Quote from Leo Grin

Posted September 25, 2015 By John C Wright

This is from Mr. Grin’s essay, THE BANKRUPT NIHILISM OF OUR FALLEN FANTASISTS, which first brought him to my attention and won my admiration:

Soiling the building blocks and well-known tropes of our treasured modern myths is no different than other artists taking a crucifix and dipping it in urine, covering it in ants, or smearing it with feces. In the end, it’s just another small, pathetic chapter in the decades-long slide of Western civilization into suicidal self-loathing. It’s a well-worn road: bored middle-class creatives (almost all of them college-educated liberals) living lives devoid of any greater purpose inevitably reach out for anything deemed sacred by the conservatives populating any artistic field. They co-opt the language, the plots, the characters, the cliches, the marketing, and proceed to deconstruct it all like a mad doctor performing an autopsy. Then, using cynicism, profanity, scatology, dark humor, and nihilism, they put it back together into a Frankenstein’s monster designed to shock, outrage, offend, and dishearten.


Here is my previous column on this essay: http://www.scifiwright.com/2011/02/postmodern-blasphemies-against-myth/

For the record, Mr. Abercrombie is a fantasy author who was chastised by Mr. Grin. What I said about  Mr. Abercrombie is this:

The examples mentioned (by Joe Abercrombie, Matthew Woodring Stover, Steven Erikson) I have not had the pleasure (or otherwise) of reading, and can make no comment whether the essayist is being fair or unfair in his assessment.

What Mr. Abercrombie, in turn, after reading these words, assuming he read them about me is this:

SF writer John C. Wright seizes the overwrought football of Leo’s argument and runs it into the end-zone of insanity on his blog:

Okaaay.  I’m stepping away now.

This was specifically in reply to this paragraph, which he quotes:

 It is my judgment, shared of many ancients, that there are certain proper emotional reactions and relatins one ought to have, and improper ones one ought not. A child raised to curse and despise his parents, trample the crucifix, burn the flag, abhor kittens and Christmas scenes and motherhood but adore torture porn and satanism and deformity, that child’s tastes are objectively perverse and false-to-facts. He has been trained to spew his mother’s milk and drink venom. Fair to him is foul, and foul is fair. In the same way that to say A is not-A is an offense against logic, to hate the lovely and love the hateful is an offense against aesthetics, a disconnection from reality.

Obviously one might object to the statement on the grounds that aesthetic judgments are radically subjective, but any honest man making such an objection is aware that he is in the disproportionate minority insofar as all human history and all philosophical writings on the matter.  To call the norm insane requires a degree of overweening pride: to call the man who defends the norm insane is not merely dishonest, it is an informal logical error, ad hominem. It is, to say the least, unconvincing.

At the time,  I did not know enough to know why Mr. Abercrombie would bother making so rude yet unconvincing a statement about me, when I had taken the trouble specifically not to endorse Mr. Grin’s criticism of him. Apparently believing in an objective aesthetic order of the universe, to him, was so unorthodox an opinion that it could only be created by a neurological defect.

At the time, I assumed a person only lies when he expects to be believed by some gullible victim, but I could not imagine anyone gullible enough to believe him.

I note now, clicking through the link, that he edited away the word insanity, and the sentence now reads ‘strangeness’. But, again, anyone raised outside of the sterile bubble of farleftwing echo-chamber, that is, anyone who was exposed to the give and take of ideas outside his own cult orthodoxy (that is, anyone with an honest education) would know that my remarks are not strange in any real sense of that word.

So, here, one useless falsehood was replaced by another. What is the point of this verbal behavior?

Looking back with older and wiser eyes, I now understand this otherwise incomprehensible behavior. Mr. Vox Day in his seminal work SJWs Always Lie begins by defining SJW behavior with the following Three Laws of SJW.

1. SJWs Always Lie
2. SJWs Always Double Down
3. SJWs Always Project

As to why and where SJW cultism and nihilism overlap is a longer discussion, but the short answer is that dunking Western Civilization in urine, defiling anything fair to the eye or sacred to the heart, is the prime business of the SJWs. They do not side with perversion and grostequerie because they love perverts and grotesques, but because they hate the decent, wholesome, fair, and true.

* * *

Logic being one of those things they see as supporting Western civilization and Christian religion, they eschew it with an almost perfect, hermetic quarantine, never allowing it to touch even the fringes of their thought.

Logic requires one to address the issues.

Illogical requires one only to sneer and shout and scoff, and to direct all your comments against the person, never against the ideas.

SJWs live in a mental universe that is barren of ideas to a degree that is eerie or even Lovecraftian. It is stark unreality.

Lacking all ideas, all they have is persons.

If a person of which they approve does an act of which they disapprove, as, for example, President Clinton abusing or assaulting women, the SJW will ordinarily approve of the act in order to approve of the person; if a person of whom they do not approve, say, a Lacrosse team of wealthy young white males, fails to do an act of which they disapprove, say, serial rape, they invent the act in order to express their disapproval.

