

A ricochet strikes me through the brain, and so I die in instant painlessness before I see what happens next. It is a mercy.

If they had not fired on you, hurt you, made noise with their firearms, perhaps you would merely have eaten the choir. But they hurt you, my love, and your cobra eyes, red as rubies, catch them in your gaze. In your first step you trample the leader and break his bones, and the cries and whimpers while you descend upon his followers.

Paleontologists would never figure out what those absurdly small fore-claws are for, will they? Too small to catch prey. They contain poison, so that a scratch will slow your fleeing prey, make their legs turn numb and cold. Paleontologist would never have guessed how the king of the tyrant lizards likes to play with his prey like a cat, how you catch them and let them go, and they scream and scream and scream.

Such showers and streams of blood! The chunks of weeping red meat drip from your scarlet teeth. Did they think they were fearsome in their hoods? Let them know fear now, and for the rest of their few moments of life.

Paleontologists are perhaps too kind to guess that you enjoyed to take your prey by the legs, snapping off limbs one by one, so that the lungs, the mouth, the head of the victim is left weeping and shrieking last of all, to disconcert the other members of the prey.

For the king of the tyrant lizard fed his bulk by eating whole herds of prey animals. And that is all the worms who slew you, my love, to me are now. Prey.

Yes, I am sorry about the innocent people killed in the chapel when your hunger is not sated, and you breaking through the walls of the chapel, and wrestling open the bus to find the warm and crunchy women and children inside. How bravely you faced the National Guard, and, later, the Army!

Small price to pay.

I should laugh. It is so like a B-movie science fiction film of this day and age. But I don’t.

But I am comforted in knowing that when my sisters and mothers erase me, everything I did will be unmade, including all these deaths.

When I am eliminated retroactively, my love, everything after we met on the bus will be erased and rewritten. You will love a long and happy and normal life, and yet never meet the girl you think of as some odd fan of H.G. Wells or Jack Williamson pulling your leg. The girl you thought was from Northern India; the one who did not know how to use a payphone.

That first conversation and that first touch of the hand is to be wiped out, sponged away from the stone monument of time. Now, I never was. You will never know me, and never, ever hear these words, which are the last imaginary letter I write to you.

But here, in the one moment, the moment of uncertainty the moment of eternity when all time is gathered into my eye as if in the eye of a goddess, I do not choose vengeance.

That is not why I did it.

This is what I would say, if there was time. But here in eternity, in the infinitesimal point between Eschaton and Big Bang, timespace does not exist, and so there is no time. I have eternity or I have love.

I have made my choice.

Did you think, even for a moment, that I was so consumed with hate that I would die to avenge you? No. I die for you. You will never know me, and I will never exist.

I die that you might live.


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A note on Gamergate Thu, 30 Oct 2014 10:00:15 +0000 A note on Gamergate

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Sci Phi #2 For Sale Thu, 30 Oct 2014 10:00:13 +0000
An Announcement:

Quite a few New Release subscribers opted for SCI PHI JOURNAL #1 as their free book, so I expect more than few people might be pleased to know that the publisher is permitting Castalia House customers to purchase SCI PHI JOURNAL #2 a few days prior to its official release on November 1st.  The second issue of SCI PHI JOURNAL features short stories, book reviews, and some interesting articles such as “On the Ethics of Supersoldiers” by Patrick S. Baker and “The Making of the Fellowship” by the excellent fantasy essayist Tom Simon. it also contains the first part of a serial, Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky, and a history that never-was by John C. Wright, entitled “Prophetic & Apotropaic Science Fiction”.

From the reviews of the premier issue:

  • It’s a bit tragic that you’d need a somewhat specialized magazine to read stuff that treats Sci Fi, philosophy and Christianity seriously and with respect – but here it is. 
  • This was an enjoyable read, well worth the price. As with anything in this format, the individual entries are of varying quality, but none were all bad. “Domo” was my personal favorite.
  • Enjoyed it enormously. The stories are well written. The magazine is thought provoking. 

SCI PHI JOURNAL #2 is now available in the Castalia Store for $3.99. 

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First They Came for the Girls Scouts, But I Said Nothing… Wed, 29 Oct 2014 16:23:49 +0000 An article too rich not to share from Big Government (

The Girl Scouts USA has just ended its 53rd Convention amid sharply declining membership numbers, serious financial problems, cookie boycotts due to the organization’s known ties to Planned Parenthood, and now, the threat that those who want the group to retain its former, traditional values will split off to get the Girl Scouts back on track.

As CBS News reports, for the second straight year, both youth and adult membership in the Girl Scouts has dropped dramatically. Over the past year, the total youth members and adult volunteers declined by six percent, from 2,994,844 to 2,813,997. The past two years have seen total membership down 11.6 percent, and since 2003, when membership peaked at more than 3.8 million, total membership has plummeted 27 percent.

Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez attributes the falling numbers to overarching societal factors, such as less financial stability among parents and families, leading to the need for parents to work several jobs with little time to take children to activities or to volunteer themselves.

Chavez said the dearth of volunteer adults has forced some Girl Scout councils to turn away girls who want to join. She added there are approximately 30,000 girls on waiting lists around the country.

“The need for what Girl Scouts has to offer is not decreasing – more than ever girls need our time and our commitment,” Chavez said. “Our challenge is to meet them where they are with enough caring adults to serve them.”

However, as Will Doig at The Daily Beast observes, the Girl Scouts is facing a split between those who believe the organization should return to its traditional values and principles and those who want the group to focus on more “global” concerns and issues, such as “female body image” and how to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

“We’ve got a group of people organized,” says Marty Woelfel, a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. “I won’t tell you how many.”

According to the Beast, Woelfel and others are prepared to return the Girl Scouts organization to its traditional core principles and activities such as canoeing, archery, fire building, and other wilderness skill building.

Nowadays, girls work toward merit badges for analysis of how fashion blogs portray women, developing a plan to reduce one’s carbon footprint, or how to commit to an “eat local” diet plan that is “sustainable.”

“We listen to and move at the speed of girls, and research shows that today’s girls not only love camping and being outdoors, they also enjoy technology and helping the world while having fun, all of which can be found in Girl Scouts,” says Kelly Parisi, chief communications executive for Girl Scouts USA.

