Superversive: A Light in the Darkness

Posted November 19, 2014 By John C Wright

Over at the newly minted Superversive blog, we have a guest post written by 16 year old author (and family friend), April Freeman Lost In La La Land:



When I was quite young, my mom read my brothers and I The Tale of Despereaux. It is one of those stories that you remember loving, and though you may not remember exactly why or how the plot went, it still sticks with you. I think Despereaux could be considered a surperversive book, that is the opposite of subversive as explained by The Superversive Literary Movement. But it’s not just the book I want to talk about today.

There is a scene in which the little mouse hero has been banished to the dungeon by the Mouse Council, one of the members being his father. They banished Despereaux because he loved the Princess, broke the law by showing himself to her, a human, and would not denounce her. So he is cast down the steps of the dungeon and walks on, to what would be his death. He finds comfort from the crushing darkness and despair around him by reciting to himself the story he had read hundreds of times in the castle library. He tells himself the story of the brave knight, because he wants to be brave for his beloved Princess Pea.

What Despereaux does not know is that the jailer, Gregory, heard him. He picked up the mouse, and in that act saved him from the dungeon rats that would have eagerly eaten him. Gregory had never saved any of the mice before, and when Despereaux asks why Gregory would save him, the old jailer replies, “Because you, mouse, can tell Gregory a story. Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Begin at the beginning. Tell Gregory a story. Make some light.

Reading this book again, many years later and further on in my journey as a writer, this passage rings very true for me. For what else is a good book, than light in the darkness?

The post also has this to say:

At the very end, there is a last passage where the author is talking to us, much as a story teller might talk to the children scattered at her feet, listening to the tale. It says:

Do you remember when Despereaux was in the jailers’s hand, whispering a story in the old man’s ear? I would like it very much if you thought of me as a mouse telling you a story, with my the whole of my heart, whispering it in your ear in order to save myself from the darkness, and to save you from the darkness, too. “Stories are light,” Gregory the jailer told Despereaux. Reader, I hope you have found some light here.

Most of us aren’t looking for an earth-shattering, life-rocking outcomes when we pick up a book, but sometimes that is exactly what we get. Sometimes on a smaller scale, and sometimes without even realizing it at first. Most readers just want to be entertained, which of course we should do. But even as we do this, we want to entertain them with something wholesome, something good, something filled with light, because even entertainment can be a sort of light.

Remember to offer the light, but don’t force it upon them. Writing in a pious, preachy, or lecturing way is very annoying and gets in the way of the story. People want a story, not a sermon.

Read the whole thing, dear reader:

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Not Every Wright at Every Joe

Posted November 19, 2014 By John C Wright

 It occurs to me that I have been remiss in not urging my loyal reader (Hi, Mom!) to go over to the girly-site EveryJoe and read and comment on some of my columns there.

I mean no disrespect to my loyal reader (Hi, Mom!) but I have fallen into the habit of posting any thoughts on more sober topics there, where I can get paid for it, rather than here. I will not cease posting columns here, but my time is limited, so you may not get all the John C Wrightarian goodness you crave if you only read my content here.

Not every column I write is here, some are there.

Unfortunately, the only commenter who regularly comments multiple times on each column is a lying-ass heckler with whom I have, alas, in an unmanful fashion, lost all patience. A man can be told that he is a genocidal hate-filled hater only so many times before he either turns to prayer or turns to anger, and I did not turn to prayer.

So, as a courtesy to me, if anything I have ever written pleased you, kind reader, click through the links and leave a comment.

Here are my more recent columns: Read the remainder of this entry »

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Vote early, vote often, vote MONSTER HUNTER NEMESIS:

MONSTER HUNTER NEMESIS is Larry Correia’s best book so far, but all of the work in this series is professional, crisp, engaging, entertaining, the the big, ugly main character shoots things with firearms: Big, ugly things with big, awesome firearms. The author is a firearms instructor, so he knows whereof he speaks.

If you have not read this book, let me recommend it. Here is the opening of the first in the series, MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL:

On one otherwise normal Tuesday evening I had the chance to live the American dream. I was able to throw my incompetent jackass of a boss from a fourteenth-story window.

