Victor Davis Hanson praises Sci Phi Journal

Posted January 16, 2015 By John C Wright

Craig Bernthal on the Victor Davis Hansen Private Papers website reviews the stories and essays in the Sci Phi journal, and gives high praise to the editor, writers and essayists, likening them to the greats from the golden age of science fiction.

I was please to see he liked my essay:

Finally, there is John C. Wright’s essay, “Prophetic and Atropaic Science Fiction.” Wright’s main goal in this essay is to distinguish science fiction from prophecy, and he does it by using a pagan source, Oedipus, and a biblical source, Jonah. Oedipus shows that no man escapes his fate and Jonah, the opposite, that man can use his free will to amend his life. They speak from two opposite moral perspectives. Science fiction is more on Jonah’s side. It is a very American art form, optimistic about our chances of living better, decent lives if we work at it. Science fiction writers believed we would have moon bases by now (2001: A Space Odyssey) or be exploring Mars; Wright notes that we have not done these things because they were out of reach, technologically, but because social engineers decided to spend the money otherwise, and here he becomes prophetic himself:

The problem, not to put too fine a point on the question, was that we had too many social engineers, that is socialists, here on Earth, and their promotion of a vision of the unworkable worker’s paradise composed of a collective they crave was at odds with the workable but imperfect free market democracy composed of individuals.

The collective requires doubtful, fearful and effeminate men. It requires men conditioned to think that asking for permission from the state before acting is normal. It requires men who think of licking the boot of a bureaucrat as an annoying but necessary trifle; men who think nothing wrong with disarming themselves upon request; going into infinities of debt upon request; surrendering their children to be educated by incompetent ideologues upon request. . .

If we are no longer pursuing the dreams of space exploration, it is perhaps because we are also no longer the kind of people who have the dreams that powered science fiction as a literary genre. You don’t find paragraphs like these in America’s Best Fiction or America’s Best Essays. Sci Phi promises a venue for marginalized conservative voices in at least one genre.

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Cravenness, Idiocy, Folly, or Devilry?

Posted January 16, 2015 By John C Wright

A reader with the leonine yet nautical name of HMSLion opines:

There is a nasty part of me that thinks the fastest way to counter this would be to burn a few Leftists at the stake. Get their attention.

My shoulder devil often tells me the same thing, but I do not ascribe the motive of the Leftists to cowardice.


They are not afraid of us, they merely talk that way to justify their hatred and their aggressive stance toward us in the name of self defense.

Their motive is hatred of Christ, is pride, is selfishness, is rebellion against the rule and authority of Heaven.

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A Universal Apology (Table of Contents)

Posted January 16, 2015 By John C Wright

Here I have compiled the links to all parts of my massive master essay recounting my arduous spiritual and intellectual travail through the hills and mountains of the many reasons, both personal and impersonal, both subjective and objective, for accepting the remarkable and outrageous claims of the One, True, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church and the Bride of Christ to be precisely what she says she is.

Here is the Table of Contents:



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Blue Devils Embrace Dhimmi

Posted January 15, 2015 By John C Wright

Please note the following news stories, particularly the last one. All are recent. I am curious as to what deduction you, dear reader, deems should be drawn.

Below, I will tell you my deduction, which is think is unsurprising, even obvious.

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Vox Day on Troll Hunting

Posted January 15, 2015 By John C Wright

My publisher has a clear and succinct list on how to hunt down online trolls.

The list is organized under 17 headings of short, pithy advice:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Directly inform the troll that he is banned: It is vital to put him on notice.
  4. Don’t delete the troll’s comments.
  5. Don’t permit the readers to engage with the troll.
  6. Look for the troll’s other identities.
  7. Identify his literary tics.
  8. Join forces with the troll’s other targets.
  9. Research the cyberstalking laws in the Troll’s legal jurisdiction.
  10. Don’t bother with threats and warnings.
  11. Don’t pay undue attention to the troll’s assertions.
  12. Don’t bother contacting his friends, employer, and family except to gather more information.
  13. Expect the troll to try to spin the situation as you harassing him as the net tightens. This is actually a very good sign of progress.
  14. Don’t contact the police until you have prepared a succinct summary of the troll’s activity on your site.
  15. Before you call the relevant police department, check the police website and see if they have an officer or a department specializing in online crimes.
  16. Be prepared to press charges, but be open to the possibility of other desirable outcomes.
  17. Above all, don’t be afraid.
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Reviewer Praise for AWAKE IN THE NIGHT

Posted January 14, 2015 By John C Wright

Best title of a book review ever:
Book Review: Awake in the Night Land, and Why I Was Late for Work This Morning

Mr Moore over at Yard Sale of the Mind is the exactly the type of reader most authors wish in vain to please: a man who ‘gets’ what your story is about on a fundamental level. God is gracious. Mr Moore’s review is so interesting, even moving, that it makes me want to get a copy of the book myself.

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Sanctuary by Bill Whittle

Posted January 13, 2015 By John C Wright

Being from a military family and raised on post, as well as being an amateur student of history, I am unfortunately subject to the blind spot of assuming my readers know those things which, at one time, were common knowledge known to any literate schoolboy in America, such as the purpose of the rules and usages of war.

I assumed that the phrase would be recognized and the things to which the phrase referred were known.

At one time, everyone, or nearly so, served in the armed forces or knew someone who did. The jokes in GOMER PYLE U.S.M.C. or SERGEANT BILKO were all in-jokes; everyone in the audience had known someone like that in their unit. Likewise, everyone, or nearly so, understood the point of the Geneva Conventions.

Alas, this is not the case any longer. Rather than explain the point myself, I would like to link to Bill Whittle’s essay, perhaps one of his most famous, explaining the point.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this essay except in a version with stray marks and spelling errors anywhere on the Internet.