However, as Breitbart News has extensively reported, not all is “fun” at Girl Scouts USA, and Parisi, formerly vice president of Marketing and Communications at the Ms. Foundation, had joined a national campaign during her tenure there to punish the Susan G. Komen Foundation for trying to defund Planned Parenthood.

The Girl Scouts’ ties to Planned Parenthood, abortion, and other “non-traditional” activities include the fact that Josh Ackley – its main media spokesman – also happened to be the lead singer of a “homopunk” band that filmed several controversial videos, including one in which a woman is strangled, and another in which a young man writhes naked on the ground and appears to be masturbating. As Breitbart News’ Austin Ruse reported in January, when Ackley’s extracurricular activities were exposed, the Girl Scouts merely scrubbed him from its media page but still tweeted that “not only is Josh Ackley still employed, no one has been demoted.”

In May of 2013, a Girl Scout-sponsored event in New York City, billed as one to “celebrate women and girls” featured a live screening and panel discussion of the documentary MAKERS, a feminist, pro-abortion video account of prominent women described as “trailblazers.”

The Girl Scouts organization even stepped into designating pro-abortion Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis an “incredible woman” who deserved to be on the list of the 2013 “Women of the Year.” Additionally, on its Facebook page, the organization promoted former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as a woman of “courage.”

The non-traditional, “modern” Girl Scouts organization also hired a “Girl Experience Officer” named Krista Kokjohn-Poehler, who is a lesbian married to Ashley Kokjohn.

Among the internal issues that have led to expressions of public resentment among alumnae and regional councils of the Girl Scouts have been an unfunded pension plan, revenue deficits that have led to the elimination of about one-fourth of the staff at national headquarters, and the closure of some Girl Scout camps and what has been perceived as a shift away from camping and other outdoor activities that were once synonymous with scouting itself.

As CBS News observes, as the Girl Scouts’ membership has plummeted, the American Heritage Girls, formed in 1995 as a Christian-oriented alternative, now has over 35,000 members.

Read the whole thing:

For those of you too impatient to read: whenever the Leftist take over, they ruin.

No exceptions, no, not one. That cannot be a coincidence. If their behavior was purely random, purely insane, one would think that by the law of averages they would occasionally get something right, do something right, improve someone’s life, bring joy somewhere.

But, no, their behavior is not random. It is deliberately a rebellion against reality, against logic, against free will and in favor of mind control. It can make no one happy because of a simple and obvious rule of human nature: (1) slaves are unhappy when forced to do what their master, but not they themselves, ought to make them happy; (2) and the master, despite his pomp and high position, grows bitter, cynical, lonesome, loathsome and sad, because he must treat the slaves as subhuman, and by dehumanizing his victims, he loses his own humanity himself, and degrades himself into being a monster.  An unhappy monster.

The parallel to what has happened to Science Fiction is clear. Once upon a time, science fiction was about fiction stories depicting the wonder and terror of the science and the universe. Now it is about gay wereseals and nonbinary gender and exposing Mike Resnick and Barry N. Malzberg held up to the two minute hate, damaging their careers and getting them fired, for being polite to ladies  in a fashion deemed retroactively doubleplus ungood for no reason in particular, merely as an example for the others. Likewise, Girl Scouts used to be about scouting. Now it is about antichristianity, lesbianism, eco-Marxism, Gyno-Nazism, and blithering inane ritual behaviors called for by the Death Cult known as … well, it changes its name every fashion season, so who knows what they are calling themselves now. Political Correctness is the most accurate label they ever put on themselves, but them they immediately repudiated it.

The whatever-they-are-calling themselves this season, the death-cultists I call the Morlocks, have but one goal: they yearn for The Worship of Evil to replace all other religions. Abortion is their Eucharist, sodomy is their marriage, and euthanasia their extreme unction.

shuma gorath triumphant

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A Tale of Two Comments Wed, 29 Oct 2014 16:14:03 +0000 Please take note of the following two comments:

This one was left here on my journal ( by someone who tags himself DaveOn.

He is aggressively defending the beating and robbery of Bristol Palin, or, which is the same thing, smirking at those who say there is nothing funny about a young woman being beaten and robbed. His argument, such as it is, is that it is wrong to criticize Leftists for their sadism on the grounds that, uh, LOOK! SQUIRREL! Or something to that effect.

Actually, and I know bringing facts into these discussions is annoying, if the police witness a criminal act being perpetrated they actually are (at least in the variety of locales I checked via Google) obliged to intervene.

You are correct that they can’t act if a crime hasn’t taken place which makes dealing with stalkers and threats tricky legally speaking, but if they see a fight start they will get involved and break it up.

And, again, facts before I depart, Bristol appears to have been telling porkies. I am sure that in your 20 years as an officer a drunk who committed an assault never ever did that eh?

And this on Vox Day’s website ( Written by one calling himself Tacitus:

The aggressive condescension and derision of the social justice warriors isn’t meant to produce belief directly; rather it rewards the in-group with the pleasures of malice, punishes the out-group, and gets members of the out-group and potential dissenters in the in-group to shut up, creating an illusion of consensus to which intimidated people who feel outnumbered and outmatched accommodate their opinions.

Please compare the two comments, dear reader. Not only does Mr. Tacitus have Mr. On’s number, he describes him to a ‘T’.

Mr. On seems to have no ability to understand nor answer an honest argument. If he is typical of the Progressive Left of Morlockland (and I have no reason to believe he is not) then we can make some tentative conclusions about tactical approach to life, based on his philosophy:

To him, words are weapons, meant to wound, not to carry information, and certainly not meant to convey the truth from one rational and honest mind to the next.

We have seen in this case that his speech has no content, or rather, it has the same content as a cowboy whistling and shouting at a herd, so that by trained response to stimulus, the cows might move hither or thither, move or halt, as commanded.

It is all meta-message. He is not talking about the facts of the Carol Costello case, he is talking about himself. He is telling us he is our superior in intellect and moral stature.

He is not meeting any challenger in the lists of debate. He is counting coup. For those of you unfamiliar with American Indian lore, the braves of the Northeastern Tribes, in order to win bragging rights, rather than striking an enemy in battle, would sneak up and touch them. The touch did not harm the enemy, but it inflated the status of the brave who accomplished the feat. It was a meaningless ritual behavior.