Now, I didn’t just wake up that morning and decide that I was going to kill my boss with my bare hands. It really was much more complicated than that. In my life up to that point I would never have even considered something that sounded so crazy. I was just a normal guy, a working stiff. Heck, I was an accountant. It doesn’t get much more mundane than that.

That one screwed-up event changed my life. Little did I realize that turning my boss into sidewalk pizza would have so many bizarre consequences. Well, technically, he did not actually hit the sidewalk. He landed on the roof of a double-parked Lincoln Navigator, but I digress.

My name is Owen Zastava Pitt and this is my story.

* * *

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If I wrote this in a parody SFF story, no editor would buy it. It is too far beyond belief.

Feminists: We need to fight negative stereotypes like women caring more about fashion than science.
Comet? What comet? EEEK! LOOK AT THAT SHIRT!! Some big, strong man, HAAALP! Protect me from seeing that shirt. Eek! Eek!

Dr. Matt Taylor is a freaking hero, okay? We should do like the crowd at the end of the movie V FOR VENDETTA and all of us, each and every man in America, buy the same shirt. And the Guy Fawkes mask.

(Hurray for Catholic spies blowing up heretic kings with gunpowder! Why anarchist Alan Moore or the dunderheads of Anonymous picked our icon for his ideal, I have no idea.)

I think this is the shirt. Please let a sharp eyed reader can correct me if it is not.

And the young lady who sewed it makes this comment ( and says she has set up this account for people who want to buy from her:

They are sold out at the moment. Buy one for Matt Taylor! Buy one for the comet! Buy one for Guy Fawkes!

Below the cut is the picture of me in my shirt. Yes, this is exactly what all faithful Catholics dress like. Every day.

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No newspapermen did his job, no, not one

Posted November 14, 2014 By John C Wright

Neo-neocon writes:

I wondered who had found those videos of Gruber, and someone has covered that story, too. It’s a great one:

Rich Weinstein is not a reporter. He does not have a blog. Until this week, the fortysomething’s five-year old Twitter account had a follower count in the low double digits…

Weinstein dates his accidental citizen journalism back to the end of 2013 and the first run of insurance cancellations or policy changes. He was among the people who got a letter informing him that his old policy did not meet ACA standards.

“When Obama said ‘If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period’—frankly, I believed him,” says Weinstein. “He very often speaks with qualifiers. When he said ‘period,’ there were no qualifiers. You can understand that when I lost my own plan, and the replacement cost twice as much, I wasn’t happy. So I’m watching the news, and at that time I was thinking: Hey, the administration was not telling people the truth, and the media was doing nothing!”

So Weinstein, new plan in hand, started watching the news. “These people were showing up on the shows, calling themselves architects of the law,” he recalls. “I saw David Cutler, Zeke Emanuel, Jonathan Gruber, people like that. I wondered if these guys had some type of paper trail. So I looked into what Dr. Cutler had said and written, and it was generally all about cost control. After I finished with Cutler, I went to Dr. Gruber. I assume I went through every video, every radio interview, every podcast. Every everything.”

Read the post:

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Pale Moon and Firefox

Posted November 14, 2014 By John C Wright

I switched to Pale Moon immediately after Firefox forced its CEO out of office on the grounds that he once made a contribution to a pro-Prop 8 group. But I did not set my browser to register my pageviews as non-Firefox views. I saw these instructions today on my publisher’s site, and I here reprint them, if you are in a like situation:

Fortunately, it is trivially simple to turn this off and cause the browser to correctly report itself as PaleMoon.

Create a new tab.
Type “about:config” into the Address Bar as if it were an internet site (URL).
Type “compatMode” into the Search box that will appear right below the Address Bar.
On the line general.useragent.compatMode.firefox there are three settings: user set, boolean, true. Click on “true” and it will change to false.
Close the tab.

That’s it. Web sites will no longer incorrectly attribute your pageviews to Firefox. This is important, because Firefox’s only real value is in its brand, and as the number of reported Firefox users continues to fall, Google’s rationale for propping up Mozilla is reduced as well.

