An Imaginary Noah Film from 1950

Many criticisms can be leveled against Aronofsky’s recent antibilical film, NOAH. One which I thought at first was unfair was those who said God was absent from the film. I thought the criticism absurd. While He is not called ‘God’, He is called ‘the Creator’ throughout the film, which, in any case, takes place in an era before Moses, when no man knew the sacred name.

But on second thought, the critics were not being absurd. The Creator in this film is a god, but not the God. He is absent.

If the reader will indulge me, the gaping absence of God from Aronofsky’s NOAH can be best felt in this film if we imagine what it would be like if He were in it.

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Quote of the Day

“In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets, and steal loaves of bread.” — Anatole France

It also forbids rich and poor alike to bribe politicians, commit securities fraud, fix horse races, maintain unsafe workplaces, and engage in human trafficking. — Bob the Ape

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Noah and Anti-Noah

I disagree, respectfully but rather sharply, with Mr. Greydanus’ review of Aronofsky’s NOAH. I wrote a review giving an opposite opinion, and he was kind enough to correct certain errors or oversights I had made. Nonetheless, there remains a point of polite disagreement between us which any reader who has seen the film, or toys with the idea of seeing it, might be edified or amused to hear discussed.

No spoiler warnings will accompany the essay below, because I want to spoil this film, and deter people from seeing it. The surprise ending is that mankind survives, despite Noah’s best efforts.

I submit that this movie was so bad that for Mr Greydanus to recommend it was an inexplicable lapse of judgment. I cannot explain why this film would be the one where his otherwise impeccable judgment was negligent, and I will not speculate.

In a previous essay in this space, I said was that the film was bad on three levels: first, the film was not to my personal taste, being drab and cheerless; second, the film was poorly written ; third, because Aronofsky’s film portrayal of Noah falls somewhere between indifferent to actively hostile to the source material. By ‘indifferent to hostile’ I mean the film was at best a non-Judeochristian interpretation of the Noah story, and at worst an anti-Judeochristian interpretation of the Noah story.

The first is a point not open to debate, because tastes are personal. The second is a point which may or may be not open to debate, because this point involves matters of judgment, and matters of judgment are those where reasonable men can differ. In any case, I do not debate that second point here.

The third is very much open to debate, because one side has one theory of the meaning of the film and the other side has an opposite theory, so only by debate can either side present evidence to lend weight to its theory of the film. Whichever theory explains more of the basics and also the nuances of the film should be the one the jury find more convincing.

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Wright’s Writing Corner: Spock Versus Elf!

The lovely and talented Mrs Wright has returned to her popular writing tips column. Except:

I have been wanting to write about this for quite some time. Today seems like the day.

It has come to my attention that there are two kinds of readers when it comes to reading about emotions. (There may be more, but I’ve only discovered two of them.)

The first one, I shall call the Spock Reader. The second I shall call the Elf Reader.

Spock Readers disdain shows of emotion. Many men fall into this category, but I know some women who say the same thing. To them, emotion is barbaric, and calmness is a sign of advancement. Characters who show emotion are immediately dismissed as either feminine or weak. Cool-headed, collected characters are to be admired.

The characters admired by the Spock Reader embody the best of humanity—mankind’s ability to rise above the primitive and resist the animal passions, the triumph of the intellect.

Read more:

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First They Came for Eich; Now They Come for McAleer

I have seen the Veronica Mars film, and it was wonderful. It made me proud to live in an America where private citizens can pool their funds in an entrepreneurial spirit, and get made the films that Hollywood is too shortsighted or foolish to fund. I applauded Kickstarter.

My applause stopped when I heard Kickstarted booted the proposed Gosnell movie off their site. The film is proposed by Irish journalist Phelim McAleer and his wife and fellow journalist Ann McElhinney.