The Morlocks are nowhere near as civilized and bold as the Iroquois, but they do impersonate this one cultural habit. The Morlock does not present his arguments and evidence to convince the jury of the truth of his case, and win the case. There are no winners and no losers in their mental universe, because winning and losing is unfair. There are, instead, the Elect and the Reprobate, the Saved and the Damned, and the Morlock demonstrates that he is of the Elect by going onto enemy blogs and grunting and strutting and counting coup. DaveOn can now boast to himself, if only inside his own mind, that he bearded the lion in his lair by anonymously writing gibberish and eructing scorn onto a hated Conservative thinker.

He cannot be criticized for falling to carry a debate, or make a point, or make sense, because sense and debate is no part of his worldview.

It is like recycling. These are things Morlocks do because they are Morlocks, the way a Boy Scout salutes a flag because he is a Scout.

The snarling sneers from this barbarian with flies infesting his armpits and pretense of superiority when talking to civilized and educated men is not bravado.

The barbarian merely assumes this pose, merely pretends to be intelligent and self aware, as part of the parrot call he was trained to recite. HE was convinced by these means. Some barbarian by grunting and strutting and throwing out his chest convinced Mr. On that he must conform to the tribal faith, the tribal cult, and so Mr. On grunts and struts. He is not deliberately trying to be illogical: he knows nothing else.

The idea of an equal conversation between equals is alien to the Progressive mind: it is not part of their worldview. There are little brothers to dominated and abuse and trample, there is Emmanuel Goldstein to hate, and there is Big Brother to obey and from whose hand comes down dominion and abuse, and from whose  jackbooted foot, trampling.

A boot grinding a human face forever.  That is DaveOn’s world. That is the world produced by a belief that all things are relative, all things based on a power struggle between weak and strong, that the ends justify the means.

]]> 63
The New Inquisition Wed, 29 Oct 2014 10:00:22 +0000 From Handle’s Haus

Haus in December of 2013 was collecting a list of person harassed, fired, bullied or badgered for expressing opinions and making jokes. He is trying to keep the list neutral and evenhanded, but anyone can see where the vast, vast majority of cases are. There is one group that, as a matter of core dogma, is willing to tolerate differences of opinion in others, and live and let live, and there is another that, as a matter of core dogma, is not.

He is too cautious to call it an Inquisition, but he knows and cannot quite say it. An Inquisition, by the way, as a mechanism for expelling members who do not conform to Church dogma is something I regard as a necessity, even noble, if your denomination is not to end up in the flaccid and misty situation of the Unitarians or the Anglicans. (What made the Spanish Inquisition evil was not the Inquisition but the Spanish, that is, the Spanish king, the secular power, enforced a matter of Church discipline. One the other hand Spain was never taken over by Protestants, whose Inquisitions has as many victims or more, but without the benefit of formal and legal checks on abuses of the power.) If you recall your history, the Inquisition had no authority over non-Christians.

In this case, the Progressives are trying to enforce as much as their Inquisition as they can over non-Progressives, and they are inching ever closer to achieving the secular power to make policing your thoughts a matter of law.

Mark my words, call it a law of sociology: any institution without an Inquisition to maintain the purity of its beliefs and principles, eventually becomes Progressive, and institutes an Inquisition to maintain the purity and Progressive beliefs and principles, regardless of any damage to the integrity or existence of the original institution.

As a public service, hoping it does not offend net etiquette, I reprint his whole list to day here, with links:

This is a placeholder website for the chronicling of … an inchoate abstraction that will, eventually, adequately describe the agglomeration.  ‘Inquisition’ isn’t too far off.

It is a list of prominent (mostly) leftist/progressive intimidation incidents, or profiles in preemptive cowardice in anticipation thereof, or firings because of ludicrous and exaggerated PC claims of ‘offensiveness’ (usually concerning mere jokes) that I wish had been deterred or handled differently.  Also taboo-witch-hunts (is there a good word for a person who is a ‘taboo-truth-witch’ that is better than ‘heretic’, ‘apostate’, or ‘blasphemer’?)

We are all Galileo now.  Bleg from all of you to help me expand it via crowd-sourcing.  The dates are not consistent, sometimes it is from the ‘offending event’, other times it is from the purging or just the publication dates of the news stories.  To keep the list short, I won’t include descriptions, so follow the links and google it if you want to learn more about these sad sagas.

(UPDATE: It looks like some comment thread over at Reason is referring a bunch of people over here.)

(UPDATE2: Welcome visitors from Chateau Heartiste , Vox‘s, Steve Sailer’s., and don’t forget Derbyshire’s analysis (since then I’ve added over 50 more).  As of 19-JAN-2014, this post has now been read by over 11,000 people.)