At the risk of offending Internet notions of courtesy, I here reproduce the whole thing, corrected of typographic flaws, and also to preserve this bit of conservative history. This essay is a masterpiece.

All the words below are Mr Whittle’s, not mine.

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More Links to Moral Retardation

Posted January 13, 2015 By John C Wright

Let us be clear: the Left are bigots as vile as any man who ever donned a KKK hood or the uniform of the SS.

A bigot is one who judges a case before any evidence is in based on the group-identity, usually the race, of any man brought before him, and whose judgment always condemns the man on the grounds of a few over-broad and stereotyped condemnations, or, rather, slanders.

A bigot is one who repeats and amplifies his slanders whenever more and ever more evidence piles up showing the judgment is not merely premature but false to facts.

In this case, as the Nazis were about the Jews or the Klan about the Blacks, so are the Left about Christendom, also called Western Civilization, and any who support or defend her. If you think they are less violent than these two groups, look up the word ‘Democide.’ They are less violent where and only where they have not the power to carry out their bloodthirsty dreams.

In this case, just as the Nazis called the Jews grasping and unpatriotic, or the Klan called the Blacks lazy, lusty and shiftless, so too does the Left call civilized men dishonest and malign oppressors, possessed of a mental disease, straining at the frying leash which, the moment the leash parts, will fall upon the poor helpless (fill-in-the-blank) identity group, and tear them to bits in a backlash.

When the blank is filled in with the word Black, the mental disease is Racism; when the blank is filled in with Homosexual, the mental disease is Homophobia; when the blank is filled in with the word Female, the mental disease is Sexism.

In no case is any opposition to any Leftist claim allowed to be an honorable or respectable claim from an honorable opponent. All opposition the Left is defined by the Left as being an insanity.

In this case, with no sense of the absurdity of the claim, the moronic Left has decided to fill in the blank with the word Muslim, and the mental disease is Islamophobia.

If any doubt me, let us look at the latest of endless examples:

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Links on Moral Retardation

Posted January 12, 2015 By John C Wright

Some links. But remember, the Leftists do not defend Islam.

In Revere, Massachusetts, students at public schools are not only being forced to learn about the principles and core tenets of the religion of Islam, but they are also being forced to learn the Islam conversion prayer.

While some parents are completely outraged, most of these liberal parents are one hundred percent okay with it and do not mind it at all. They must not realize this key component of the Islam conversion prayer. By simply reciting the prayer, this means you are officially converted to Islam.

In the UK, Richard Dawkins learned what Bill Maher learned in the US, that liberals love it when you make jokes about Judaism and Christianity, they’ll even sit politely for some cracks about Buddhism, but if you question Islam, then you’re a bigot.

Then Stephen Fry stepped in to defend Dawkins with a since-deleted tweet which said, “Oh, have a look around the world and see them slaughtering each other, let alone others. So charming to women too …”

The outcome was predictable.

The Douglas County School District has sent out notice to parents of girls participating that they need to comply with strict sharia dress codes to attend the local mosque. … The school notes that the field trip is not mandatory, just the dress code if they are attending.

I remember elementary school for my daughters during the early-mid 2000s. It was my first taste of “multiculturalism,” as required by public schools. Following the “winter program” which highlighted all of the popular religions’ winter celebrations (Hanukkah, Ramadan and Kwanzaa) except Christianity, I made my complaints to the principal. She told me that Christianity had been covered when the children sang “Here Comes Santa Claus,” because the mention of a baby in a manger would be “far too offensive.” I fought this with all I could muster until finally putting my children back into Christian school and homeschooling as needed. Mind you, this occurred very briefly following the 9/11 attacks. How quickly we surrender.

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More on Moral Retardation

Posted January 12, 2015 By John C Wright

Another evidence of Moral Retardation, aside from an utter inability to distinguish between opposites, is an utter inability to distinguish between differences of magnitude, as when, for example, the Moral Retard equates an insulting act, such as throwing a harmless metal baseball called a practice grenade into a mosque, with an act of war, such as having trained commandos attack the offices of a satirical magazine and kill the civilians in a grisly mass murder.

The favorite game of the Moral Retards is the game of ‘Moral Equivalence’ where any criticism of any of the favored allies or mascots of the Moral Retards is answered by saying the crimes of the mascots are no worse than the crimes of whatever group the critic is (or can be said to be) a member of.

In logic, this is known as the informal fallacy of Ad Hominem, or, specifically, Ad Hominem Tu Quoque. It is not only the favorite, experience shows to the be the only verbal behavior of a Leftist seeking to rebut an argument. In rhetoric, this is known as changing the subject and attacking the messenger. In psychology, this is known as having a frantic squirrel racing in circles in your otherwise empty brainpan.

However, even if it were not a logical error, it is still an example of Moral Retardation. Whenever a sane person says anything unflattering about the Jihad, the Moral Retard gives his instinctive verbal behavior of Ad Hominem. This typically takes two forms: (1) accusing the sane man of bigotry, usually by asserting that the sane man failed to genuflect to the idol of the Mythical Moderate Muslim, as when he calls the Jihadists ‘Muslims’ (which they are) but not ‘Radical Muslims’ (which they are not) and ergo he is a racist or Islamophobe; and (2) claiming the Christian terrorists are just as bad as the Islamic terrorists.

The difference between the two kinds of terrorist, from a sane perspective, can be illustrated by comparing the Wikipedia pages for Christian terrorism in the US
versus Islamic terrorism in the US

The former is six bullet points in a small section of a single page; the latter is a category comprising 6 sub-categories and 67 pages.

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