The duo has produced the pro-industry movie FRACKNATION, the anti-envirohysteria movie, NOT EVIL JUST WRONG and the pro-mining anti-envirohysteira movie MINE YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Here is the story:

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David Marcoe Announces TriCon

ADDENDUM: Mr. Marcoe will be on a pilgrimage in Poland and out of electronic contact with the world until the 17th, but in the meanwhile has started a blog at which basically contains the announcement below.

David Marcoe is organizing an interdenominational Christian conference for novelists, playwrights, screenwriters, comic book writers, game designers, and the like for late in this summer. Here is his announcement:

Studying here in Rome, I live in the the midst of ancient beauty. In fact, I’m just down the street from St. Peter’s square, which I walk through on the way to my job or architecture class. The church around the corner, where I attend several classes, is home to a lively local parish (the priest is a real character) not much different than my old congregation, except that the is Baroque building that could serve as a picturesque movie set. Indeed, we’re saturated in beauty, as we study the words of Virgil, Dante, and Shakespeare. I’ve laid eyes on wonders, on the works of Caravaggio, Bernini, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, and others. And you can see them quite by accident, walking off the street and into practically any church in the city.

And as I experience all this–that vast tradition of Christendom’s art and literature–I think of the business of “culture making” today; at least ninety-five percent of the major commercial works dealing with mythic, moral, or religious subject matters are being made by non-Christians, with Christians coming along to produce second and third rate “me too!” knock-offs. I think it needs to stop.

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Terrorists Hunting Christian Children Open Wrong Door, Meet Armed Americans, Die

Read the whole thing here:

“KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban assailants apparently thought they were attacking an unprotected Christian-run day care center. But they mistakenly burst into the compound next door, where an American government contractor’s employees were heavily armed and ready, according to accounts that the contractor and the Afghan police gave on Friday of a wild four-hour shootout here.

The contractor, Roots of Peace, which runs agricultural projects financed by the United States Agency for International Development, had taken the precaution of blocking its front gate with an armored Land Cruiser, which guards used to take cover behind and shoot at the attackers…

…Afghan officials said all five Taliban attackers were killed, including one who committed suicide. …

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Wright’s Writing Corner: Payloads and Gnomes

Here are the links for the last two of the beautiful and talented Mrs. Wright’s Wright’s Writing Corner, on the Payload Moment, part one and two.


Payload: Every scene/fight/sex scene should have some moment that moves the plot along or heightens awareness, drawing the reader into something greater. Villains should reveal something important during a fight, and romantic partners should learn more about each other or reveal secrets.

Also, every character should have at least one paragraph/scene where they reveal their inner motivation.

Payload: Probably the most important concept in these Writing Tips. If I had to rank them from most important to least important, this one would be number one.

Payload Part One:

Payload Part Two:

Added bonus: article on Oreads and Gnomes at Mythical Mondays today

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We invented the Crusade and the Inquisition

Mr. Eich has been fired as CEO of Mozilla because his opinions are heretical according to the Magisterium of the Mob.

For those of you who do not recognize his name, he is the inventor of the Javascript scripting language. If you don’t know what that is, it is the thing that makes your web browser able to do things that interact with the user.

The facts, in sum, are these: Mr Eich gave a thousand dollar donation to the cause of Proposition 8 in California, which confirms the purely logical proposition that marriage is marriage, and therefore not a legally-recognized alliance of persons to engage in what the law delicately calls ‘unnatural sexual acts’, which is the diametric opposite of marriage.

At the time when Mr. Eich gave, such donations were not a matter of public records. At the time when he gave, the Koch Brothers were in favor of Gay so-called Marriage, and Obama and Biden were opposed. At the time, a majority of California voters were opposed. The measure passed. It was struck down by an incompetent District Court level Judge who incorrectly identified the Declaration of Independence with the Preamble of the Constitution.

With the stroke of a pen, all the voters of California were disenfranchised of their right to amend their state constitution, and establish their laws on the basis of Common Law or common sense.

The names of those who donated to Proposition 8 were leaked by the IRS in 2012 to the pro-perversion Human Rights Campaign who then posted those returns on their website, so that political retaliation could be had against those who donated and supported the measure.