  1. 10-OCT-1959: Revilo Oliver purged from National Review.  A complex personality – the sixth generation in his family to bear the burden of a purposefully palindromic name.  Archive at
  2. 20-APR-1968: Enoch Powell purged from British Conservative Party.
  3. 1969-1973: The ‘original’ race and intelligence ‘controversy’ hysteria over Jensen, Herrnstein, Draper, Wilson, and Shockley, et al. (see also Sociobiology)
  4. 19-OCT-1974: Sir Keith Joseph deemed ineligible for Chancellor of the Exchequer for this notorious speech.
  5. JAN-1984: Ray Honeyford forced into early retirement as headmaster of Drummond Middle School.
  6. 17-MAR-1984: Geoffrey Blainey silenced by University of Melbourne.
  7. 12-MAR-1985: Murray Dolfman suspended from lecturing at the University of Pennsylvania for talking to black students about the 13th Amendment.
  8. 06-APR-1987: Al Campanis ‘ignites controversy’ over remarks about black baseball team managers.
  9. 19-JAN-1988: Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder purged from CBS.
  10. 1989-1991 (and continuing): Related to the above, Linda Gottfredson’s torturous path.
  11. NOV-1990: John Strugnell purged from the Dead Sea Scrolls project.
  12. 22-APR-1991: William F. Buckley devotes an entire issue of National Review to “In Search of Anti-Semitism: What Christians Provoke What Jews? Why? By Doing What? — And Vice Versa.” focused greatly on Pat Buchanan (and timed to coincide with his big for Presidential candidacy).  Later, collected with responses, into a book.
  13. 1993 – Jospeh Sobran purged from National Review.
  14. 13-JAN-1993: Eden Jacobowitz charged by University of Pennsylvania with violating racial harassment policy by shouting ‘Water Buffalo’ at some large, rowdy black women.  (He should have just said ‘Behemoth‘ like he was thinking in Hebrew).  There was even a Doonesbury comic on it.
  15. 27-JUN-1995: Sam Francis purged from the Washington Times.
  16. 23-APR-1995: Frank Urban “Fuzzy” Zoeller loses his sponsors after Tiger Woods joke.
  17. 1997: Peter Brimelow and John O’Sullivan (and many others) purged from National Review.
  18. 09-AUG-1997: Chris Brand purged from Edinburgh University purportedly for discussing sexuality amongst minors, but mostly for his IQ heresy.
  19. 15-JAN-1999: David Howard purged for his vocabulary.
  20. 01-FEB-1999: Glenn Hoddle purged as England’s soccer coach
  21. 20-APR-1999: Marge Schott finally gives up being “Baseball’s Big Red Headache
  22. 27-DEC-1999: John Rocker forced into Psychiatric testing after expressing some opinions, but judging by his later behavior, he somehow didn’t get the message.
  23. 17-SEP-2001: Bill Maher purged from ABC (well, ok, just reassigned to HBO, he’s doing great)
  24. 02-OCT-2001: Ann Coulter purged from National Review (NR’s version here).
  25. 2001: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together goes unpublished in the U.S.
  26. 21-FEB-2002: Bjorn Lomborg investigated and found ‘guilty’ by the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty for complaints related to the publication of his book, The Skeptical Environmentalist.
  27. 09-MAR-2002: Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot convicted of intolerance by Canada’s Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal.
  28. 27-APR-2002: Scott Phelps suspended from teaching at Muir High.  (note: none of the links to the news stories seem to work anymore).
  29. MAY-2002: Geoffrey Sampson purged by the UK Conservatives.
  30. 06-MAY-2002: Pim Fortuyn assassinated by multicultural leftist Volkert van der Graaf for opposing mass immigration into Holland.  His murdered has been released from prison less than 12 years after the fact.
  31. 17-JUN-2002: Rev. Stephen Boissoin persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  32. NOV-2002: Oriana Fallaci becomes the subject of arrest warrants in Switzerland related to her excellently passionate book The Rage and The Pride.  (See also her trial in Italy on 12-JUN-2006 for The Force of Reason.)
  33. 05-DEC-2002: Senator Trent Lott resigns his Senate leadership by having to gall to flatter Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday.
  34. 2003: J. Michael Bailey two-minutes-hated and investigated for ethics after publishing ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen‘.
  35. 10-MAR-2003: The Dixie Chicks intensely criticized and forced into apology for opposing Iraq War while overseas.
  36. 01-OCT-2003: Rush Limbaugh pressured to resign from ESPN after comments related to Donovan McNabb.
  37. 17-OCT-2003: Greg Easterbrook purged from ESPN (and his content memory-holed)
    1. 15-MAR-2004: Ted Rall purged from New York Times. (it’s a thing with him, see below)
  38. 30-JUN-2004: Rachel Ehrenfeld found liable by default judgment by British Court after successful libel-tourism suit brought by the Bin Mahfouz family (it’s kind of a patten with them).  The case is important for illustrating not just the legal controversy, but the willingness of certain nations to extent to private parties the ability to commandeer the judicial apparatus on mere pretext for speech-suppressive ends.
  39. 12-AUG-2004: Tatu Vanhanen investigated by Finnish NBI at the behest of the Ombudsman for Minorities.
  40. SEP-2004: Thomas Klocek suspended from teaching at DePaul.
  41. JAN-2005: Kevin Lamb purged from Human Events.
  42. 19-JAN-2005: Lawrence Summers purged from Harvard
  43. 25-JULY-2005: Michael Graham purged from WMAL.
  44. 26-OCT-2005: Fisher DeBerry probably purged from U.S. Air Force Academy (left a year after controversy over his comments)
  45. 15-NOV-2005: Alain Finkielkraut two minutes hated for making comments about the 2005 French Riots and is forced to apologize.  Interestingly, Le Nouvel Observateur writes about him in an article called, “The Neo-Reactionaries“.
  46. JAN-2006: Fr. Alphonse de Valk persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  47. 11-FEB-2006: Ezra Levant investigated after publishing Mohammad photos in Western Standard.
  48. 25-FEB-2006: Michael Regan pressured into resignation from Allegany County, Maryland DA’s office.
  49. 23-MAR-2006: Frank Ellis forced into early retirement from Leeds University for views on race and intelligence.  He has earlier decried British ‘racial hysteria’ and notably gave a talk on Liberal Totalitarianism.