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Much Needed Moral Clarity from Sarah Hoyt

Posted November 14, 2014 By John C Wright

Sarah Hoyt writes about the nature of Utopianism, and gives reasons why the the Utopian revolution, mean to turn men into angels, always end up turning them into devils. She explains a point which always confounded me, namely, why there is a strong streak of sadism in Leftism, when the individual Leftists themselves seem mild and meek and cowardly to the point of masochism. I am grateful for the illumination.

Read the whole thing, by all means.

But here is a sample:

Revolutions like the US, which changed governance but didn’t presume to change the way people worked, in their minds and hearts, don’t turn into cannibal feasts. OTOH revolutions like the French, where people descended/aspired to changing the names of the weekdays and the months, in order to construct a completely different humanity, inevitably end up in a pile of blood-soaked corpses.

So do revolutions like the Russian and the Chinese, and others.

The difference is this: these revolutions make functioning as a normal human a crime. This requires changing your very thoughts and the way you process reality. And they presume to divine from your smallest actions, your most casual lapses, that you have commited a thought-crime.

This, of course, requires special people who can look into the actions and every day assumptions of others and tell them where they went wrong.

The process is bad enough when done by a minister or another nominally trained person. (I am not talking here of ministers in normal denominations, who are usually trained and don’t want to remake humanity, just get it to behave a little better.) In extreme cases, it creates Jim Jones. It is nightmarish when done by the left, which means it is done by people given power and authority to do this by the grace of totally arbitrary characteristics: where they were born/when/what pigmentation their skin has/what happens to be between their legs/whom they like to sleep with. This is not an exhaustive list, but it should give you an idea that none of these attributes is magical, and none of them should confer the authority to discern and judge the secrets of other’s hearts.

But the SJWs believe it does. They believe someone who is born with more victim cards, even if the person was in fact born very wealthy and never experienced a day’s hardship, immediately can judge them and tell them when they’re exhibiting “privilege” which is a taint that attaches to other seemingly arbitrary characteristics, no matter how poor or downtrodden people born with them are.

This sets them up to be abused in exactly the way that Synova describes. Worse, it sets them up to join the mob and wail for the blood of innocent people in whom one of these “anointed ones” discerned guilt. Not to do so, might mean they were tainted with the guilt themselves, after all.

By this process, they saddle themselves with psychopaths as leaders (yeah, some of the anointed ones are merely true believers, but that kind of power inevitably attracts psychopaths and sadists) and make any organization, place, country or government they take over into hell on Earth, instead of the utopia they imagine.

The state of irrationality is demonstrated by the commenter who thought I was RH because of our “similar rhetoric.” There are in fact not even mild similarities between an extreme leftist and myself. BUT both of us made him feel pain. So, therefore we are similar and possibly the same.

That means the commenter had the ability to think/react/avoid pain of a nematode, if that high.

I would enjoin those people caught in the vortex of accusation/appeasement/abasement to take a good look at what they’re doing.

A society where the rules have to be divined by special individuals (no? Would any rational human being think of “lady” as an insult, till the SJWs declared it so?) is not conducive to liberty. It’s not conducive to kindness. It’s damaging to the ability to think.

In the end it makes you animals, joining a mob to avoid being killed.

I suggest if you are caught in it, or suspect you might be, that you re-read Animal Farm.

Oddly enough, I recognize that name of the blogger who, on James Nicoll’s site, accuses Sarah Hoyt of being Requires Hate. He used to leave fewmets regularly on my blog. Since his comments were routinely toward the Nutbag side of the Nutbag-to-Sadist spectrum of Leftwing politics, I would have assumed it far more likely than he himself is Requires Hate than any otherwise.

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He Gets It

Posted November 14, 2014 By John C Wright

There is someone out there whose faith in Leftism was shattered by Gamergate, and the scales fell from his eyes. I had assumed Leftists, one and all, would do their typical Doublethink trick and ignore reality, and not see what the media is. My faith in mankind is restored.

After Tuesday, I don’t know that I can call myself a liberal anymore.