The greatest support had come from Blacks, but the Left dare not offend them, so the Mormons, whose numbers were smaller, and, more importantly, were not a special interest the Left supports, were selected for the purge. The betrayal of trust and the publication of the donors’ names allows for political retaliation.

The Sexual-Deviance-is-a-Civil-Right Lobby failed miserably in their efforts to boycott Chick-fil-A and the television show DUCK DYNASTY and the movie ENDER’S GAME. If you want to reciprocate, if you want to uninstall Firefox, you might want to install another browser, and you might want to write and tell Mozilla how you feel.

As for the unwisdom and incivility of engaging Americans, Christians, the Decent and the Normal in a war of intolerance by the Unamerican, Anti-Christian, the Indecent and the Abnormal, the illimitable and caustic Vox Day puts it this way:

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John Galt Writes a Car Commercial

Frankly, since a young age, I have felt nothing but immense distaste toward advertisements, mostly because my icy and dispassionate Houyhnhnm mind could see the logical errors in the presentation, the appeals to emotion, and so on. I understood that customers need and want to be informed of the benefits of one’s commercial product, but the distaste remained.

Until now. I finally saw a commercial which had created so much enmity among Leftists, and generated so much raw hate and scorn, so much undisguised hatred for America and for work and for ethics, that for this reason alone it merits praise.

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Urgent Message to Beta Readers

Dear Readers,
Everyone who helped me Beta Read my new collection of Essays, TRANSHUMAN AND SUBHUMAN, I realize that my list of people who help me consists of some real names, some email abbreviations, and some online nicknames.

I want to thank you by name. Please send it to me.

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Steven J on Greydanus on Wright on Noah

I have not had time yet to reply to Mr Greydanus’ thoughtful rebuttal to some of the claims I made in my review of NOAH, but with so many wise and literate fellows replying for me, I may have no need. This is from Steven, whose thinking runs parallel with mine:

Dear Mr. Greydanus,

As a fan of and frequent relier upon your reviews (and with much appreciation and remaining fully so for both), I have to admit that your review was also part of what got me to go see the film, though I’d read enough far more hostile reviews to have some idea of what I’d be seeing. In the end, I think, I come down more in agreement with Mr. Wright’s analysis than yours for the following reasons — most of which, I think, must be attributed to the actual execution of the film rather than what can reasonably be inferred from the script.

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Greydanus on Noah

Steven Greydanus, a film reviewer I respect above all others in the world, has done me the honor of asking my opinion of the movie NOAH and offering his own in return. He also asked a number of pointed questions about my review, which was considerably more negative than his.

Here I am out of my league. He is skilled and insightful when it comes to film, and I am not. Nonetheless, since he had done me the honor of taking my opinion seriously, I will answer  the questions he raises — when time permits. One hopes I will have the leisure to answer in days to come.

His letter is reprinted below:

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On Contraception

I received a somewhat odd letter from a reader code-named Thomas Binu which I here reprint in full:

This is off-topic, but I couldn’t find a place to email you this directly, hence posting it here. I just happened to visit your blog today, and found it interesting enough to spend most of my free (and some more) time here. I have a question about Catholic position on contraception from a philosophical perspective. (I am a practicing Catholic, btw, just so you know).

Church is against artificial contraception on the argument that the activity of sex is meant for procreation. I get it. But then, I also understand that the Church allows natural family planning. My question is: how morally upright is the position that natural family panning is okay, while the artificial one is not?

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Ahead of the World

A reader with the Romano-militant yet trisdekaphilic name of Centurion13 writes his opinion of the sour Leftists who anoint themselves our elite:

“No wonder they hate Christianity so. Not only does it deny everything they are; it pulls the mask off them and calls them what they are and have always been – merely more fallen men sunk into wickedness.”

What I notice is that any man whose is unwise and uneducated, if he merely read the Bible, will know this fact which even all the wise and great do not know, and will understand what is going on in life.