  50. 16-JUN-2006: Dr. Bruce Lahn pressured out of IQ / brain-size / recent human evolution genetic research. (10Q from GNXP) – Take note of answer #3.
  51. 14-JUL-2006: Jeneane Garofalo purged from The Majority Report for comments on the relative status of statements about Scientology and Judaism. I think.
  52. 09-AUG-2006: Dr. Rod Lea two minutes hated for statements related to Maoris and the monoamine oxidase-A gene.
  53. 20-OCT-2006: Mark Steyn investigated after writing about islam in MacLean’s..
  54. 20-NOV-2006: Michael Richards (“Kramer”) purged from the biz.
  55. 04-APR-2007: Don Imus purged from CBS and NBC.
  56. 04-MAY-2007: Larry Auster purged from FrontPage Magazine.
  57. 22-MAY-2007: Comedian Guy Earle fined for mocking a lesbian heckler.
  58. 07-JUN-2007: Isaiah Washington purged from Grey’s Anatomy and ABC.
  59. 11-JUN-2007: Norman Finkelstein denied tenure at DePaul.
  60. 11-SEP-2007: Doug Christie fined by the Law Society of British Columbia for advocating a little too vigorously for the wrong kind of people.
  61. 16-OCT-2007: James Watson investigated and purged.
  62. NOV-2007: Keith John Sampson found guilty of racial harassment by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Affirmative Action Officers for reading Todd Tucker’s book, Notre Dame Vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan in, er, impolite company.  The chancellor eventually apologized.
  63. 22-MAR-2008: Randi Rhodes purged from Air America.
  64. 15-APR-2008: Brigitte Bardot goes on trial for Muslim comments (and hardly for the first time)
  65. 31-OCT-2008: Everybody goes berserk on the Mormons because of proposition-8 support. (google for more).
  66. 20-APR-2009: Carrie Prejean two minutes hated for expressing views on gay marriage at Miss USA contest.
  67. 24-APR-2009: Ted Rall purged from United Media.  (see below, again)
  68. 06-MAY-2009: Michael Savage banned from Britain.
  69. 15-JUL-2009: Dr. Kathy Albain  two minutes hated for accusations of ethnicity-based medical profiling.
  70. 13-OCT-2009: Thilo Sarrazin purged from Bundesbank
  71. 16-NOV-2009: Lou Dobbs purged by CNN over immigration reporting.
  72. 28-APR-2010: Gillian Duffy publicly declared ‘that bigoted woman’ by Gordon Brown.
  73. 30-APR-2010: Stephanie Grace and the case of her infamous Harvard email.
  74. 01-MAY-2010: Peter Duesberg investigated by UC Berkeley.  (later dropped, though I think his clinging to his AIDS stuff over all the years of contrary evidence is pure derp, but still if shouldn’t have had the effect on Charlton below.)
  75. 11-MAY-2010: Bruce Charlton purged from Medical Hypothesis.
  76. 19-MAY-2010: Physics Professor Jonathan Katz purged from BP-Oil-Spill Brain Trust.
  77. 04-JUN-2010: Steve Blair purged by KYCA radio.
  78. 10-AUG-2010: Dr. Laura Schlessinger eased off the air for discussing whether the use of the word ‘nigger’ could ever be appropriate.  Here’s some Chris Rock, “The correct answer is, ‘Not really’.”
  79. 01-OCT-2010: Rick Sanchez purged from CNN.
  80. 08-OCT-2010: Juan Williams purged from NPR.
  81. 02-FEB-2011: John Casteel purged from Arkansas Republican Party.
  82. 07-MAR-2011: Cathy and Fred ‘Gopher’ Grandy purged from WMAL.
  83. 11-MAR-2011: Alexandra Wallace purged from UCLA for her ‘ching-chong ling-long’ ‘Asians in the Library‘ viral youtube clip.
  84. 30-MAR-2011: Andrew Bolt sued (and later found guilty) for some crimethink blog posts he made in April 2009, including ‘It’s so hip to be black.”
  85. 27-APR-2011: Simon Ledger arrested for singing ‘Kung-Fu Fighting’.
  86. 16-MAY-2011: Satoshi Kanazawa purged from Psychology Today.
  87. 03-JUN-2011: Tracy Morgan forced to apologize by NBC after gay comments.
  88. JUL-2011: Jared Taylor removed from State Department translation referral website at the behest of the $PLC.
  89. 01-AUG-2011:  Principal Frank Borzellieri purged from Archdiocese of NY Schools.
  90. 03-NOV-2011: Brett Ratner purged from Oscars.
  91. 18-NOV-2011: Sepp Blater pressured within FIFA.
  92. 29-NOV-2011: Emma West arrested for snakes on a plane racism on a train.
  93. 09-JAN-2012: Principal Ted Horrell two minutes hated for talking honesty about test scores.
  94. 17-FEB-2012: Patrick Buchanan purged from MSNBC.
  95. 19-FEB-2012: Anthony Federico purged from ESPN for ‘Linsane’ ‘Chink in the Armor’ headline.
  96. 01-MAR-2012: Rush Limbaugh advertisers pressured to bail after Fluke slut comment.
  97. 05-APR-2012: John Derbyshire purged from National Review.
  98. 10-APR-2012: Robert Weissberg purged from National Review.
  99. 30-APR-2012: Naomi Riley purged from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  100. 16-MAY-2012: Manny Pacquiao ‘on defensive’ on same-sex marriage
  101. 22-MAY-2012: Andy Gipson threatened for quoting Bible on gays.
  102. 22-MAY-2012: Mark Traina purged from New Orleans Public Schools.
  103. 02-JUL-2012: Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A pressured.
  104. 15-JUL-2012: Mark Steyn published column that got him sued by Michael Mann. (ongoing!)
  105. 25-JUL-2012: Paraskevi “Voula” Papachristou purged from 2012 Olympics for making light of matters involving sacred objects.
  106. 08-AUG-2012: Bret Easton Ellis two minutes hated for thoughts on proper casting.
  107. 27-SEP-2012: Nakoula Basseley Nakoula arrested for violating parole by producing that ‘Innocence of Muslims’ movie, or something.  A strange case all around, I’ll admit.
  108. 02-OCT-2012: Lewiston, Maine Mayor Robert MacDonald scolded for comments related to Somali immigrants.
  109. 17-MAR-2013: ‘Dongle-Gate’, dongle-joker-geeks purged.
  110. 20-MAR-2013: Steven Landsburg gets two-minutes-hated for a thought experiment.
  111. 17-APR-2013: Rick Ross dumped by Reebok for some dope lyrics (HT: Taki), which are totally shocking, because, as we all well know, rappers never talk about drugs.
  112. 03-APR-2013: Terri Proud purged from Arizona Veterans Administration
  113. 10-MAY-2013: Jason Richwine purged from Heritage
  114. 17-MAY-2013: Paula Deen purged.
  115. 22-MAY-2013, Julia (a 13-year-old, name withheld) forced to apologize for taunting the shattered, fragile ego of allegedly full grown man athlete, Adam Goodes.
  116. 30-MAY-2013: Gordon Gee purged from Ohio State University (he’s going to West Virginia now)
  117. 04-JUN-2013: Geoffrey Miller two-minutes-hated for ‘fat shaming’.