It’s not that I don’t want to call myself a liberal. After all, as I understand liberal ideals, I still believe in most of them, if not all of them.  No, I guess I’m not a liberal anymore because Bustle, The Verge, Salon, Polygon, Kotaku, Gamasutra, The Mary Sue, The NY Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, and others spent the last 2 months telling me I’m no longer wanted as an unashamed, voting liberal.  They did this based on my primary hobby and the Y chromosome I was born with.  They did this after some of them told me I was dead or needed to die for the crime of holding my primary hobby as a part of my identity.  They did this because some people I don’t know made threats against people I’d never heard of before; subsequently, I was told I needed to die because of my Y chromosome and my hobby.

And for what?  The nebulous notion of making gaming “better” than it is now?  To stroke the sense of entitlement of self-proclaimed “game developers”?  To turn game developer into the third vocation in human history that is competence optional behind politician and journalist (apparently)?  Equality of Outcomes between AAA game development, good independent game development, and terrible independent game development?  An esoteric notion of games as art, based on meaningless definitions of “gamer” and “game” combined with a pejorative definition of “consumerism”?  A wanton desire to usurp the will of the consumer and the creative process?

I hope character assassinating gamers without regard for collateral damage over the last 2 months was worth it.

Tuesday resulted in several firsts for me.  I’d never voted full ticket—not in 20 years of participating in my civic duty.  I did on Tuesday.  I’ve often considered or voted for third party candidates when at the polls over the last 20 years.  Tuesday I did not.  Over the past 20 years, I’d spent between 2 and 6 weeks studying candidates and ballot measures to be as informed as possible.  This election cycle, I was finished in hours.  On this day, I stand before you to say that I did my part to hand the Legislative branch of the American government to the Republicans.  Not that one vote matters in the grand scheme of things, but every traditionally Democratic vote that goes Republican is a two vote swing.  So the Republicans own the Senate, but not with a “super majority” to completely dictate terms legislatively.

From my new perspective after Tuesday, it’s one down and three to go: Super majority in the Senate, the Presidency, and one Supreme Court justice.  I’m disgusted for writing that last sentence.

What choice did I have?  It would appear that the DiGRA was right—The Playful is Political.  It would also appear that my politics are now a matter of survival for pieces of my identity that I hold dear.  It can never be emphasized enough that 10 news outlets on the same day said I was dead or needed to die because of those parts of my identity.  Will I forgive?  Eventually.  Time heals all wounds, after all.  Will I forget?  Never.  The imgur’s will exist forever, as will the archives and screen caps of everything the hypocrites, charlatans, and their willing media puppets said and did to make me question two parts of my identity: gamer and liberal.  It is only by force of will and self-determination that I don’t let those people immure me in self-doubt and regret.  Right now, there is virtually no price too high for them to pay for what they tried to do to my identity.

There are roughly 730 days until Election Day 2016.  The media that drove me away from my political leanings is going to need every one of those days to convince me that bashing gamers from August 28th until Tuesday was just a misunderstanding.  They will need every one of those days to convince me that my input into the liberal ideology is valued regardless of my hobbies, support for GamerGate, or my gender.  The alternative is to hand both the Legislative and Executive branch of the US Government over to Republicans, and as I found out on Tuesday, it is well within my capability to do so.

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Call it the Stupidity of the American Voter or Whatever

Posted November 12, 2014 By John C Wright

Dear Gamergaters and SFWA members and my fellow journalists,

You have seen the Gaming industry attacked by these folks, the science fiction field and the media capitulate to them. But they are also in your federal government, behind the scenes, pulling strings and in your pocketbooks, pulling your life and life’s work out.

You have never heard of Professor Gruber erenow? Nor have I. That itself should tell you something. Those who work in this way are not men like Alexander Hamilton.

I received this letter from CatholicVote, which so exactly sums up my outrage, and my belief in the contrast between the Catholic vision of the world and the Morlockian vision of the so called Social Justice Warriors, who are neither warriors, nor just, nor fit for social life, that I need add nothing.

Read the letter. Click on the link below, please. Listen to the sneering contempt in his voice, the infantile pitch, the condescension. This man is the John Scalzi of the Federal Medical Insurance Industry. He is the male Carol Costello. He is Anita Sarkeesian.

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Star Wars On Women

Posted November 12, 2014 By John C Wright

An update on the war on women!
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