Likewise, Aristotle, and all astronomers and physicists until Hubble, thought and taught that the universe was infinitely old, without beginning, uncreated. Our humble Bible-reader would have known what modern science teaches, which is that the universe does have an origin point, anywhere from fifty to five thousand years ahead of time.

During the Clinton scandal, I was an atheist, and I could not understand how any honest, intelligent man could fail to be outraged at the adultery, at the lying, at the lying under oath. I happened by mistake (or providence) to overhear a preacher with the thickest Southern hill-country accent — he sounded like a parody, or someone from central casting auditioning for a part in a remake of Beverly Hillbillies — but he said the only wise thing I heard anyone, Dem or GOP, say about the scandal. He said that all these men are defending Clinton because their sins are like his sins. They do not want him to be criticized for the filth in his soul because they love the filth in their own soul.

It made perfect sense. And yet all the pundits and commentators and radio talkshow hosts could not explain it.

So, speaking as a man with a rather broad and deep education, let me assure anyone that a man with a fifth grade education who reads and understand the Bible will know as much as I do, or know more, and be correct on issues ranging from the origin of the universe to the origin of the Clinton scandal. The world with call you a fool, because you will be between fifty to five thousand years ahead of where the world is.

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Addendum to the Unified Field Theory of Madness

Deep thought and sudden insight inspired me to add another point to my theory:

If we could also explain why the Rich, who are routinely vilified by the Left number among its most ardent supporters, or the secular Jews, our theory would be very potent in its explanatory power.

8. The Paradoxes of the Wealthy Socialist and the Antisemitic Jew.

While it is not one of the main paradoxes addressed above, one must be curious why so many of the Left seem to have joined a movement with a worldview that is innately hostile to what appears to be their self-interests.

But recall what the Unified Field Theory of Madness predicts: From the roots of the compassionate epistemology, which forbids them from holding any opinion based on judgment, we have seen how this flowers into to the judgments all opponents are evil, all lovely things hateful, no war is just, no independence of thought is to be tolerated, no success to go unpunished, and no truth to be admitted.

To whom would this naturally appeal? What sort of man wants the laurels due to an intelligent man, without doing the work of actually using his intellect? What sort wants the palm leaf due an honest man, without shouldering the burden of honesty? What sort wants the ovations due a hero, without the danger or bloodshed of heroism? Who wants other people’s wealth, but not for himself, nor, apparently, for anyone, merely wasted in a vast display of public pomp?

And why are they so angry? Why so vehement? Why so arrogant? Why do they always attack the person, and never the argument, during any disagreement?

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Deluge as Earthday

Aronofsky’s NOAH would be a fine movie for Earthday, or as a source for ideas for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Aside from this, the movie was bad, and bad, and bad.

First, it was bad in my eyes for reasons which are simply a matter of my expectations and tastes, which I would not necessarily expect anyone else to share.

On that basis, I can only warn away men who share my particular tastes and quirks, which may be no one. I thought the look of the movie was colorless, unappealing, unmemorable. It was drab.

Second, it was bad as story, bad for reasons which even judges who like the movie for other reasons will agree are bad as story telling: bad on technical grounds.

On that basis, I can warn away anyone who likes a well-crafted story, or even a poorly-crafted story trying to tell a story. The story-telling sank during the second half of the film, and the plot snarled into a knot of nonsense. It was bad.

Third, it was bad as a Bible story, bad for reasons which only Christians, or Conservatives, or both would consider bad, but which tree-hugging misanthropic miscreants on the Left would like.

On that basis, I can warn away anyone who is Christian as a well as any non-Christians who do not bow the knee in pious reverence at the ugly Leftist altars of man-hating Gaea-worship. Vegetarians yearning for the destruction of mankind might like this movie; and also vehement anti-Christians and anti-Semites who want to see Bible stories mocked and deconstructed. The movie was a sneer against God and Man and everything good in life. I rarely find movies morally offensive; this movie was. It was evil.