In this fashion, no words in their world ever need have any denotation, only connotations. Words have no meaning, only emotion, and, as I said above, it is usually an emotion disconnected from normal emotional associations. No judgment need ever be made about an act, or a work of art, or a column, or anything. One only disapproves of persons, and any person of whom one disapproves can be slandered and libeled with any accusation, no matter how absurd or stupid, malice can invent.

I suspect that it is not an absence of thought that prompts this behavior, but the direct opposite of thought: such accusations are mental noise meant to jam the gears of the reasoning process.

My reason for this suspicion is that SJWs only act this way on certain topic, whatever touches their particular psychological wounds or sore spots: on every other topic, they can think clearly and act normally.

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Announcing the Formation of a New Writer’s Group

Posted September 24, 2015 By John C Wright

A reader with the iatric yet riotous name of Docrampage has asked me to pass along the following announcement. The words below are his:

Like maggots diffusing from the bowels of a rotted and reeking corpse, a nameless writer’s group has spontaneously emerged, blind and mewling, from the comments section of this very site, it’s purpose: to encourage and advise one another in our writing. I, for example, have received extensive and strenuous advice about the appropriateness of my metaphors and the complexity of my sentences–advice that I am sure was well-meant if a bit misguided.

Inspired by John C. Wright, our goal is to write speculative fiction that entertains the reader and does not contribute to the coarsening of society. If you are serious about writing or would like to get serious about writing, and could use some encouragement and advice, you should think about joining us. To join up or ask questions, email me at [email protected] Put “author” in the subject line.

We shall not be forever nameless! Join soon if you want in on the naming decision!

For now, we are keeping the group small and private so there is no public web page.

Just to be clear, I am not in this group nor part of it, I am merely the mascot or inspiration, and rather flattered to be so.

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On the Same Topic: Media Idols

Posted September 24, 2015 By John C Wright

When speaking of the relationship between Pope Francis and the modern media, it is important to realize and to recall that the modern media is a force for evil which, if the devils in Hell are not controlling with all their superhuman malice and intelligence to do as much harm as possible to the soul and spirit and mind of the human race, then those devils should retire and turn over control of their legions of imps to the human media moguls who are successfully doing their job for them.

Let me draw your attention to this article by Michael Marinaccio (Hat top to Catholic Geeks) about the six times that you’ve been flat out lied to about Pope Francis. (https://medium.com/the-politic/6-times-you-were-flat-out-lied-to-about-pope-francis-f1027cd708a2)

I thought it would be fitting to put together a short list of instances where the Holy Father has been completely taken out of context or mis-reported (flat-out lied about) by the national media and press corps.

He goes on to list the six most obvious (the media assertions that the Holy Father is pro-sodomy, anticapitalism, pro uncelibate priests, pro-infanticide, pro-divorce, pro-green).

By no coincidence, all these projected beliefs of the Leftist media repeat the creed and the idolatry of the postmodern postrational posthuman Leftists. They are pro-sodomy because of lust, anticapitalist because of envy, pro-uncelibacy because of lust, pro-infanticide because of lust, pro-divorce because of lust, and pro-green because they are are anticapitalist because of envy. Lust serves Asmodius, infanticide serves Moloch, envy serves Leviathan.

The Pope, as all Popes and bishops before him since the time out of mind, repeats the Christian teachings on mercy, eschewing greed, and being proper stewards of the Earth. The Catholic social teaching has been explicit for a century, and implicit from eternity.

If Francis gives greater emphasis to what seem to American conservatives to what are typically Leftwing topics, this is  a call to stir you out of your self regard, and to realize that the socialists stole and perverted the concepts of altruism and service to the poor, not to mention stewardship of the environment. The Dark Lord does not create, he only corrupts.

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New Game: the Hero’s Journey

Posted September 23, 2015 By John C Wright

My beautiful and talented wife has interviewed the Nathan McClellan about his latest. It sounds fascinating, and I want to play.



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Leo Grin grins when he slays

Posted September 22, 2015 By John C Wright

Mr Grin first came to my attention with his excellent and unabashed essays on the poisonous effects of nihilism in fantasy.

He has now won my personal admiration.


On his blog, he posted this notice, which I here reprint in full. All editors and blogmasters take note and do likewise.

I hereby and against his will, in my official capacity as Grand Inquisitor of the Evil Legion of Evil Authors enroll him as a full member in good standing, and grant him an ovation. Let his enemies be driven before him!

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A Private Opinion of Pope Francis

Posted September 22, 2015 By John C Wright

An acquaintance of mine was polling those of us who converted under Pope Benedict XVI (or B-16, as we affectionately refer to him) our opinions of the current Holy Father, Francis, and what is our reaction to him: as if the sheep are supposed to have a ‘reaction’ to the shepherd placed over us. Hm.

I thought my readers might also be interested, as this Pope seems to have stirred up more controversy among the lazy and chattering crickets of the press corps than any Pope since World War Two.

