Last Crusade: Wolves in Wool

Posted July 30, 2017 By John C Wright

Five accusations are used by the Devil’s Party to silence opposition unheard: the accusation of defying settled authority (which was discussed in a previous column); the accusation of bad faith; the accusation that an honest argument is merely subjective opinion; the accusation that current danger is too immediate to permit any dissent; the accusation that any dissent defies the inevitable. This column and those to follow will discuss each in turn.

The accusation of bad faith requires one attack the speaker rather than the speech.

But he cannot be attacked with nothing. The good man cannot be attacked as a bad man unless the attacker first convinces the audience that there is something bad about being good.

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Doctor of Common Sense and Zo

Posted July 30, 2017 By John C Wright

I came across a fellow Conservative who refers to logic as the crucial touchstone of thought even more than I do, and credits the Bible with enlightening him from the grinding darkness of Progressive thought.

He calls himself the Doctor of Common Sense. His conversion story is here: Read the remainder of this entry »

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The Bump in the Night Thriller Bundle

Posted July 27, 2017 By John C Wright
The talented and beautiful Mrs Wright has an announcement to share:

Today, a special book bundle comes out. I have the astonishing honor of having my Prospero Lost appear with some of the brightest luminaries of our field.

This is an unprecidented opportunity to own a great deal of quality e-fiction for a very reasonable price.

Some of the brightest luminaries of our field, and my humble self, unite to bring you an unprecedented deal on books.

Here is what Kevin Anderson, author extraordinaire and publisher of Wordfire Press, has to say about the Bump In The Night book bundle: Read the remainder of this entry »

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Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 08, Cataract of Combat, is now posted on Patreon.

Episode 08 Cataract of Combat

In this exciting episode, Colonel Lost falls over the brink of the raging waterfall and does battle with a Gargantuan man of the Fifth Era. 

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Homosexualism Anathematized

Posted July 25, 2017 By John C Wright

Illinois Bishop Calls Out Gay Lobby

Slaps down criticism by homosexualist Jesuit James Martin

SPRINGFIELD, Il. ( -Bishop Thomas Paprocki, head of the diocese of Springfield, Illinois, is calling out the gay lobby in the Church.

In a decree dated June 12, 2017, and titled, “Decree Regarding Same-sex ‘Marriage’ and Related Pastoral Issues,” Paprocki declared that clergy or representatives of the diocese cannot bless so-called same-sex unions or provide church facilities or objects for events connected to gay weddings. He further asserted that people in same-sex sexual relationships cannot present themselves for Holy Communion, serve any ministerial role in a parish, and if they die unrepentant, they cannot have Catholic funerals.

In his July 9 letter, Paprocki noted, “The fact that there would be such an outcry against this decree is quite astounding and shows how strong the LGBT lobby is both in the secular world, as well as within the church.”

He finishes his letter by affirming, “The truths of the Faith revealed by Our Lord in Scripture and Tradition are not always easy to accept, especially in a world that seeks to make all truth subjective. The fact is that some truths are objective and unalterable.”

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Leftist SJWs Suppress Women

Posted July 24, 2017 By John C Wright

Lauren Southern was banned from Patreon.

I regret that I am using a service that has been corrupted by political correctness. They have declared for the enemy.

I will switch over to another, if any of you have a good idea of where to go that would have some of the same features, and I would like to continue giving patrons the same rewards.

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More from Publius: On Tories

Posted July 24, 2017 By John C Wright

Another short column from Publius:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

 These words are the birth cry, the first breath, of America. Everything before this was rendered null and void by the Revolution. Everything after rests on this concept.

America is the only country in history that is defined by ideals instead of by race or tribe. This nation is under attack. It needs our devotion and support.

If you reject the idea of all men being created equal before God and wish to support an English country, you are not an American.

You are a Tory.

This might be the time for you to return across the Atlantic and support your homeland of England. Looks like they may need your help.

Just ask George Clooney.

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Last Crusade: Thought is Thought Crime

Posted July 23, 2017 By John C Wright

In a previous column (here) we discussed how, if one were the Devil’s Advocate, one would dress up the Devil’s case to have the best chance of fooling the gullible. The first deception advancing the Devil’s cause is to say the Devil does not exist because no spiritual truth exists.

The second (here) follows from the first. If no spiritual truth exists, then only secular truth is true, and only science can settle it. Unfortunately, real science by definition is neutral and silent on social and philosophical issues, so the Devil’s Advocate can only advocate Junk Science, which is deadly.

The third (here) is that science has settled all issues, and no more debate is allowed, no curiosity, no thought.

A final deception follows from the first three:

For the Left, all thought is thought-crime. Thought must be abolished.

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Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 07, Falls of Death

Posted July 19, 2017 By John C Wright

Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 07, Falls of Death, is now posted on Patreon.

Episode 07 Falls of Death

In this exciting episode, Colonel Lost is trapped between gargantuan foes, a flying saucer firing squad, a smoldering volcano, a sheer cliff, a ranging torrent, betrayal and death.  

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Quote of the Day

Posted July 18, 2017 By John C Wright

A quote from Providence College English Professor Anthony Esolen, a conservative and staunch defender of free speech and academic inquiry in the face of leftist totalitarianism. The passage is from his book Out of Ashes:

The colleges are thus committed to a moral inversion. High and noble virtues, especially those that require moral courage, are mocked: gallantry in wartime, sexual purity, scrupulous honesty and plain dealing, piety, and the willingness to subject your thoughts, experiences, and most treasured beliefs to the searching scrutiny of reason. What is valued then? Debauchery, perversion, contempt for your supposedly benighted ancestors, lazy agnosticism, easy and costless pacifism, political maneuvering, and an enforcement of a new orthodoxy that in denying rational analysis seeks to render itself immune to criticism. You sink yourself in debt to discover that your sons and daughters have been severed from their faith, their morals, and their reason. Whorehouses and mental wards would be much cheaper. They might well be healthier, too.
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