Let us give the devil his due: I would not hate this movie so much if it had been entirely bad, bad through and through, bad like STARSHIP TROOPERS or PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE. There were some good things in the first half of the film.

No, I will say that more strongly: there were some great, some wonderful moments in the first half of the film, things that made me want to doff my hat and salute the film maker.

But these good things, some of which were brilliant, were entirely undermined by the second half.

So some of you who read these words might like the film. For you, the good might outweigh the bad. I cannot condemn the film wholly.

But I can condemn it halfly, if that is a word:  If you go, please walk out of the theater once it starts raining.

Because the Deluge that follows is a flood of bad writing. Better yet, stuff popcorn in your ears, and ignore the dialog, once they get on the Ark. Maybe pull the popcorn out to hear the retelling of the Creation story by Noah to his kids.

Let us start, as all fair-minded reviews should start, with the good, and move on to the drab, the bad, and the evil.

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An Example of Progressive Morality in Action

I received many nice comments on my article on the Unified Field Theory of Liberal Madness recently published in this space.

Most of the compliments, of course, should be passed along to Evan Sayet (KinderGarden of Eden), who came up with the theory, with a little help from Allan Bloom (Closing of the American Mind), CS Lewis (The Abolition of Man) and GK Chesterton (Orthodoxy).

Of the criticisms, only two had any weight. One was that I did not provide any examples to show that the Left acting with less than average moral stature; the other was that I did not define my terms.

There is no lack of examples of the moral stature of the Left even from today’s headlines. I will select but one, and it must stand for all others. This one is clear enough and trenchant enough to give honest men pause for thought, or pause for vomiting. Dishonest men will not listen to their own thoughts whether they pause or not.

Allow me to have Mr Bill Whittle speak up on my behalf.
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Reviewer Praise for AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND

Mr Andy Robertson, who is the editor that first published my Night Lands stories written in homage to William Hope Hodgson, writes a memoir of his effort, fueled by his personal loss, to bring Hodgson’s flawed masterworks back into the public’s attention.

All of my short stories and novellas set in the Night Land background are soon to be published in a volume soon to be released by the small but fierce Castalia House titled AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND. Each tale had been previously published by Andy Robertson, so he knows them.

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Mere Christians Audio Book

I contributed to a tribute to C. S. Lewis, called Mere Christians: Inspiring Stories of Encounters with C. S. Lewis (Baker, 2009). It is now available as an audio book.

It is available through,, or wherever audio books and media are sold. John F. Schuurman and Jaynn Tobias-Johnson, voice actors, provided the male and female testimonials respectively.

C.S. Lewis continues to hold remarkable appeal to people from all walks of life, with books by and about Lewis remaining perennially popular. Arguably, no author of the twentieth century has had a greater spiritual impact on more people than C.S. Lewis.

Mere Christians explores this influence through personal accounts from 55 Christians whose spiritual lives have been dramatically altered by reading Lewis’s books. The contributors include ordinary laypeople as well as well-known leaders and writers including Charles Colson, Anne Rice, Jill Briscoe, George Gallup Jr., Philip Yancy, and many more. This unique collection shines new light on the impact of Lewis’s work and will be of wide interest to his many fans.

So if you want to hear John Schuurman reading something while pretending to be me, purchase the audio book today!

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No to Noah

I saw the movie NOAH just now. What a load of horse manure. In days to come, time permitting, I will pen a more thorough review, but for now, let me just say: Christian men, save your money. Go see GOD’S NOT DEAD. Tell Hollywood we don’t like movies about Biblical figures that mock the source material.

To any pagans or infidels reading this, you can go see it. The first half of the movie is not just okay, but actually good. One or two scenes are not just good, but great.

At the point in the film where Noah refuses to save the wife of Ham from a bear trap, so that he will live and die childless, and Africa go unpeopled forever, is the point when to walk out of the theater, because the second half of the film is not just bad, it is totally dumbtastic.

I should have gone to see the teen Dystopia movie instead, whatever it is called.