  118. 05-JUN-2013: Nissim Yeshaya purged from Israel Court.
  119. 07-JUN-2013: April Sims purged from Dallas Police Dept.
  120. 20-JUN-2013: Mike Krahulik gets two-minutes-hated for ‘transphobia’.
  121. 25-JUN-2013: Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer banned from Britain.
  122. 03-JUL-2013: Aaryn Gries purged from Zephyr Talent.
  123. 12-JULY-2013: Orson Scott Card threatened with Ender’s Game boycott.  (See also his mothballed Superman project)
  124. 20-JULY-2013: Ron Unz purged from The American Conservative for this
  125. AUG-2013: Paul Gottfried purged from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for having friends who had opinions about ethnic disparities like Charles Murray’s.
  126. 08-AUG-2013: Richard Dawkins gets a taste of the Zeitgeist.
  127. 14-AUG-2013: Vox Day purged from Science Fiction Writers of America.
  128. 27-AUG-2013: Tuffy Gessling purged from Rodeo Clowning.
  129. 04-SEP-2013: Yelena Isinbayeva almost purged as Russian Olympic Ambassador.
  130. 08-SEP-2013: Craig James purged from Fox Sports, because, “We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department.”
  131. 10-SEP-2013: Pax Dickinson purged from Business Insider.
  132. 25-SEP-2013: Barilla CEO, Guido Barilla pressured on gay marriage.
  133. 25-SEP-2013: David Gilmour two-minutes-hated for literature judgment.
  134. 26-OCT-2013: Don Yelton purged from local GOP because of Daily Show.
  135. 14-NOV-2013: Helmuth Nyborg investigated for ‘scientific dishonesty’ (he was also purged in 2006)
  136. 26-NOV-2013: Alec Baldwin purged from MSNBC not for vulgarity, ha!, but for swearing in that impermissiable way.
  137. 28-NOV-2013: Ted Rall purged from Daily Kos.
  138. 03-DEC-2013: Bob Dylan threatened by French prosecutor.
  139. 09-DEC-2013: Tila Tequila gets erased by Facebook for trying her hand at being a classless provocateuse.  No word yet on Miley Cyrus’ account.
  140. 10-DEC-2013: Chip Wilson purged from Lululemon.
  141. 10-DEC-2013: Researchgruppen (an antifa organization), in collaboration with the newspaper Expressen cracks blog-commenting service Discus in order to expose their politically incorrect enemies to the Brown Scare, and enable Marxist bombers.  (See also, The Journal News publishes map of gun owners)
  142. 12-DEC-2013: Bob Newhart intimidated.
  143. 19-DEC-2013: Phil Robertson purged from A&E.
  144. 20-DEC-2013: Justine Sacco purged from IAC.
  145. 20-DEC-2013: Dawn Barnett found guilty and sent to diversity training over a Golliwogg comment (HT: Derb)
  146. 29-DEC-2013: Ani DiFranco concert cancelled in protest over venue choice.
  147. 02-JAN-2014: Heartiste threatened with blog memory-holing via WordPress malicious prosecution (Kevin Conboy)?  It wouldn’t be the first time a blog was suddenly disappeared.
  148. Senator Cory Bernardi two minutes hated by Australians in general for the content of his new book, The Conservative Revolution (note the ‘reviews’), with preference for traditional nuclear families seeming to be the key irritation.
  149. 07-JAN-2014: Prof. Mary Willingham threatened and her research disowned by UNC for exposing the ‘special talent’ program.
  150. 17-JAN-2014: Juan Pablo Galavis, Conquistador-American Hispanic, two minutes hated for preferring heterosexuals for roles on a dating showGroveling here.
  151. 18-JAN-2014: Maria Conchita Alonso purged from a Spanish-language version of “The Vagina Monologues” for appearing in a political ad for – gasp – a Republican!
  152. 20-JAN-2014: Bill Simmons forced to apologize for ‘Dr. V‘ story.
  153. 22-JAN-2014: (Note: Merely Cautionary, So Far), IRS goes after Friends of Abe Hollywood Conservatives, with particular interest in outing the membership list.
  154. 18-MAR-2014: Hempstead (IVO Houston, Texas) Middle School Principal Amy Lacey purged (other coverage links) for strongly encouraging students and teachers to speak English in the classroom.
  155. 24-MAR-2014: Brendan Eich experiences purging campaign to get him fired at CEO of Mozilla due to $1,000 donation in 2008 in support of California Proposition 8, which succeeded at the polls, if not in the courts.  OkCupid goes all in on full, guilt-by-association excommunication .  The flipside of campaign funding transparency is the the risk of being on the receiving end of the politics of personal destruction.  Talk about a chilling effect.  But, naturally, the same people would publicly lose their minds with maximum mouth foaming if they heard of a company firing someone because they contributed to the campaign to oppose proposition 8.  UPDATE: Sigh, purged.  Depressing and predictable.  Only missing the ‘to spend more time with his family’ line.
  156. 28-MAR-2014: Stephen Colbert feels the rage of #CancelColbert inquisitors who relish being purposefully obtuse and can’t take an obvious joke.
  157. 02-APR-2014: Michael Mann takes aim and demands that David Koch be purged from the board of Boston PBS station WGBH.
  158. 08-APR-2014: Ayaan Hirsi Ali spiked from Bradeis U. graduation ceremony / honorary degree.  Fox takes a look behind the scenes.
  159. 17-APR-2014: They’ll be asking for your expulsion too, soon enough, Julius Kairey of Cornell.  That’s the real ‘rape culture’.
  160. 21-APR-2014: Tom Preston-Werner purged from GitHub.  Some facts were conveniently withheld, not like they will do Tom any good, even though, “… the investigation found no evidence of illegal practices.” (HT: Sailer)
  161. 22-APR-2014: Charles Murray spiked from Azusa Pacific University. (HT: Sailer)
  162. 26-ARP-2014: Donald J. Sterling playing defense after ‘racist’ comments. (HT: Sailer) (UPDATE: fined, purged.)  Look, by all accounts, this guy was an awful sleezeball and deserved what he got.  Fine. Nevertheless, this was also obviously a baited setup (100 hours of secretly and illegally recorded conversations with the floozy?), and no one but Sailer’s been covering the real story behind the ouster instead of leveraging the media hysteria-catnip of the race-opera to cover it up.  No One.  That should trouble you.  And no one’s been making the obvious, prospective point, which is that today, Big Brother Is Everyone.  Hell is other people.  With smartphones, everybody’s carrying their own personal wire all the time.  If the adventuress isn’t convicted, then the signal to everyone else is that there is zero cost to extracting something juicy from the right person, and the deterrence effect is destroyed.  Imagine a future where everyone is their own Stasi, keeping an option-for-extortion retirement fund archive, and incentivized to get people to trust them and reveal their un-PC opinions in private.  People, it’s all going downhill.