My reaction is one of delight. I believe the Holy Spirit Himself must have prompted Pope Benedict to retire, something that has not been done in centuries, to make way for this next man.

Now, let me explain one thing: my opinion of Pope Francis is not based on the newspaper reports. I am a newspaperman and newspaper editor from way back, and I know how the press works, and I do not trust them.

The lazy and dishonest mainstream press has decided to portray the Holy Father as some sort of Leftist reformer or Marxist revolutionary, and, to my intense disgust, the lazier elements of the rightwing alternate press has followed suit.

The first dozen or so times the press quoted something that sounded extraordinary, and I took the time to trace the comment back to its original source, I found that, in context, the Holy Father’s comment was entirely orthodox, and entirely in keeping with the traditional teaching of the Mother Church since time immemorial.

It happened over and over again. Reading about the support of His Holiness for the Global Warming fraud, or his Marxist disdain for capitalism, I looked up the original document or original report, only to see some utterly orthodox Christian teaching on stewardship of God’s gift of the Earth to Man, or Christian warnings against wealth and worldliness as old as Moses.

And after a dozen times, my openmindedness creaked shut: I now simply dismiss, sight unseen, any such extraordinary quotes. Perhaps the Pope in his private opinions leans more to the Left than the average American. I care not. The Church has, in history, blossomed under the Emperors of Rome and Byzantium, who were elected by the army; under sacred kingship, under parliaments, under republics, and even under the tyranny of the Turks. The Church has also opposed all these things because She opposes the world. The Church will be here long after America sinks under the weight of our own corruption, long after the collapse of the North American Federation which comes next, or the Co-Dominium World-State, or the Long Night, or the Instrumentality of Man or the whatever comes after that.

I dare say that the Church will still be here, and her teaching will be remembered, unchanged, as a magician once said of the unicorn, “she will remember them all when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits.”

Therefore I dismiss and despise the press-created image of the Pope as an illusion, as gossip, as nonsense. Why the Good Lord has decided to arrange to have the press, our natural enemy and the enemy of the faith, be charmed and pleased by this Pope, I have no idea. God’s ways are not our ways. What shall come of it, not even the wise can foresee.

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Prayer Request

Posted September 22, 2015 By John C Wright

From a reader:

I am writing you to request prayers for my sister in law’s nephew’s daughter, a little girl, who is suffering from neuroblastoma. She was diagnosed at the age of 2, given a few months, and is now 8. She spent 10 hours in the OR today to have masses removed from her spine. If you and the excellent Mrs. Wright would add her to your list, it would no doubt have great and lasting benefit. St. Peregrine, pray for us.

St. Peregrine is the patron saint aiding those afflicted with cancer.

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Musical Oasis

Posted September 18, 2015 By John C Wright

For those of you weary of the bustle and bad manners of the world, the deception of the press and the silly self-righteous posturing of our orcs and lunatics who have conquered and occupied our culture, weary of our jarring songs and lack of simplicity, I offer a drink at this musical oasis.

This is an English rhyming translation of an old Irish hymn.

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Another Load of Leftism

Posted September 18, 2015 By John C Wright

Look at this:


On the Wikipedia page concerning Sad Puppies, you will see Irene Gallo’s remark that we (and you) are sexist, racist, homophobes mentioned, but there is no mention whatsoever of yours truly, the author that the Puppy Kickers burned down the Hugo’s to stop.

Yet somehow, twice the allegedly neutral article manages to slip in the idea that the Sad Puppies objected to literary fiction — as if ‘One Bright Star to Guide Them’ were not literary, but ‘The Day the World Turned Upside Down’ was — and the source for the conclusion is two hostile hit-pieces of gutter journalism.

Good grief.

Had I world enough and time, I could answer all the lies and omissions and libels and slanders. As it is, I cannot even raise Tom Doherty on the phone.

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Superversive Blog: What Stories Do!

Posted September 18, 2015 By John C Wright

A guest post by the refreshing young authoress April appears over on the Superversive blog:


Not everyone loves reading, but who can resist a good story?

There is something about a good story. The way it pulls you in, the way it makes you want more, the way it makes you feel.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a very emotional person. I like to think rationally; I don’t like the idea of my emotions overriding my will very much. Yet I love to obsess over fictional characters and the way they make me cry, laugh, agonize, rejoice, and just feel.

There’s something about diving into a good story. Opening up our hearts and feelings to the direction of the author’s pen strokes. Even though it will take hours of our time, hours of our thoughts, and even wreck our emotions sometimes, we still gladly take the plunge.

Even when the stories are not fiction, people still like stories. Why do people like the news channels? Why do people like gossip? Why do people spend hours on Netflix?

Because they want stories

To be Superversive is to reach upward, to strive for those moments of joy, of revelation, and hope. Build your story so that you can deliverer those feelings to your readers. That even while everything may be in chaos and death, and fears are close, and you don’t know how everything will turn out, you give them hope. That awe and sense of something bigger and beyond. You stay holding onto the dreams, you give them a piece of calm in the storm, and you inspire.


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