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The Unified Field Theory of Madness

Do not be deceived: Leftism is an enigma. We need a theorem that explains not one or two aspects of Leftism, but all their traits.

The theory must explain, first, the honest decency of the modern liberals combined with their astonishing indifference, nay, hostility to facts, common sense, and evidence; second, it must explain their high self-esteem (or, to be blunt, their pathological narcissism) combined not merely with an utter lack of accomplishment, but with their utter devotion to destructiveness, a yearning to ruin everything they touch; third, it must explain their sanctimoniousness combined with their applause, praise, support, and tireless efforts to spread all perversions (especially sexual), moral decay, vulgarity, and every form of desecration; fourth, their pretense of intellectual superiority combined with their notorious mental fecklessness; fifth, it must explain both their violence and their pacifism; sixth, the theory must explain why they hate the very things they should love most; seventh, the theory must explain why they are incapable of comprehending an honest disagreement or any honorable foe.

And, while we are at it, if we could also explain why the Rich, who are routinely vilified by the Left number among its most ardent supporters, or the secular Jews, our theory would be very potent in its explanatory power.

There is such an explanation. I make no claim to have discovered this theory. It was discovered by Alan Bloom, back in the 1980′s, in his book THE CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND, which he wrote to explain why the generation of the 1970′s was suddenly and remarkably stupider than any previous decade of his students.

The theory was popularized recently by Evan Sayet in his book KINDER GARDEN OF EDEN. Roots of this theory go back further yet: you will find an early articulation by C.S. Lewis in his seminal THE ABOLITION OF MAN, written a generation prior. And no doubt he learned his ideas from G.K. Chesterton in his ORTHODOXY, who wrote a generation prior again, and first diagnosed the error involved in Freethinkers (as they were called then) doubting one’s own ability to think.

Let us examine each one in order.

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Mrs Hoyt and Miss Mugwump

The luminous Sarah Hoyt has an entertaining and insightful diatribe here on the phenomena which we might call “My Elves Are Different” — wherein Hoyt hears with disgust the moral preening of some lady novelist pretending to be daring and original just where the writing is most trite and predictable.

Here is the main contention of her article:

It struck me for the first time a few years ago on that Tor symposium on Heinlein that humans – perhaps all humans – have a necessity to view history as a ladder and themselves – or their generation, their kind, their club, their kin – at its pinnacle [….] What I’ve seen is that when material civilization and objective markers of achievement have marched backwards, we tend to compensate with moral preening.

[...] the people who object to “male dominated science fiction” – these people are not in fact comparing themselves to any science fiction that exists or existed.

[...] And yet, today, women can without a trace of irony make the following statements, (I’ve heard them, in panels) – my novel is totally different. It has a strong female main character. (No, really? Astound us. Is there a strong male character that’s not legacy still being published? In recent years?) and “I’m not like all those old pulp science fiction novels. I care about ideas and what they mean to people.” (You mean, like whether an ant-like civilization would be preferable to human; or what happens when a supercomputer runs the world; or what happens when a cloud becomes intelligent; or the complexities of rebuilding a civilization built on the Catholic church after a nuclear holocaust; or whether our dreams exist in another dimension; or – Those pulp non-ideas?)

[...] Do they really believe this? Are they so devoid of knowledge of the field that they believe that all that lies behind there is cartoon-like sci fi, not even rising to the level of Star Trek?

[...] Will studying the masters fix the problem? Probably not.

My comment: Brava! Well said!

I would not dream of disagreeing with anything Sarah Hoyt says here, but I would venture to suggest, albeit with hesitant deference, that she does not go far enough. She does not dig deep enough to identify the roots of this particular weed. It is not innocent human folly on the part of her lady space-fiction novelist quoted, nor a mere lapse of judgment.

Let us take as granted at the outset that Mrs Hoyt is correct that studying the masters will not correct the outrageous nature of the falsehood believed here by the lady space-fiction novelist (whom, for the sake of convenience, we will refer hereafter by the invented name of Miss Floriferous Quoin Mugwump of Asperity, Oregon).