  163. 26-APR-2014: Paul Weston arrested for Quoting Churchill. (HT: Steyn) and do check out the photos at Liberty GB.
  164. 01-MAY-2014: Eric Walsh purged from Pasadena Health Dept.
  165. 01-MAY-2014: Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson almost purged from the BBC over a very rude original version of a children’s rhyme.
  166. 01-MAY-2014: Josh Olin purged from Turtle Rock for tweeting the following about #161 to his 142K followers, “Here’s an unpopular opinion: Donald Sterling has the right as an American to be an old bigot in the security of his own home. He’s a victim.”  He’s not the only one now, Josh!  (HT: Ace) Pro-tip #1: If you start a tweet under your own name with, “Here’s an unpopular opinion,” and you rely even indirectly on popularity, then you’re doing it wrong in the #hashtag advocacy world.  Pro-tip #2: Never side with, or stand up for, losers, because that just makes you a loser too, and guilty by association, even if you signal condemnation, and even if you’re just arguing about ‘rights’.  You have to understand this most of all : error has no rights, and any defense of error is just more error.  So, watch your mouth.  Or else.
  167. 03-MAY-2014: Condoleeza Rice spiked from Rutgers Commencement following pressure from leftist student groups.  To his credit, Rutgers President Robert Barchi attempted to resist the pressure on principle, but for naught.  Rice can go back to filming more ‘Ban Bossy‘ PR-stunts for Facebook now, and maybe be President Sandberg’s Secretary of State or National Security Adviser one day.
  168. 07-MAY-2014: David and Jason Benham’s show spiked from HGTV.  UPDATE: SunTrust Bank closes their bank account, then relents after uproar.  I’m beginning to think that these ‘capitulate, excommunicate, then rehabilitate’ actions are the way that corporations try to please everyone, and have their cake and eat it too.   That might be understandable, but it’s not a good result, so the only appropriate policy if you care about this issue is to close your SunTrust account right now and never look back.
  169. 07-MAY-2014: Dr. Caleb Rossiter purged from the Institute for Policy Studies for writing an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that poor Africa needs an exemption to climate change emissions control policies (HT: Powerline)
  170. 11-MAY-2014: Don Jones noted for being controversial.  Stay tuned for developments.  UPDATE: Fined and suspended.
  171. 12-MAY-2014: David Lowe fired from BBC Radio after playing a song from 1932.
  172. 13-MAY-2014: YEAR OF THE SPIKED SPEAKER.  Now comes Robert J. Birgeneau and Christine Lagarde.  “between 1987 and 2008, there were … 21 incidents of an invited guest not speaking. Since 2009 there … 39 cancellations…”  Rate of increase? 550%
  173. 14-MAY-2014: Lennart Bengtsson hounded out of his membership in the GWPF.
  174. 22-MAY-2014: Mark Cuban under fire for the following ‘comments about race’, “If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face – white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere – I’m walking back to the other side of the street.”
  175. 27-MAY-2014: Ru Paul gets in hot water for defending use of the word ‘Tranny’.
  176. 28-MAY-2014: Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, has to apologize for some offensive youthful indiscretion, er, completely standard fraternity communication.  Then again, you can never tell what atrocities frat-culture will be held accountable for next week.
  177. 04-JUN-2014: And Dan Savage gets in the same hot water for using the ‘transphobic slur’.
  178. 09-JUL-2014: Anthony Cumia fired by Sirius XM for some tweets.
  179. 11-JUL-2014:  Ashutosh Jogalekar fired from Scientific American for failing to be sufficiently critical of Richard Feynman, and perhaps in addition to his heresies within his review of Nicholas Wade’s book. (HT: Sailer)  He responds here.
  180. 12-JUL-2014: Now that she’s going to be on The View, Rosie O’Donnell is still taking heat for a legal shark fishing expedition she went on two years ago.  Don Surber ‘defends’ the act here.
  181. 06-AUG-214: Steven G. Salaita had his academic job offer rescinded by the University of Illinois for tweeting some very uncivil things about Israel during the latest outbreak of hostilities.  NB:  I have received a few emails, thankfully civil in tone, but which have accused me of bias and favoritism in the composition of this list.  I plead innocent, and assert that [the] reality [of ideological pressure] has a liberal bias, and that instead of a one-sided list, I have tried to be fair, and that the severe asymmetry and disproportion in representation (and in the very selective cases of a broad class of similar injustices for which liberals collectively demand redress) is a social phenomenon and not an artifact of my construction.  As corroboration for my claim, I move for the admission into evidence of this particular item, of an individual’s purging for which I would be sympathetic were it not for my much stronger commitment to the higher principle of freedom of expression and robust, disciplined tolerance for diverse viewpoints.  That being said, I have to say, given the pattern of these incidents, I predict Mr. Salaita will land firmly on his feet.  Stay tuned.
  182. 18-AUG-2014: Gavin McInnes purged from Rooster (a company he co-founded along with VICE) (HT: The Advocate, and thanks guys for all the traffic to this list – actually, that should be thanks for Justine Tunney), for a “Transphobic Essay“, that you can’t even read yourself because ThoughtCatalog says it’s “been reported [by folks like the ones at Salon] as hateful or abusive content.”
  183. 07-SEP-2017: Bruce Levenson purged from owning the Atlanta Hawks (or is that ‘Sterlinged‘ (see Brendan’s comment), or ‘Derbyshired‘) for a single email expressing some hatefacts about sport event spectator demographic attendance dynamics.
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The Social Justice Kitten Calendar Tue, 28 Oct 2014 17:50:42 +0000 social justice kittens

