Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 28, Coercion Creature

Posted December 13, 2017 By John C Wright

Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 28, Coercion Creature, is now posted on Patreon.

Episode 28 Coercion Creature

In this sad episode, Colonel Lost suffers woe, defeat, and humiliation before the very gaze of the dark-eyed beauty who has won his heart. Fate is a sadist.

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Nerea Christmas!

Posted December 12, 2017 By John C Wright

I received perhaps the most pleasing Christmas card of my life.

A fan who is also a friend drew this illustration of Nerea from the book SWAN KNIGHT’S SON:

Why do I say what seems a simple greeting so pleasing? The wonder and thankfulness I feel that anyone takes time to read my books, much less takes time to draw a character, make a card, and send it to me, you must imagine. Seeing your own imagination come alive in someone else’s imagination is always a treat.

Nerea appears in  The Green Knight’s Squire trilogy and Gilberec Moth, her land-based BF, makes a guest star appearance in the Dark Avenger’s Sidekick trilogy.

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Submission Call for TO BE MEN

Posted December 12, 2017 By John C Wright

An announcement from one of my (three) publishers:


Submission call for “To Be Men: Stories Celebrating Masculinity”

If you are sick of today’s portrayals of men as bumbling idiots, of fathers as incompetents, of masculinity as “toxic” then I invite you to send us your best story featuring men at their best.

We want…

  • Stories showing the masculine virtues in a positive light.
  • Stories that introduce or reintroduce young men to the manly virtues.
  • Stories that pay homage to men and masculinity.

Well-crafted, immersive stories (no present tense) in all genres (except horror) are welcome, but the manly virtue can’t depend on a speculative element, i.e. magic or superpowers do not make the man. You can have magic. You can have a superhero. But that’s not what makes him a man. It’s not what defines masculinity. Contact me at [email protected] if you’re not sure.

Submission deadline: Feb. 14, 2018

Short Story Formatting Checklist

Reprints by invitation only; no multiple or simultaneous submissions.

Send submissions to [email protected] with the subject line: Manly Antho – YourStoryTitle.

Rates: Royalties from the first copy sold (whether eBook or print).


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Not Tired of Winning Yet XXXI

Posted December 12, 2017 By John C Wright
What need I say?
‘The policy calls for the NASA administrator to “lead an innovative and sustainable program of exploration with commercial and international partners to enable human expansion across the solar system and to bring back to Earth new knowledge and opportunities.” The effort will more effectively organize government, private industry, and international efforts toward returning humans on the Moon, and will lay the foundation that will eventually enable human exploration of Mars.’
My Comment: Let the Covfefe flow like the tears of Leftists. They hates it when America (or, for that matter, any white or Western nation) works hard and accomplishes something. They hate progress, technology, private industry,  and, as best as I can tell, fire.
Do I demean them unduly? If so, send me links to the joyful acclamation and paeans sung by anyone on the Left, cheering on this announced effort.  I will standby and await the coming flood of evidence.
There is hardly a point on which I would more dearly like to be proved wrong. The endless sadness and wrath of the wretched Leftist is a misery to behold, and worse because it is all self imposed. Uncle Screwtape torments them with false fears and false hopes without let.
And if you cannot enjoy a moonshot, what can you enjoy? Speaking as a science fiction guy, I mus ask one and all, what is nobler in life than the sight of a Saturn V rocket at take off?
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Covfefe, Chortle and Darwin

Posted December 11, 2017 By John C Wright

As time passes, my skepticism about the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution via genetic mutation producing new species (which was imparted to me as gospel truth in my younger days) is growing. My skepticism is evolving, so to speak.

That there is some variation within a species, and that even the unintentional selective breeding of blind nature might bring forth new breeds, I doubt not. Different breeds of dogs are still dogs, and have the same number of dog-genes.

What I doubt is the ‘just-so’ story I was told in my youth that cosmic rays (or something) would damage genes and produce mutations, and from these damages genes new species would spring forth, so that a fish mother would produce an amphibian child and a saurian grandchild, etc.

Now, my regular readers know that I hardly can produce a paragraph of text without a typo in it. Let us consider these as natural mutations. My question is this: how often does a naturally-occurring typo improve the sentence? How often is the mutation beneficial?
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Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Posted December 8, 2017 By John C Wright

I had to brave the snow and darkness to venture out after work hours to a late Friday Mass. Holy days of obligation being obligatory, donchaknow.

Today’s lesson: if a teen aged little Jewish girl in a conquered country before the invention of running water can be humble and faithful enough to move the mighty world’s crooked axis, so can you.

It is not too soon for Christmas music, is it?

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Wright on What’s Wrong with Christmas

Posted December 7, 2017 By John C Wright

My latest column is up on the Dangerous website. I address that perennial topic of conservative bellyaching the War on Christmas.




In times past, four sabbaths before Christmas was the onset of Advent, a time when Christians prepared for the coming birth of the Heavenly King, and denied themselves some small pleasure to mortify the flesh.

It was not primarily a season of frantic shopping, but of solemn spiritual preparation for a twelve-day feast lasting past the New Year. It was a time for works of mercy and charity. But time is a strong, unmerciful tyrant, and now we have new traditions.

Every year, immediately after Thanksgiving, the War on Christmas begins. The sneering of the sick-minded, black-hearted (and small-manhooded) begins.

The colored lights, the festive kindness, the gay cheer that boldly defies the dark drear of winter, the singing of carols soaring starward, the love of family and friends, and, most of all the images of Saint Nicholas, the Star of Bethlehem, and the baby in the manger, all heap burning coals on the heads of our friends on the Left, and cause them pain.

Why does your friendly neighborhood Leftist war on Christmas? Why does he hate it so?


Since my pay from this website depends entirely on advertising, visit my column several times, and tell all your friends to do likewise, and pressure members who want to enter your World of Warcraft guild that whoever racks up the most click-through on my article is in.

I originally thought that this Dangerous column would take the place of my Last Crusade column, but the two are different in tone and purpose. Somehow, if heaven permits, I will find the time to do both.

But, sadly, this means I have to push back my date for finishing Nowhither, which is my current project.

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Last Crusade: Sexual Revolutionaries and Sexual Loyalists

Posted December 7, 2017 By John C Wright

Al Franken has resigned from the Senate. On the one hand, he stole the election, and is a weasel, and the world is a better place without him in any position of power. On the other hand, what he is accused of doing is stealing a kiss from a pretty girl, and snapping a photo where he pretends to grope her. This hardly rises to the same level as the rape allegations leveled against Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton or Harvey Weinstein.

In terms of the Culture War, the current inquisition into sexual misbehavior is a weakness in the enemy position that friendly forces should and could exploit if we are quick, singleminded, and clever, but, by the same token, the enemy counter-offensive will and must push back at the same position, and seek to further entrench the counter-culture.

The friendly position is that the Sexual Revolution has failed. The Revolution held out a false promise; it succeeded based on a false alliance, which is now breaking down; but the Sexual Revolution was an intellectually bankrupt and indefensible position to begin with, based as it was on two patently false assumptions.

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Christmas Reading!

Posted December 6, 2017 By John C Wright

Here find all things from Lamplighter and Wright from this past year.



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Live Link for Tonight’s Red Pill Religion

Posted December 6, 2017 By John C Wright

You are invited to contributed to a discussion between yours truly and Max Kolbe on Atheism, psuedoscience, and corruption.

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