I agree wholeheartedly with Mrs Hoyt. But I go beyond her by saying no study of any form of fact whatever will have any influence on the worldview of Miss Mugwump whatsoever: hers is a worldview is designed not to react to facts.

Is there any doubt whatsoever what is the worldview of Sarah Hoyt’s lady space-fiction novelist? Miss Mugwump is a Politically Correct modern Liberal.

Miss Mugwump believes that all prior novelists were too craven to pen a strong female character, and that the early magazine writers were barren of ideas significant to people for one reason only: Political Correctness encourages, nay, it requires a false-to-facts belief, founded on nothing but illusion and wishful thinking, which promotes self-flattery, and allows for self-congratulation and moral preening.

Mugwump would be too shy to say that she is prettier than Helen of Troy, nor that her books are better written than Shakespeare; but she is oddly not too shy to say that she serves the cause of feminine equality as no woman ever before, or the cause of bringing the enlightenment of significant ideas to the benighted.

In reality, boasting oneself to be prettier than Helen or wittier than Shakespeare is no less absurd than boasting oneself to be a more female sci-fi writer than Leigh Brackett or Ursula K Le Guin, or penning female characters stronger than C.L.Moore’s Jirel of Joiry or Asimov’s Bayta Darell, or more pointedly, Jael Reasoner from Joanna Russ.

(For those of you keeping track, Jael is from the 70′s, over forty years past; Beyta is from 50′s, over sixty years past, Jirel is from 30′s, over seventy. I do not want to tell you what year Britomart or Camilla, Penelope or Deborah hail from. Strong female main characters did not begin with Miss Mugwump, unless she is older than Spencer, Virgil, Homer and Moses.)

But here, in the madness in the mind of Miss Mugwump, she is willing to say the third boast, about her moral superiority, but not the first two, a physical or mental superiority. Why is that?

Allow me to propose that there is one overarching theory, let us call it the Universal Field Theory of Madness, to explain the Politically Correct mind-set of the Modern Liberal.

I suggest that there is a certain philosophy (or antiphilosophy) called Political Correctness, technically called Nihilism, which has crept like some vast amoeboid slime from the torture hells of Lenin to the ivory towers of Academia, from thence sloshing into the poppy field of literature and the swamp of popular entertainment and now runs along main street of our common conversation like an open sewer.
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Paleophobia and Futurophilia

I came across this quote by Robert Heinlein, the Dean of Science Fiction.

“The future is better than the past. Despite the crepehangers, romanticists, and anti-intellectuals, the world steadily grows better because the human mind, applying itself to environment, makes it better. With hands…with tools…with horse sense and science and engineering.”
―Robert A. Heinlein, DOOR INTO SUMMER (1956)

The Heinlein quote is pure hooey, of course. Even he would not say that Communist Russia was better than Czarist Russia just because it came later, or life in Dark Ages Britain of the Sixth Century was better than Roman Britain in the Fourth. I doubt he would say that living after the Space Age, in an era of failure, was better than living during the Space Age, an era of triumph.

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Pray on March 25th

A message from, which I pass along:

At this moment in Washington D.C., nine Supreme Court justices are listening to oral arguments in two cases by for-profit
corporations challenging the HHS mandate.

Our case – Autocam v. Sebelius – is being held by the Court pending the outcome of these two cases (Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Co.)

Please pray with us. Go to:

Pray for the attorneys responsible for presenting the arguments in these cases. Pray for the Justices. Pray that God in His infinite wisdom, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, will grant our prayers and protect the religious freedom of every American.

But today we are asking you to join us in the most powerful
weapon of all — prayer.

All of these historic fights for the freedom to practice our faith are both temporal and spiritual battles. The media will miss the spiritual battle altogether. Yet that battle is the fight that matters most.

Please pray with us right now.

St. Thomas More, patron of religious liberty,
Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas,
pray for us and for the United States of America.

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