see all twelve months here:

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Master of the Mystic Arts Tue, 28 Oct 2014 14:23:24 +0000 Time for Some good news for a change.

It looks like there will be a Doctor Strange movie. This is the first comic I ever picked up, and I happened to read it in the 1970’s when the magazine was in the hands of Steve Englehart, Frank Brunner, Marshall Rogers, Jim Starlin, Paul Smith, Sal Buscema, Gene Colan, and especially Rudy Nebres of Conan fame.


Hollywood Reporter reports that Benedict Cumberbatch (whose name sounds like a Doctor Strange character anyway) is being asked to play the role: Scott Derrickson is slated to direct.

StrangeIf they do even half the good job they did with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, with AVENGERS, with THOR, with CAPTAIN AMERICA, and with basically everything they’ve touched, then this will be my personal comicgeekmoviedom dream come true.


And yes, I know about DR MORDRED and yes, I saw the made-for-TV movie version where the Ancient One was turned into Merlin, and Baron Mardo into Morgan le Fay. I am hoping these will be better than that.


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Who is John Galt? Tue, 28 Oct 2014 05:26:13 +0000 I came across this statement, made blandly by an Ayn Randian:

“The essence of religion as the term is normally used is belief in the supernatural–without any proof and even despite proof to the contrary”

Unfortunately, the statement is simply and flatly wrong. It is the kind of thing a man who has never once had a serious conversation with a serious and well-read Christian would say.

I used to be an atheist for 43 years, all my adult life and most of my childhood. A day came when the supernatural intruded into my life so obviously, so vehemently, and so undeniably, that I was overwhelmed. All attempts, then or later, to explain the events in naturalistic terms, such as by positing a series of coincidences somehow coincidentally timed with various hallucinations, illnesses, recovery, prayers, internal and external sensations, prognostications, and on and on are so far fetched as to be beyond absurdity.

I believe in the supernatural for precisely the same reason I believe in the oxygen atom, even though I have never seen an oxygen atom: all alternate models of the universe are incomplete, inexact, and do not explain the facts on the ground.

Naturalistic explanations explain neither where we come from, nor what meaning life here on earth has, nor where we are going, nor why the conscience has authority to bind the will, nor how life should be lived, nor how death should be faced. They explain nothing about the human condition, not even the obvious point of why we suffer or why we love. Naturalistic explanation either end in stark absurdity, such as that men are meat robots and mind is an illusion, or end in stark inhumanity, such as that one must live and die a perfect Stoic, unflinching, unyielding, and as tearless as Buddha.

All naturalist philosophies aside from nihilism and stoicism do not end there because they are abortive, that is, the halt the philosophical process in fear of where it leads, of which Ayn Rand is a prime example. She praises all virtues as springing from reason, and reason as necessary for life, and life as the source and sole measure of value: but this admittedly elegant and admirable pagan system cannot answer the question of why one should live at all, if it is not to one’s liking? Nor does it answer what to do in situations where reason and virtue do not lead to longer or better life, such as when one soldier must decide whether to throw himself on a hand grenade and save his mates in his squad, or push a weaker squad mate atop the grenade and claim the weaker man bravely volunteered.

But let us not get too far afield. It is obvious that supernaturalism is needed to explain man, for he is not a natural beast. What is less obvious, but nonetheless a logical deduction, that supernaturalism is needed to explain nature.

Consider: the Big Bang is the starting point of time and space, matter and energy, and all the patterns of motion of matter which we call the laws of nature. There was no nature before the Big Bang. Indeed, in one sense of the word, there was no ‘before’ before the Big Bang, since to speak of what event causes time is like asking what is more north than the north pole.

However, the Big Bang was defined by something, the same way a triangle, or a law of logic, or a law of morality is defined.  A is A was not caused by the internal behavior of a star, they way oxygen atoms were created. In that sense, ‘A is A’ is not created at all. But something defines it, sets its nature, sets the boundaries on what it is and what it is not.

Likewise, here. The Big Bang was the moment before which nature was not  defined, and after which nature was defined. So, then, what defines nature?  Nature cannot define itself. It must be defined by something. That something must exist and cannot exist in nor because of nature or any natural law or natural process. By process of elimination, nature must be defined by the supernatural.

Now then,  one may disagree with this line of reasoning or not, depending on how reasonable one is willing to be. That is not my point. My point is that for an Ayn Rand acolyte, the man dismissing all religion just BLANKED OUT this line of reasoning.

He is saying I have no proof, whereas I have abundant proof. Now, a reasonable man might examine my proof and conclude that I have made an error in judgment, but he cannot say I have made an error in logic nor in legal procedure, for the simple reason that I have not.

But this man has to believe in that error of logic — that I (and all Christians) entertain believe without proof — like a child has to believe in Santa Claus. It is part of his worldview, a matter of party loyalty, not of deduction: A matter of being faithful to his dogma.

In a rather unrandian way — in direct contradiction to her stated highest value, reason — the writer simply  suspended his mode of thinking, blanked it out, and pretended that Christian belief in the supernatural came from nowhere for no reason, whereas, on the other hand, in really, any catechized Christian can give clear and even forceful reasons to explain his faith.

The word faith means trust. It means remaining true to your oaths, true to your beliefs. It means remaining true to what reason has shown you, even during moments of deep and irrational emotion that threaten to introduce doubt where doubt is not logical.

The Ayn Randian is simply pretending that the intellectual history of the West from AD a onward just does not exist, that the thinkers and philosophers and theologians and wise men, poets and prophets and sages merely did not exist, did not write, did not think thoughts.

In other words, the Ayn Randian is committing the one and only sin Ayn Rand condemns: self-deception. The writer here is falsifying reality. Indeed, he is entertaining a false to facts belief for what is fundamentally a reason of self deception.

Nor is he alone in this. John Galt is the paradigm and hero of the Ayn Randian philosophy: the allegedly perfect and perfectly rational man, the one to be imitated. In one rather telling scene, he defines himself as the man who is innocent of original sin. Conveniently for her plot, he has no weaknesses, no pity, no sins, and yields to no temptations.

Who is John Galt? He is a Houyhnhnm, a creature of pure reason.

In a perfect man, self-esteem, self-regard, egotism and selfishness are not sins, because he never places himself out of proper rational and honest relation with his fellow man, never defrauds them, never is ungrateful, never is craven, never is violent. He also has no children and suffers no disease, sickness, loss, need, loneliness, nor want, so he need never ask nor beg any man for anything, but all his human interaction, including his love life, are a fair and equal and evenhanded exchange moderated by such perfect justice that no cause for complaint exists, not even when one man alienates the affections of a desirable woman from her lover. The two men just shake hands like gentlemen after a chessgame.

Unfortunately, prelapsarian man is an much a figment of speculation and imagination as the Houyhnhnm. Self-imposed sinlessness, which is the prime axiom of the Ayn Randian system, is false to facts.

As she would put it, when asked how in her system, or her personal life, she deals with sins such as pride and adultery and betrays of loved ones  — BLANK OUT — there is no such thing.

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Beating Golden Compass Like A Dirty Rug Tue, 28 Oct 2014 02:16:17 +0000 My beautiful and talented wife and accomplice is outselling Pullman’s rotted book. Hoo-hah!

I vaunt. I jig with unseemly glee, making antic gyrations of my knees as I do so.



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